Elder Justice Committee - August 23, 2016 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
August 23, 2016 - 3:30pm
850 Bryant, Room 322
San Francisco, CA

                                       Meeting Minutes

  1. Sign-in and introductions

Liz Tarchi – DA Office                           Jackie Ortiz – DA Victim Services

Tamari Hedani – IOA                            Capt. Una bailey – SFPD

Glen Fishman – IOA                              Inspector Tony Flores – SFPD

Charles Bisesto – DA Office                 Jill Nielsen – APS

  1. Announcements & Updates
    1. Tamari will be posting agenda 72 hours prior to meetings and notes within 10 days after
    2. Jill announced 6 new specialized APS workers for self-neglect/ eviction prevention cases
      1. Inspector Tony Flores offered to do SVU ride alongs with new staff
    3. Liz mentioned Tara Anderson will be reviewing Elder Death Review for Fall of 2016
  2. Checklist Workgroup Update – Charlie Bisesto & Tamari Hedani
    1. Workgroup reviewed updated check list and Department Bulletin explaining that San Diego was an inspiration for some of the points
    2. Several minor suggestions were given by group including :
      1. Jill supplying ‘APS Language’ to page 6
      2. Investigate Language around Gender question
      3. Removing “Scope” (redundant) on bulletin
      4. Add language about importance of documentation for prosecution
      5. Reference other general orders at sfpd.gov
    3. Charlie to rework draft, send to Tamari and Shirley, to send to Inspector Flores to edit
    4. Plan to present next draft at the next meeting
  1. Additions to Elder Justice contact list
  2. Other comments/discussion
  3. Next meeting dates:
  1. Tuesday, October 4, 3:30-5 pm
  1. Tuesday, November 15, 3:30-5 pm