Marriage License and Civil/Commitment Ceremony - Online Reservations

With this system you can:

  • Create a User Login and Password.
  • Locate available dates and times.
  • Make and pay for a reservation and receive an appointment confirmation by email and/or print a paper copy.
  • Cancel an existing appointment (No refunds or credits for cancellation.)
  • Your confirmed appointment is only for the specified service purchased.  (i.e., marriage license appointment is valid only for a marriage license; does not include ceremony).
  • Appointments may be made within 90 days in advance
No-Refund Policy – Please make sure you make your reservation selection very carefully as there will be ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS  issued once the reservation has been made.  Note: If you are also having your ceremony at City Hall, be sure to check both marriage license and marriage ceremony calendars first and schedule your ceremony appointment first as there are less ceremony appointments as there are marriage license appointments


Please Note: If you are unable to make an online reservation or need assistance with making an reservation, you may make your reservation in person at our office Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The Office of the County Clerk accepts cash, debit card, credit card, personal check preprinted with account holder's name (from U.S. bank), money order or cashier's check payable to SF County Clerk.

Once you arrive at our office for your Marriage License Reservation, each applicant must present: 

  • Valid, authentic, legal photo identification.
  • Complete public or confidential marriage application form.
  • If either/both parties were previously married or a State Registered Domestic Partner (SRDP), a certified copy (see notes below) of divorce, annulment, termination, or death record must be presented at the time of your marriage license reservation if it ended within the past 90 days of your marriage license reservation date.

 Note: The “certified” copy must have an original court seal and a signature (or signature stamp) of the court clerk. It is the original seal and court clerk signature (certification) that make this a “certified” copy.  The “CONFORMED / FILED / ENDORSED” stamp in the top right corner of the copy of the court order (usually issued by your attorney) is NOT the court clerk’s certification and will NOT be accepted.

Note: Documents in a foreign language must be translated into English by a Court certified translator or American Translators Association (ATA) certified translator.

Once you arrive (10 minutes early) for your Ceremony Reservation, each party must present:

  • Valid, authentic, legal photo identification.
  • Valid marriage license.
  • One witness (no more than two) if presenting a public marriage license.
  • No witness is required if presenting a confidential marriage license.

Make an online reservation through our partnered online scheduler (outside of SFGov navigation):
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure you carefully consider the date and time of your reservation before scheduling. You must have a California Marriage License issued within 90 days of your Ceremony appointment. Couples booking both a Marriage License and Ceremony appointment, should ensure that the License appointment is BEFORE the Ceremony.


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