Notice of Prohibited Activity in the Office of the County Clerk and City Hall

The San Francisco Office of the County Clerk is delighted to welcome you back into City Hall and to our offices.

Beginning November 1, 2021, our office hours will be as follows:

Monday to Friday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm processing hours
4:00 pm to 5:00 pm information only

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, all mail and online orders are experiencing processing delays of 4-6 weeks. Please plan accordingly and we thank you for your patience.

Failure to adhere to applicable policies may result in immediate removal and/or temporary or permanent debarment from City Hall.

Prohibited Photography/Media Device Use in the Office of the County Clerk:

  • Photography other than during the ceremony check-in (No photography during marriage license or other services).
  • Videotaping
  • Use of cell phones
  • Use of flash photography. Lighting equipment must be battery operated.
  • Photographing any documents or other customers.
  • Use of professional photographic equipment (e.g., umbrella reflectors, flash equipment, zoom lenses or cameras larger than the size of one’s hand).

Prohibited Activity in City Hall, including the Office of the County Clerk, and Surrounding Property:

  • Standing, sitting or leaning on ledges, railings window sills or radiators.
  • Sitting, posing or otherwise blocking stairwells, doors or hallways.
  • Climbing the interior or exterior portions of building.
  • Use of flash equipment that causes a significant visual disturbance without prior authorization.
  • Making loud noises near offices, meeting rooms or chambers.
  • Entering unauthorized or restricted areas of City Hall.
  • Throwing or scattering Mylar or plastic confetti.
  • Affixing to the interior or exterior of City Hall any prop, wiring, lighting fixture, signage, banner, flag, emblem, scaffold, covering, paint or decoration.
  • Opening, drinking or serving beverages/food likely to cause stains (such as Red Wine) in City Hall without prior approval or permits. All food/beverages prohibited in County Clerk Offices.
  • Ceremonies, celebrations or other events involving more than eight people (including couple to be married) must be arranged in advanced with the Events Department.
  • Commercial photography, videography, or film production and related commercial activity is prohibited without proper permits from the San Francisco Film Commission.
  • Any other action that disrupts business or creates a safety risk or causes damage to City Hall.

Rules for Civil Ceremonies Officiated by the Office of the County Clerk at City Hall

  • Ceremony appointments must be reserved in advanced.
  • Couple should review all requirements provided by the Office of the County Clerk available at
  • Ceremonies involving more than eight people (including couple to be married) must be arranged in advanced with the Events Department.
  • After checking in at the Room 168 Front Desk, couples and witnesses should be ready to report to Room 168 when number is called to check in with Deputy Marriage Commissioner.
  • Only couples and witnesses are permitted in Room 168. All other guests should wait in outer hallway until it is time for the ceremony to begin.
  • Ceremony locations in City Hall are determined by County Clerk personnel.
  • Soliciting in the Office of the County Clerk is strictly prohibited.
  • All City Hall regulations and prohibited activities listed on this page apply to wedding ceremonies held in City Hall.