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The San Francisco Entertainment Commission’s mission is to support a thriving entertainment and nightlife culture that balances the needs of the City's entertainment community, its audiences, and its neighbors across all district neighborhoods. 

We envision a San Francisco entertainment community that is world-class, diverse, equitable, robust, responsible, and inclusive.

We value: 

  • Transparency, communication, and honesty;
  • A sense of belonging and sanctuary for all; and
  • Entertainment!


The San Francisco Entertainment Commission is a seven-member Commission, and seven-person staff that regulates, promotes and enhances entertainment and nightlife in the City and County of San Francisco. The Commission has the authority to accept, review, and gather information to conduct hearings for entertainment-related permit applications. As the City becomes more populated, and as density increases, so does sensitivity to the impacts of entertainment. The Entertainment Commission works with venues, outdoor events, and the community to mitigate those impacts through mediation, conditioning, outreach, and residential development review.


San Francisco’s nightlife and entertainment sector – which includes nightclubs, live music venues, bars, restaurants, street fairs, and other performance spaces – is an integral part of the City’s fabric. Nightlife and entertainment businesses attract residents and visitors to our diverse neighborhoods and provide social spaces that are critical to the development of our unique and vibrant cultural life.

Nightlife isn’t just a cultural benefit for the City; it is also a major economic driver. According to a 2018 update of the Controller’s Office economic impact study, over 3,850 nightlife establishments in San Francisco employed over 63,000 workers, and generated an estimated $7.2 billion.


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