Develop Accessible Multimedia

SFGOV (b) 1.1 Equivalent alternatives for any multimedia presentation shall be synchronized with the presentation.

SFGOV (b) 1.2 Information will not be conveyed exclusively by audio alone.

SFGOV (b) 1.3 Audio Presentation: Provide text transcripts for audio containing speech.

How to Comply With the Above Three Checkpoints

If you are providing an audio-only file, be sure to provide an HTML or text-transcript of the same material for the benefit of deaf or hearing-impaired users.

SFGOV (b) 1.4 Multi-Media: Provide synchronized text captions for multi-media content containing speech, or other audio necessary to understand the content.
How to comply

The example below shows a multimedia file combining visual, text, and audio for optimal accessibility. Note how this multimedia can also be accessed by users with cognitive impairments and those not fluent in English.

Develop Accessible Media

SFGOV (b) 1.5 Video/Visual: Provide video description for multi-media content that contains video, or other visual information necessary for the understanding of the content.

How to Comply

If you are providing a video-only presentation, ensure you have an audio equivalent available along with video description (if applicable).

Video Only Presentations and Audio Equivalent

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