Elder Justice Committee - January 24, 2017 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
January 24, 2017 - 3:30pm
Hall of Justice
850 Bryant, Room 322
San Francisco, CA

Family Violence Council Elder Justice Subcommittee Meeting

January 24, 2017  v  3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Meeting Location: 850 Bryant, Room 322

Meeting Minutes


  1. Sign-in and introductions: In attendance: Tamari Hedani (IOA), Julia Cervantes (DA), Phoebe Maffei (DA), Shirley Ledbetter(APS), Tony Flores (PD), Edith Chan (APS), Glen Fishman IOA), Jackie Ortiz (DA) & Shawna Reeves(IOA)
  2. Announcements & Updates
    1. Edith Chan explained Jill was promoted and she is new acting director; APS’s new unit will be a “High Risk/Self Neglect,” is hiring ( MFT/LCSW qualified applicants) one supervisor and six workers, one Chinese and one Spanish language abilities. 
    2. Inspector Flores said new SFPD Chief Scott sworn in and will likely hire Capt. Chaplain as 2nd in command.
    3. Jackie Ortiz gave updates on two grants awarded Victim Services Unit, one being awareness campaign for victims of pedestrian accidents. Asked group for suggestions for outreach partners, including APS referrals for cases.
  3. Checklist Workgroup Update –

SFPD (Inspector Gillespie/Lt. Ries/Sgt. Flores), SFDA (Charlie Bisesto), APS (Shirley Ledbetter), IOA (Tamari Hedani)

  1. Update of memo, plan to push approval through

Inspector Flores updated:

  • Office of Citizens Complains is looking at it right now
  • Trying to do a roll-call bulletin with DV’s new bulleting
  • Will update by 2/13/2017
  1. APS and SFPD liaison proposal
    1. Part time coverage to help track data, streamline cross-reporting processes between APS and SFPD, support Forensic Center and Family Violence Council projects
  • Inspector Flores brought up some challenges with PSA.
    • Must have remote access to CLUTS
    • May not be able to take full range of reports
    • Would have to be overtime per Inspector Flores and may not be feasible for APS budget
      • Vision for liasison:
        • Make police reports, track data, train APS worker on improving evidence collection and presentation
    • Brainstorm on different approaches of how to make a reality
  • Inspector Flores suggested making a form to document issues with police reporting.
    • Tamari Hedani offered to work with Edith Chan on complaint form.
  • Edith Chan brought up that police reports made to APS artificially low do to the fact that they are discouraged by process.
    • Edith will check with APS intake regarding number of SOC 341’s generated.
    • Inspector Flores will work to look up how many Elder Abuse police reports were filed in the city
  1. Other ideas for future projects
  2. Additions to Elder Justice contact list
  3. Other comments/discussion
  4. Next meeting dates, 3:30-5pm, 850 Bryant Street, Room 322:

Tuesdays; March 28, May 16, August 15, October 17 and December 12