Pier 70 - 20th Street Historic Buildings Project


Pier 70 - 20th Street Historic Buildings Project - Historic Pier 70 LLC Inc.


Part of the 69-acre Pier 70 Master Plan, Historic Pier 70 is comprised of eight historic office and industrial buildings along 20th Street east of Illinois Street. The project totals approximately 266,963 square feet on five acres. Project expected to be an eighteen month construction project restoring the buildings to “cold shell” condition – safe, secure, and outfitted with all necessary infrastructure to ready the space for tenant-specific improvements.

1. 17% LBE Disadvantaged Business (LBE) goal (Note: Nibbi Brothers General Contractors – GC)

2. 25% of total construction hours performed by SF residents

  • Consistent with the City’s First Source Hiring Program (FSHA) and Seismic Safety Loan Program (SSLP)

3. 50% new hires for employment opportunities in the construction trades and any Entry-level Position.

  • Contractor agrees to work in Good Faith with the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD)

20th Street

LBE Goal



James Madsen

Workforce/LBE Liaison - Orton

Romulus Asenloo
Contract Compliance Officer (CCO) - City Administrator: Contract Monitoring Division

Contracting Opportunities