Justice and Courage Committee - July 14, 2017 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
July 14, 2017 - 9:30am

Family Violence Council: Justice and Courage Committee Meeting

July 14, 9:30 – 11:00 am

850 Bryant St., Room 512, San Francisco, CA, 94102




Liz Aguilar-Tarchi, SFDA

Cpt. Una Bailey, SVU

Delia Ginorio, Sheriff’s Dept. Survivor Restoration Program

Elise Hansell, DOSW

Lee A. Hudson, Adult Probation Dept.

Minouche Kandel, DOSW

Fawn Jade Koopman, Bay Area Legal Aid

Susan Liu, SFDA

Rebecca Lovie, Bay Area Legal Aid

Ida McCray, Sheriff’s Dept.

Sara O’Malley, Sheriff’s Dept.

Jackie Ortiz, SFDA Victim Services

Ken Theisen, Bay Area Legal Aid

Beverly Upton, DVC

Arati Vasan, APILO


  1. Welcome


  1. Report back on meetings with Sheriff
    • Domestic violence gun surrender workgroup has been having 1:1 meetings to map out current civil domestic violence restraining order processes. Input has been gathered from Emberly Cross of CROC and Chief Ferrigno of Sheriff’s Dept. Field Operations Division. Group will next meet with Cpt. Una Bailey and Gordon Brusseau of ID Bureau as well as Judge Flores.
    • Sheriff Dept. has finalized Employee-Involved Domestic Violence Policy
      • Group discusses idea to outreach with other agencies as this is a good model to adopt
    • Sherriff’s Dept. has finalized a brochure publicizing the availability of Sherriff’s Dept. to serve civil restraining orders.
      • Members of group ask where to get more copies of these translated brochures.
    • The policy on Sheriff’s Dept. arrests/investigations for domestic violence at SFGH is still in process.
    • Citation of Adults Policy is still in process.


  1. Report back on meeting with Presiding Judge Jackson
  • Judge Jackson has made a request for judges not to use the PSA in domestic violence cases as this tool has not been proven to be effective in domestic violence.
  • Beverly met with Judge Crompton regarding the use of ODARA. APD is also considering use of ODARA. Santa Clara County also uses this tool.
  • Legislation
    • AB372 did not pass; but this is a 2 year bill
    • SB 475 – would prohibit attorneys from asking immigration status in open court
  • Training’s for Judges (visiting judges, new judges, judges new to DV)
  • Judges College (required within the first 18 months of sitting on the bench) includes one day of DV-specific training, after which there is no requirement for training unless moving to a new subject area.
  • Commission for Judicial Education and Research is strict about training judges by other judges, has an online platform that is only accessible by judges.
  • At the meeting these was some commitment to trainings in September.
    • Action Item: Minouche will send a follow up email to PJ Jackson and ask her to provide which trainings are upcoming for judges


  1. Update from domestic violence policy subcommittee
    • The Unit Order for assignment of DV cases is complete.
    • DOC Notification is complete (protocol for when SVU Investigators should notified of DV incident at time of event).
    • Cpt. Bailey is currently reviewing the General Order for Domestic Violence
      • Action Item: Cpt. Bailey will circulate to group.


  1. Revising SFPD Domestic Violence Supplemental Form
    • Liz and her intern are working to revise the DV supplemental form.


  1. Update regarding mandatory medical reporting form and procedure
    • The form, unit order, and bulletin are finalized
    • Group is working on trainings for providers to be held in October at SFGH, Kaiser, and clinics. An online PPT will also be made available for providers who cannot attend an in-person training.
    • Group is working on a fact-sheet for patients


  1. Getting domestic violence police reports in a timely manner
    • According to Family Code, Section 6228, DV survivors or representative should get acopy of report within 5 working days of request, or for good cause, within 10 working days of request.
    • Bay Area Legal Aid has been tracking the time it takes to get reports over the past year– the average length of time has been 20 days, and no reports have been received in under 10 days.
      • Action item: Cpt. Bailey will set up a meeting with Eric Vintoro, the Cpt. of Records Dept. who can work to resolve this issue.


  1. Perla Louis DV Homicide
    • The verdict for the Perla Louis trail was murder in the 1st degree.
    • There is an opportunity to review and dive deep into issues that were present in this trial: substance use and self-medicating victims, victims who testified were vulnerable women who are hard to serve, malingering defendants, etc.
    • ADA Mike Swart has agree to a presentation
      • Action Item: Beverly will send Liz bullet points of issues to review in this trial
      • Action Item: Liz will revisit this issue with David Merin and report back to group.
      • Action Item: Liz will review the Death Review presentation from Santa Clara County



  1. Report back on Supervisor Yee’s audit of SFPD staffing
    • Moved to September meeting.


  1. Planning agenda for next meeting