Elder Justice Committee - July 19, 2016 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
July 19, 2016 - 3:30pm
850 Bryant, Room 311
San Francisco, CA

Family Violence Council Elder Justice Sub-Committee

850 Bryant Street Room 311

July 19, 2016


Institute on Aging

Glen Fishman


Charlie Bisesto

Institute on Aging

Shawna Reeves


Liz Aguilar-Tarchi

Institute on Aging

Tamari Hedani


Rebecca Wagner

SF Adult Protective Services

Jill Nielsen (by phone)


Sergeant Flores

SF Victims Advocate

Jackie Ortiz


Captain Una Bailey


  • Liz T. introduced Rebecca Wagner who will be taking over many of Charlie Bisesto’s duties, including co-chairing this subcommittee.
  • Cpt. Bailey updated staffing in SVU and confirmed Avery Parker and Sgt. Flores will be point persons for Elder Abuse Cases.
  • Jill N. (with approval from Cpt. Bailey) will send out 2016 SVU Phone Directory.
  • Sgt. Flores requested that urgent cases not be sent after 5pm on a Friday.
  • Jaqueline Ortiz announced six new Victim Services Advocates have been added to team. Karima Batiste is team leader. Also Victim Services received grant for Financial Abuse for seniors and people with disabilities.


  • Jacqueline O. requested for new advocates to meet with Police Department.
  • ‘Checklist’ for PD Elder Abuse inquiries, once finalized will be given to Cpt. Bailey who will replace existing memo (expiring 7/29/16).
  • Shawna Reeves confirmed checklist will be referred to as Officer’s Observations along with supplemental observations.
  • Liz T. requested finalized version be distributed to group.


1) Checklist Workgroup Update – Tamari Hedani

a) Finalized draft of Elder Abuse Supplemental Checklist

b) Drafting memo to submit to Captain Bailey

2)Next steps – Charlie Bisesto

a) Charlies B: Improved training between APS Dept. and Police Dept.

b) Sgt. Flores: S.I.T. Inspectors and Police Academy and have outside agencies contribute to curriculum. He stressed commitment to topics/trainings schedule. Liz Tarchi: asked for training schedule: past, present & future. Wants neighborhood DA’s involved.

c) Charlie B proposed the following ‘homework’:

  1. Sgt. Flores gathers training info
  2. Liz T. to get neighborhood DA roster
  3. Jill N. to invite Adrianne Tong from City Attorney’s office to attend next subcommittee meeting
  4. Shawna Reeves suggested bringing Candy Heisler in to give ½ day training to San Francisco APS Dept.

3)Additions to Elder Justice contact list

  1. Liz T. suggested inviting Evan Ackiron to next subcommittee meeting and unanimously agreed by attendees.
  2. Cpt. Bailey suggested contacting DEM representative to come to meeting. Specifically Anne Kronenberg (415-558-2745/415-377-5826) and discuss policy for APS workers obtaining Criminal Activity Report (CAD)

4) Other comments/discussion

5) Next meeting dates:

a) Tuesday, August 23, 3:30-5 pm

b) Tuesday, October 4, 3:30-5 pm

c) Tuesday, November 15, 3:30-5 pm