Justice and Courage

A Blueprint for San Francisco's Response to Domestic Violence
March 2002
Commission and Department on the Status of Women

"What happened to my daughter was a personal tragedy for our entire family. The system failed her. My daughter asked for protection and did not get it. My hope is that lessons can be learned and policies implemented that will prevent other people from enduring what happened to my daughter and my family."

Clara Tempongko, Mother of Claire Joyce Tempongko

This report is dedicated to Claire Joyce Tempongko and the countless victims of domestic violence: the survivors, partners, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, children, and friends who have lost loved ones to domestic violence.

This report honors the courage of survivors of domestic violence and provides a vision for justice and an end to violence.

Commission on the Status of Women
Department on the Status of Women

Carolene Marks, President
Dorka Keehn, Vice President

Julie Burton
Juanita Miles
Emily Murase
Andrea Shorter
Valerie Tulier

Rosario Navarrette, Interim Executive Director
Cristina Ayalin, Assistant
Holly Friel, Assistant
Ann Lehman, Policy Analyst
Susan Murphy, Executive Secretary
Terence Peneda, Accountant
Rebecca Rolfe, Policy Analyst
Carol Sacco, Policy Analyst
Winnie Xie, Program Administrator

Mission Statement

The mission of the San Francisco Commission and Department on the Status of Women is to ensure the equal treatment of women and girls in San Francisco and foster their socioeconomic, political, and educational advancement through policies, legislation, and programs, focusing on women and girls in need.

Table of Contents

Letter from Dorka Keehn, Vice President, Commission on the Status of Women


Executive Summary

Background and History of Domestic Violence Intervention Systems in San Francisco

Summary of the Murder of Claire Joyce Tempongko

The City and County of San Francisco's Response





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Written Correspondence

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