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California Child Support Services
Learn more about California's child support program.

Request a Filed Copy of a Voluntary Declaration of Parentage
Find out how to obtain a copy of a Voluntary Declaration of Parentage (VDOP) that has been filed with the California Child Support Services Parentage Opportunity Program (POP).

California Courts Self-Help Center (Family Law Facilitator)
Every court in California has a lawyer who can help you with family law problems for free. These lawyers are called "Family Law Facilitators."  Find one in your county.

File a Voluntary Declaration of Parentage (VDOP)
Learn more about California's Parentage Opportunity Program (POP) and the process to file the Voluntary Declaration of Parentage. 

Amend a Birth Certificate
View step-by-step instructions on how to amend a birth certificate 

Rescind or Cancel a Voluntary Declaration of Parentage (VDOP)
Learn how to rescind or cancel a Voluntary Declaration of Parentage (VDOP).

State Office of Vital Records
Visit the website for the California Department of Public Health’s Office of Vital Records to learn about birth certificates and more.

POP Forms and Publications
Access Parentage Opportunity Program (POP) forms and publications on the California Child Support Services website.