Youth Trafficking Committee - June 6, 2018 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
June 6, 2018 - 1:30pm

Mayor’s Task Force on Anti-Human Trafficking

Youth Trafficking Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, June 6, 2018, 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm



Julia Arroyo, Young Women’s Freedom Center; Jazmine Banus, Youth Advisory Board; Adrien Berg, RTI; Rachael Chambers, Department on the Status of Women; Saerom Choi, Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach; Ifasina Clear, Young Women’s Freedom Center; Jen Daly, Legal Services for Children; Rhiannon DeBaufer, District Attorney Victim Services; Carly Devlin, Huckleberry Youth Services; Darian Eastman, Not for Sale; Minouche Kandel, Department on the Status of Women; Antonia Lavine, San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking; Hong Le, Bay Area Legal Aid; Patte Lee, San Francisco Public Defender;  Lillyiana Lonzanida, Youth Advisory Board; Rebecca Marcus, Public Defender; Paola Martin del Campo, Safe and Sound; Alyssa Miller, Love Never Fails; Angie Miot-Nudel, Larkin Street Youth Services; Miguel Palmer, Love Never Fails; Arran Pera, San Francisco Police Department; Kimberly Rodriguez, District Attorney Victim Services; Tavi Taos, Youth Advisory Board; Jeanetta Tolvao, Youth Advisory Board; Brondie Vien, Supervisor Katy Tang’s Office; Angel Williams, Larkin Street Youth Services; Alia Whitney-Johnson, Freedom FWD; Karina Zhang, Family & Children’s Services.


I. Welcome, Introductions/Check-In, Agenda Review [Alia Whitney-Johnson]           


II. April 4, 2018 minutes were approved [Rebecca Marcus/Jen Daly]              


III. Announcements

  • June 13th: Event for education on the city’s new “Prioritizing Safety for Sex Workers” policies at the San Francisco Main Public Library, 100 Larkin Street in the Latino/Hispanic Room. The event is directed to sex workers and agencies that work with the community to better understand the impact of the new policies. 4:30-5:30 pm.
  • August 29th: The first Youth Advisory Board class will complete their fellowship, including a presentation of projects and work that they have been doing with the Young Women’s Freedom Center. 6-8 pm. Location TBD


IV. Discussion of Housing and Placement Recommendations

There was discussion about the Housing and Placement Recommendations with the following suggestions:

  • Include language about ethical use of data, if it is being collected
  • Nuances of TAY and “non-minor dependent” à is there the possibility of saying “minor dependent” instead of “female identifying minor?”
    • The gendered distinction for minors is a legal distinction, there is no co-ed housing for minors, unless it is a psych treatment center
    • Adding a new priority à “female identified” will be a next year goal?
  •  Include information that this document should be reevaluated yearly to support the changing needs of the community


The group then broke up into the 3 workgroups for Housing and Placement, Prevention, and Employment.


V. Debrief

Employment group:

Participants: Rachael Chambers, Antonia Lavine, Lillyiana Lonzanida, Alyssa Miller, Miguel Palmer, Jeanetta Tolvao, Brondie Vien

  • Building out an employment center  remake of Annie Cannons?
    • Should ask those who are most involved: surveying those who are involved directly in the community
    • Where does this get distributed?
      • Larkin/CHALK, other youth groups, Bay Area Community Resource , SF Youth Works
      • Would this be somewhere with internet?
        • Putting this into an online form, like Survey Monkey or Google Forms
  • Sectors:
    • Artistic/Creative: Design, Fashion and Beauty, Performance and Entertainment
  • Are the open questions too broad?
  •  guidance and careers based on your strengths and interests
  • Question 17: Would you like your job to include paid training opportunities?

Who will take the lead on this moving forward?

  • Ask Freedom FWD/Young women’s Freedom center to get information out on this






VI. Closing and Follow-ups