Mayor's Task Force on Human Trafficking - April 25, 2018 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
April 25, 2018 - 1:30pm

Mayor’s Task Force on Anti-Human Trafficking Meeting

April 25, 2018                    1:30-3:30pm

1 Carlton B Goodlett Pl, City Hall, Room 305, San Francisco CA 94102



Jazmine Banus, Youth Advisory Board; Lisa Marie Betancourt, Supervisor Tang’s Office; Jessie Brunner, Stanford; Frances Byrne, Freedom House; Gena Castro-Rodriguez, SFDA; Rachael Chambers, Department on the Status of Women; Saerom Choi, APILO; Ifasina Clear, Young Women’s Freedom Center; Carly Devlin, Huckleberry Youth Programs; Cristy Dieterich, DPH Newcomers Health Program; Antoinette Flores, Department of Public Health; Juliana Franco, Legal Aid at Work; Marie Gaillac, NACSAHT; Katie Hoch, Not For Sale; Mei Hung, Asian Women’s Shelter; Carletta Jackson-Lane, Sojourner Truth FFSA; Rita Jovick, Catholic Sisters Against Trafficking; Sue Lockyer, Freedom House/SFSU; Rosalia Lopez, SFUSD; alix lutnick, RTI; Kim Maree, ARM of Care; Paola Martin del Campo, Safe and Sound; Beverly May, CAMTC; Elisabet Medina, Safe and Sound; Kristen Moore, SF Safehouse; Emily Murase, Department on the Status of Women; Miguel Palmer, Love Never Fails; Jamel Perkins, Freedom Fwd; Tavi Taos, Youth Advisory Board; Neta Tolvao, Youth Advisory Board; Emie Tonooka, Asian Women’s Shelter; Allison West, SF Superior Court; Alia Whitney-Johnson, Freedom Fwd; Karina Zhang, Family and Children’s Services.


  1. Welcome, Introductions/Check-In


  1. Agenda/Minutes from Feb 28, 2018 were approved [Carletta Jackson-Lane/JaMel Perkins]


  1. Committee Recommendation Updates:
    1. Implementing Prioritizing Safety for Sex Workers Policy: Saerom Choi reviewed the work that the task force has done on this effort, including that the policies have inspired state legislation by LA Assembly Member Laura Friedman, AB 2243. Department on the Status of Women, Human Rights Commission, St. James Infirmary, and US PROS are planning an outreach event for sex workers on June 13, at the SF main library from 4:30-5:30. 
      • Some of the Youth Advisory Board members expressed concerns that some people may still not want to take advantage of the policies due to fear or distrust of law enforcement.
    2. Increasing Survivor Involvement: Cristy Dieterich reported on efforts to better incorporate survivor voices into the meetings, especially for adults. These efforts include creating a safe space for survivors without tokenizing participants, and would be focused on the impact of work. At the next General Task Force Meeting on June 27, there will be a presentation on how Task Force members can create a more supportive environment for survivors.
    3. Youth Committee: Ifasina Clear reported on the committee structure changes, notably that the meetings follow a work structure divided into 3 groups: prevention, housing and placement, and job readiness/placement.
      • Carletta would like to have a list of organizations that work within this for outreach purposes. Alia will follow up.
      • Youth Advisory Board: Members of the Youth Advisory Board expressed concerns over the work that has previously been approved/sent through the task force to vote, particularly the language “sex worker” used in the Prioritizing Safety for Sex Workers Policy and the Task Force’s support of the DA’s request for a Human Trafficking Unit.  There was also a conversation about how to allocate and prioritize human trafficking resources in the City budget.


  • Alia will coordinate a meeting with the District Attorney and interested Task Force members to provide more opportunity to discuss the concerns with the proposed Human Trafficking Unit.
  • There was a request to retract a letter of support if it has already been sent to the Mayor’s Office on behalf of the Task Force and to send a letter stating that the Task Force was not in consensus.  Emily will look into whether letter was sent.


  1. Anti-Human Trafficking Initiatives at San Francisco Unified School District and AB 1227: Rosalia Lopez reported that SFUSD is utilizing a data measurement tool called CPM (Coordinated Program Monitoring) to view compliance for how materials have been distributed, taught, and applied. Schools are still challenged to integrate curriculum without over-stretching teachers who are already going above and beyond in their work; the curriculum is one of many unfunded mandates teachers have to include.
    • June training for leads in the SFUSD staff to talk about CSEC and healthy relationship curriculum – Rosalia will check if open to the public.


  1. Agency Presentations
    1. Jessie Brenner, Handa Center at Stanford University: The Handa Center is an academic center within Stanford that looks at data, rule of law, human rights concerns, and the collection of information that goes into shaping tangible policy and practice. Her report, Getting to Good Human Trafficking Data: Everyday Guidelines for Frontline Practitioners in Southeast Asia, sets baseline standards and practices for intake and collection to promote a streamlined reporting and sharing process to better understand the scope of trafficking. Prevalence studies traditionally have lacked this standardization, which leads to problematic reports and often inability to put together localized resources to combat trafficking.
    2. Carletta Jackson-Lane, Sojourner Truth: Sojourner Truth is a foster service organization that has been providing family services for much of Northern California since 1989. The agency notices that TAY groups are often considered “unadoptable,” which leads to a system without a safety net for individuals over 18 who still need many resources. Saving Your Dreams is a mentorship program that helps deconstruct the factors of isolation and exploitation that young people being trafficked experience.
      • Trainings: Building Resiliency (May 3) and Pathway to Trauma Informed Care (May 24), both at California Endowment at 2000 Franklin St in Oakland


  1. Adjournment

Next General Meeting will be June 27, 2018.