Adult Trafficking Committee - June 8, 2018 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
June 8, 2018 - 2:30pm

Mayor’s Task Force on Anti-Human Trafficking – Adult Trafficking Committee Meeting


Date: Friday, June 8th, 2018 from 2:30pm – 4pm

Location: San Francisco Department on the Status of Women – 25 Van Ness Ave, Suite 240, San Francisco, CA 94102


Attendees: Vanessa Campbell (APILO), Rachael Chambers (DOSW), Sami Chen (Katy Tang, BOS), Saerom Choi (APILO), Megan Kalsman (SFE), Minouche Kandel (DOSW), Randy Ly (SFPD), Katherine Yoo (APILO)


Meeting Notes:


  1. Welcome/Introductions/Check-In., Agenda Review/Identify Minute Taker


  1. Update on the Healthy Nail Salon Program (Megan)
    1. Roll out of new content:
      1. 1st training incorporating new topics and terms with Victoria from ALC
        1. Overall, training went well and the only question the owner had was about citizenship/documentation
        2. New content includes labor rights at work, health insurance, etc.
      2. A new supreme court decision ( on independent contractors will be included moving forward
      3. Moving to translate materials to Chinese, as many are already in Vietnamese
    2. Google Ads
      1. Google has a program where non-government, non-profit organizations can apply for $10,000 in Googles ads. Can non-profit organizations on Task Force apply for the program to help elevate the recognized healthy nail salons?
      2. Victoria Chan will confer with her team and see if ALC can help, Saerom would like more information about what would need to be done to get this going
    3. Social media campaign:
      1. Targeting consumers so that they can better identify nail salons that are compliant with this program: “Pretty Shouldn’t Stink” campaign
        1. Hoping to do a rollout in July, looking to Twitter and Instagram
      2. SFE is thinking about doing outreach to salons in districts with zero or few salons recognized in the program, such as districts 10 and 11
      3. Stop the Traffik may reach out
      4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, “Nailing It
    4. Listing on Open Data:
      1. Yelp works with SF DPH’s Open Data to automatically “pull” health safety scores and upload them onto a restaurant’s Yelp page. Can Yelp do something similar to with DPH’s health safety score with the Healthy Nail Salon Program? I.e. add a badge or elevate nail salon businesses that are part of the Program?
  2. Update on Good Food Purchasing Program Efforts (Minouche)
    1. The Sheriff’s Department and DPH (which each purchases much food for the jails and hospitals in SF) will have meeting to confer next steps. The Sheriff’s Department put out an RFP for vendor and as part of the RFP the agencies applying will have to provide the baseline data/assessment in required to do so. Supervisor Fewer’s office may in 6 months introduce legislation to require that the jails and public hospitals in SF participate in the Program.
  3. Agency Updates:
    1. SFPD, Special Victim’s Unit
      1. SVU will have a new Captain moving forward: Dominic Yin
      2. Press release: sex trafficking case, arrested trafficker in April
        1. Likely will be brought before the US Attorney’s office because they have linked him to a survivor in Maryland in addition to one in California
      3. SVU has noticed an increase in sex workers who are walking the streets in response to national legislation FOSTA/SESTA that have shut down online forums for exchange
        1. Perhaps getting the St James van some information and resources/ a partnership
    2. APILO
      1. Any trends?
        1. There has been a steady flow of boarder trafficking, in which people are forced to work while they’re waiting to transition into new places
        2. Undocumented reporting is hard to assess at present, due to fears of ICE raids, actions at the federal level, and contradictory information about sanctuary status.
    3. General Questions?
      1. What’s being done with hotels?
        1. Poster: moving towards compliance in hotels alongside required posting locations, such as restaurants and truck stops
        2. Stanford Training: available for different sectors and individuals, for free
      2. What could be done with hair salons?
        1. Looking into incorporating similar language of healthy workplaces from the Healthy Nail Salon program into something for Hair Salons, but has trafficking been a major part of this industry?


  1. Setting next meeting agenda
  • September 14, 2:30-4 pm