Justice and Courage Committee - December 6, 2019 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
December 6, 2019 - 9:30am
850 Bryant, Room 551
san francisco, CA 94103

Family Violence Council:  Justice and Courage Committee Meeting

December 6, 2019, 9:30 – 11:00 am

850 Bryant, Room 551, San Francisco, CA



  1. Welcome, Introductions/Check-in


  1. Update on Parole Hearing – Claire Joyce Tempongko Domestic Violence Homicide
    • Beverly Upton provided an update on the parole status of the perpetrator of the Claire Joyce Tempongko homicide, Tare Beltran. Tare Beltran was declared eligible for parole at the end of October. A letter is being organized to request that the Parole Board reconsider the decision. The case will then go to Governor Newsom, who has authority to uphold, return, or veto the decision of the parole board.
  2. Electronic Monitoring in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Cases
    • Sgt. Sara O’Malley of the Sheriff’s Department presented an overview of electronic monitoring in domestic violence and sexual assault cases. Sgt. O’Malley showed the group two devices that are commonly used, one for monitoring alcohol intake and another for monitoring location.
    • Court forms: Sheriff’s department can only enforce the restrictions that are checked on the court form. Some examples of boxes are: no weapons, no controlled substances, no traveling 50 miles outside this area, abide by stay away order, or attend programming.
    • What boxes are checked in domestic violence cases can vary a lot by the department. The group discussed more awareness and training for district attorneys, so they know what boxes there are on the form and can advocate for certain conditions.
    • Action item: The group was interested in discussing this topic more and asked Sgt. O’Malley if she could come to the next meeting.


  1. Response to Attempted/Suspected Suicides
    • Elise has obtained the SFPD DGO on deaths – DGO 6.05. It was last updated in 1994.
    • Action item: determine whether SFPD has identified this DGO for update. Suggested members of working group include Heather Grives from DEM, Lt Williams from SFPD, someone from SFPD Homicide, someone from SFPD CSI, Beverly from DVC, and Dr. Moffat from the Medical Examiner.


  1. Giffords Convening on Disarming Prohibited Persons 
    •  Some members of this committee attended the Giffords Convening on Thursday. At the convening, members met up with others from SF who are involved in gun violence restraining orders and plan to form a working group.


  1. Arrests of Domestic Violence Survivors
    •  Bay Legal is not able to be here to present. Overall, the issue is that the number of survivors getting arrested was high, then it went down, now it was gone back up again. Many of those getting arrested are monolingual non-English speaking survivors.
    • Action item: continue this discussion in the next meeting.



  1. Update of Domestic Violence Manual and Training Plan for SFPD
    • The manual is moving along. Emberly Cross from CROC made some charts on restraining orders that we want to add into the manual.
    • Action item: continue this discussion in the next meeting.


  1. Update on providing Domestic Violence police reports in a timely manner (Family Code § 6228)
    • Bay Legal is not able to be here to present. However, the new policy seems to be working.


  1. SF Domestic Violence Death Review Team
    • The first pilot meeting will take place in December. A case has been chosen and relevant agencies of DVDRT have been invited. An MOU will be developed to guide the formation of the re-establishment of DVDRT team.


  1. Planning agenda for 2/7/2020 meeting
    • Continuing items: DGO 6.09/DV Manual, Arrest of DV Survivors, Parole in Tempongko case, Sheriff’s electronic monitoring
    • New item: try to meet with the new DA to discuss domestic violence issues.


               MEETING FOLLOW-UP

Action Item



Reported Out Via

Set up working group meeting on SFPD policy on attempted/suspected suicides.

SFPD – needs executive sponsor



Set up working group meeting on gun violence restraining orders.