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About the DPA:
The mission of the Department of Police Accountability (DPA) is to promptly, fairly, and impartially investigate complaints against San Francisco police officers, make policy recommendations regarding police practices, and conduct periodic audits of the San Francisco Police Department. Civilians who have never been police officers in San Francisco staff the Department of Police Accountability.

2021 DPA Law and Justice Reform Internship Program

The DPA offers the Law and Justice Reform program for college students, which is modeled after the fellowships and internships through San Francisco City Hall and the District Attorney’s Office. The DPA also has law clerk opportunities for law school students and other internship opportunities for high school students. 

The DPA Internship programs are intended to give interns public service exposure to police policies and practice issues, including civil liberties, criminal law, criminal procedure, constitutional law, public safety, employment, and administrative law. Students also can attend administrative and appellate arguments, administrative hearings and proceedings, and case conferences. 

Internship Benefits Include:

  • Choice of full-time (37.5 hours) or part-time (16 hours) internships
  • Flexibility to accommodate student’s academic schedules
  • We will work closely with students seeking independent funding or academic credit through their school, if such is available.
  • Individual training and guidance from one or more of DPA staff attorneys
  • Possible future job opportunities

What to Expect:

  • Reviewing and analyzing body-worn camera footage
  • Researching local, state, and federal laws to inform policy proposals
  • Developing department-wide policies to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws
  • Aiding DPA attorneys in all stages of trial preparation (including sentencing and appeals)

Qualified candidates should possess strong verbal and written communication skills, an ability to think critically and problem-solve, and a passion for local government, justice issues, race disparities and policy. Interested candidates should fill out the DPA 2021 Internship Application and submit a CV and cover letter. 

DPA 2021 Internship Application - Access Here

Commitment to Diversity
The Department of Police Accountability is strongly committed to diversity and supports the advancement of women and people of color. We believe the office should reflect the population it serves. People of color, disabled individuals, and members of the LGBTQI community are strongly encouraged to apply.


For more information, please email dpa.recruitment@sfgov.org