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I. What kinds of Contracts does the City of San Francisco offer?

  1. Formal Contracts
  2. Informal Contracts
  3. Prop Q Contracts

Want to learn more about City contracting? Visit the Office of Contract Administration at

II. To see a directory of RFPs, RFQs and Contracts currently offered by the City of San Francisco: Click Here

Why should I review this directory? This directory is maintained by the City's Office of Contract Administration ("OCA") and contains the majority of the RFP's, RFQ's and Contracts which City Agencies are required by law to (a) publish to the general public and (b) put out to bid. By reviewing this directory on a regular basis, you can determine if any opportunities exist for the types of goods and services you provide.

Tip 1: This directory may not  include contracts that are not required to be published; namely, Prop Q Contracts, Informal Contracts after 3 days of publication and Formal Contracts after 10 days of publication.

Tip 2: City agencies can meet their "publication" requirements by publishing their RFPs, RFQs and Contracts on their own websites, rather than on the OCA's website. SFPUC, for examples, often uses its own website to meet its "publication" requirements. Therefore, in addition to checking this directory, you are encouraged to also check the website of those City agencies which generally require the types of goods and services you offer. A listing of all City agencies can be found by clicking here. 

III. To see a directory of all City agencies: Click Here

Why should I review this directory? Contracts for goods and services valued at less than $10,000 (aka Prop Q Contracts) are generally awarded at the discretion of each Agency's purchaser(s), rather than through a formal bidding process. By contacting each Agency directly, you can determine if they require your goods and services with respect to such types of contracts.

Also, as mentioned in Section II under Tip 2, City agencies can meet their "publication" requirements by publishing their RFPs, RFQs and Contracts on their own websites, rather than on the OCA's website. Keep yourself up-to-date about these opportunities by regularly checking the website of each City agency which generally requires the types of goods and services you offer.


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Or contact one of these Contract Monitoring Division (CMD) representatives assigned to work with the City agency issuing the contract you are interested in:


City Agency Issuing the RFP, RFQ or Contract 


 CMD Representative 

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) 

 Nichole Truax

 Senior Contract Compliance Officer

 Tel: 415/554-3104


San Francisco Airport (SFO)

 Linda Chin

 Senior Contract Compliance Officer

 Tel: 650/821-7796


  San Francisco Port (SF Port)  

 Boris Delepine

 Principle Administrative Analyst

 Tel: 415/581-2301


Department of Public Works (DPW)

Recreation & Park (RPD)

. . . and any other City agencies not listed above

 Romulus Asenloo

 Senior Contract Compliance Officer

 Tel: 415/581-2320