Gender Analysis Reports

Gender Analysis of City Operations

Following the adoption of the local CEDAW Ordinance, and the development of the Gender Analysis Guidelines (above), seven City & County of San Francisco departments underwent the intensive analysis process, providing their reports to the CEDAW Task Force. The Task Force (no longer active) made recommendations to each Department, and departments themselves identified areas of growth to address following the analysis. Follow-up reports have been provided to either the Task Force or to the Commission on the Status of Women about these departments' progress in acheiving gender equality in their programs, managment, and budgets. Specific programs or aspects of three additional departments were analyzed in the following years.

Gender Analysis Department Reports:

Gender Analysis Program Reports: 

Gender Analysis of Commissions and Boards

In 2007, the Department used gender analysis to analyze the number of women appointed to City Commissions, Boards, and Task Forces.  Based on these findings, the Board of Supervisors developed an amendment to the City Charter for the June 2008 election. The Amendment, which voters approved overwhelmingly, made it City policy that (1) membership of Commissions and Boards reflect the diversity of the San Francisco population; (2) appointing officials be urged to support the nomination, appointment, and confirmation of diverse candidates; and (3) the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women is required to conduct a gender analysis of Commissions and Boards to be published every 2 years.

Gender Analysis Tools

Gender Analysis Guidelines: These guidelines explain in detail how each department performs a gender analysis of its budget, services and employment.

Local Tools, Global Impact (2010): This brochure documents the tools and resources the Department has developed to ensure the equality and human rights of women in San Francisco.

Gender Equality Principles: For use of gender analysis in the private sector, learn more about our Gender Equality Principles Initiative.

Gender Analysis Toolkit: Designing & Implementing a Meaningful Gender Analysis - Goals, Strategies, and Recommendations (2014)

Gender Responsive Budgeting: A Path to Accountability and Data-Based Policy-Making (February 2010)