Safer Schools Sexual Assault Task Force

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed legislation in 2016 creating the Safer Schools Sexual Assault Task Force.  The Task Force met monthly from November 2016-November 2017.  This meeting is no longer active.

The duties of the Task Force were to: (1) analyze State and federal laws regarding campus sexual assault; (2) recommend best practices for colleges and universities in the City to reduce sexual assault, and (3) recommend any steps the City can take, including changes in law or policy, to assist colleges and universities in reducing sexual assault. 

In December 2017, the Task Force issued the

 Report Cover of the Safer Schools Sexual Assault Task Force Report 

Safer Schools Sexual Assault Task Force Report and Recommendations.

Highlights of the report can be viewed here.


Click Here for Minutes and Agendas

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Sample MOU on Campus Sexual Assault

After Sexual Assault Brochure



Janelle White
Seat 1
Held by a current or former employee, officer, or volunteer at a rape crisis center in the Bay Area

Janelle White is the Executive Director of San Francisco Women Against Rape and a lecturer in the Women and Gender Studies Department of San Francisco State University. Janelle has been active in the movement to end violence against women for over two decades working with many organizations throughout the country.

Denise Sicat Wong
Seat 2
Held by a person with experience as a peer educator addressing prevention, education, or outreach regarding sexual assault

Denise is the Youth Outreach Coordinator at Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach. In her current capacity, she directs the agency’s Youth Advisory Council, a team of ten Bay Area high school students that conduct peer education initiatives and preventative organizing around youth relationship violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.

J. Ocean Mottley
Seat 3
Held by an advocate for survivors or witnesses of sexual assault, with expertise or experience in criminal justice proceedings or resources and support services for survivors of sexual assault

J. Ocean Mottley has been a peer educator for over a decade through City College of San Francisco’s domestic violence prevention program, Project Survive. As an attorney, J. Ocean has helped survivors of abuse through legal resources.

Amelia Gilbert
Seat 4
Held by a survivor of sexual assault or an employee or representative from an organization that represents or counsels survivors

Amelia Gilbert is the founder of Vivifi Studio, a for- profit civic innovation lab developing an app called Trove, a tool to guide sexual assault survivors through the healing process and connect them to one another in a closed community.  She has volunteered with Oxfam Japan, Amnesty International (Tokyo office), DC Stop Modern Slavery, and the American Cancer Society.

Denise Caramagno
Seat 5
 Held by an employee, officer, or other representative of a local college, university, or other institution of higher education in the City, with experience or expertise in protocols, laws, and resources addressing sexual assault on campus

Denise Caramagno is the Director of the UCSF CARE Program providing services to UCSF affiliates who are survivors of sexual assault and interpersonal violence and delivers prevention education to all UCSF students. Denise is the co- chair of CARE offices for all UCs while also on the UCSF Coordinated Comm Review Team, which advises campus leadership and community about best practices in response to sexual assault/misconduct.

Leslie Simon
Seat 6
Held by an employee, officer, or other representative of a local college, university, or other institution of higher education in the City, with experience or expertise in protocols, laws, and resources addressing sexual assault on campus

Leslie Simon designed CCSF’s award winning and nationally recognized sexual violence prevention program, Project SURVIVE, and has coordinated it since 1994. Leslie is currently a Title IX Deputy Coordinator at CCSF.

Gena Castro Rodriguez
Seat 7
Held by an employee of the District Attorney's Office

Gena Castro Rodriguez works as the Chief of Victim Services for the San Francisco District Attorney.

Una Bailey
Seat 8
Held by an employee of the Police Department with expertise working in the Special Victims Unit

Una Bailey is the Captain of the San Francisco Police Department’s Special Victims Unit.

Luoluo Hong
Seat 9
Held by the Director of the Department on the Status of Women or a designee

Luoluo Hong is the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management and the designated campus Title IX Coordinator and Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation Administrator at San Francisco State University. Luoluo has published numerous articles on campus sexual assault and has formerly worked as a rape crisis center counselor.

Stacey Wiggall
Seat 10
Held by an employee of the Department of Public Health with experience in the area of sexual assault

Stacey Wiggall is a clinical social worker and supervisor for the mental health team of the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Rape Treatment Center/Trauma Recovery Center. She is a longtime member of the San Francisco Sexual Assault Response Team.


If you have any questions about the Task Force, please feel free to contact Julia Weber the Department on the Status of Women's consultant on the Task Force at