Gender-Based Violence Grants Program


The Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Prevention and Intervention Grants Program, formerly the Violence Against Women* (VAW) Prevention and Intervention Grants Program, is a significant programmatic investment of the Department on the Status of Women. These grants support community-based programs in San Francisco that provide essential violence prevention and intervention services to the community. Partner Agencies provide services to adults and youth who are survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault in the following six priority service areas:

  • Emergency Shelter
  • Transitional Housing
  • Crisis Lines
  • Intervention & Advocacy
  • Legal Services
  • Prevention & Education

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Housing Response for Homeless and Sexually Exploited Women
Request for Proposals

The San Francisco Department on the Status of Women, as part of the Department’s Gender-Based Violence Prevention & Intervention (GBV) Grants Program, is seeking to fund a non-profit community-based organization to provide the comprehensive emergency housing intervention and advocacy services for homeless and sexually exploited women. MORE INFORMATION, DEADLINES, AND DETAILS



The Department produces a year-end performance evaluation each fiscal year to provide information on the amount of funding that Partner Agencies receive and analyzes the impact they make in the community. Click below to view the reports.



2021 Gender-Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Grants Program: 3-Year Data Review

2017 Violence Against Women Community Needs Assessment Full Report (July 2018), Executive Summary (July 2018), Presentation (September 2018)
Written by Dr. Annie Isabel Fukushima, University of Utah

2014 Violence Against Women Community Needs Assessment
Written by ETR Associates, this comprehensive report details the needs of the San Francisco community.

Domestic Violence Counts: Census of Domestic Violence Services (2009)
The Department conducted a 24-hour survey of domestic violence service providers to gain a better sense of the help-seeking patterns of victims of domestic violence.

Creating a Safer San Francisco: Integrating Multicultural Strategies to End Violence Against Women and Girls (2007)
This needs assessment showcases the strengths of the current provider network and examines gaps in the domestic violence intervention system.


*Women and girls refers to all women-identified and gender-expansive persons, including transgender women and non-binary, gender non-conforming, and gender queer persons.