Sex Work and Trafficking Policy Impact Committee - January 14, 2019 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
January 14, 2019 - 11:00am

Sex Work and Trafficking Policy Impact Committee Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2019                  11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Department on the Status of Women

25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 240, San Francisco, CA



Karima Baptiste, District Attorney

Saerom Choi, APILO

Cristy Dieterich, SF DPH

Minouche Kandel, SF DOSW

Carol Leigh, SF DPH

Pike Long, St James Infirmary

alix lutnick, Aviva Consulting  

Kyoko Peterson, SF DOSW

Sneh Rao, SF HRC

Dongmei Tan, SF DPH


  1. Introductions/Check-in [Saerom Choi]


  1. Identifying Committee Co-Chairs [Saerom Choi]
    1. Saerom Choi is currently the Co-Chair of the Committee and is still looking for another Co-Chair.


  1. Prioritizing Safety for Sex Workers Policy Outreach/Training
    1. Berkeley Police Commission Update
      1. Carol Leigh and Minouche Kandel attended a meeting of the Berkeley Police Commission and it went well. Tony Flores from the SFPD SVU also attended. The Commission seemed to be interested in implementing the policy in Berkeley.
      2. Action Item: Minouche Kandel will send a follow up email to the contact at the Berkeley Commission reminding the that she is leaving, ccing Saerom Choi.
    2. Update on Legislation from State Senator Wiener
      1. Attendees went over the proposed legislation by State Senator Wiener. The legislation prevents arrest for crimes related to sex work when individuals are reporting certain violent crimes. The legislation also would prevent condoms from being used as evidence for crimes related to sex work. Attendees suggested to add language about police officers not coercing sex workers to have sex with them into the legislation, similar to the Police general order. Attendees also suggested that the term “sexual favors” be replaced with “sexual services”.
      2. Action Item: alix lutnick told attendees that they could email her with feedback until noon on Jan 16th and she will forward comments to Senator Wiener’s office.
    3. Outreach to Massage Workers
      1. There was a discussion of how to outreach to massage workers about safety, because the current sex worker outreach cards may not resonate with them, Many of them do not identify at all with the term “sex worker.” Suggested to create a formal or informal focus group with massage workers to discuss what would make them feel safer and what language they would like to use.
      2. The Newcomers Connect program is still holding Tea Hours, but they are mixed with massage workers and restaurant workers, so might not be the best setting.
      3. Discussion of massage inspections: attendees mentioned that health inspectors have been taking pictures of massage workers when they are naked during the inspections. It was suggested to invite Jen Callewaert of DPH Environmental Health to the next meeting to discussing the policies and procedures used during inspections.
      4. Action Item: Dongmei Tan and Cristy Dieterich to work on creating a focus group of massage workers.
      5. Action Item: Cristy Dieterich will invite Jen Callewaert to the next meeting to discussing health inspections.


  1. LEAD Program Numbers
    1. Last meeting there was some interest in getting the number of people diverted into LEAD for sex work. Minouche Kandel was able to get the numbers: 9 people were referred to the program, though only 3 decided to engage in case management with LEAD. However, those who did not engage in case management were not prosecuted. Suggested that the committee meet with members of the LEAD team to discuss policies and procedures (District Attorney’s office, Felton Institute, Police Department, Department of Public Health)
    2. Action item:  Minouche Kandel will give names to Saerom Choi who will set up meeting with LEAD team to discuss their work with sex workers.


  1. Mayor’s Task Force Report
    1. Carol Leigh had suggestions for the Mayor’s Task Force report. She suggested that there be a paragraph on the committee’s activities from the past year. She also had additional suggestions about language, definitions, etc. Carol will share a google doc of feedback with the group.
    2. Action item: Kyoko Peterson will draft a paragraph of the committees activities in the past year.
    3. Action item: Kyoko Peterson will add the FOSTA/SESTA paper to the appendices of the report.
    4. Action item: Carol Leigh will share her google doc of feedback on the report with the group.


  1. Values Statement for the Sex Work and Trafficking Policy Impact Committee
    1. Crafting of values statement will be a running agenda item. Saerom will make a google doc and share with attendees so that they can add ideas for the values statement before the next meeting.
    2. Action items: Saerom Choi will make a google doc to share with attendees on the values statement.


  1. Announcements/Agenda for next meeting
    1. Meetings were set to be quarterly on the second Monday of the month, 10:30 am to 12:00 pm. This is April 8th, July 8th, and October 7th. The April meeting will be at the HRC Commission, large conference room. HRC is at 25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 800. People can take the elevator up to the 8th floor and ask for the large conference room.


Action Item

Person Responsible


Minouche to send follow up email to Berkeley Police Commission, cc Saerom

Minouche Kandel

Before end of Jan

Give feedback to alix on Senator Wiener’s legislation

All to alix lutnick

Before noon January 16, 2019

Convene focus group with massage workers to get their input

Dongmei Tan, Cristy Dieterich


Invite Jen Callewaert to learn about policies and procedures for massage inspections

Cristy Dieterich

Before April 8,  2019

Speak with LEAD program about their prostitution-related diversions; Minouche will give names for email

Minouche Kandel, Saerom Choi

Before April 8,  2019

Write paragraph on SWTPIC committee’s work for Mayor’s Task Force report

Kyoko Peterson

Before January 18, 2019

Share google document of feedback for the Mayor’s Task Force report

Carol Leigh

Before February 1, 2019

Add FOSTA/SESTA position paper to Mayor Task Force report

Kyoko Peterson

Before February 1, 2019

Make google doc for values statement suggestions (invite meeting attendees)

Saerom Choi

Before  February 1, 2019