Entertainment Representative - Steven Lee

Portrait of Steven Lee

In 2012, Steven Lee was appointed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to serve as an industry representative on the San Francisco Entertainment Commission.

Coming from a suburb and while attending San Francisco State University, twenty-one-year-old Steven Lee created Steven Lee Productions to explore the business of the nightclub and bar scene in San Francisco. He spent his weekends promoting venues and formatting music for over a hundred large capacity events, clubs and five-star hotels in the Bay Area. Steven booked and managed several Top 40 dance bands. He produced a concert with a #1 top Sony recording artist, The Jets. He also organized several San Francisco / Los Angeles party tours to Hawaii and brought top shows (Society of Seven) and recording artists (Kalapana) from Hawaii to San Francisco.

In May 1998, it was Steven’s vision to transform the infamous, 19-year-old Trocadero Transfer to an upgraded facility for the next generation to enjoy. Trocadero Transfer was the first gay disco in San Francisco and was the sister club for Studio 54 in New York in the late 70’s. With his investors, Steven became owner / builder in all phases of the project. He gained knowledge in construction, fine dining services, management of over 30 employees, and resolving on-going neighborhood and law enforcement pressures.

When Glas Kat Supper Club officially opened during the Dot Com boom in the fall of 1999, the business was a success. With his expertise in restaurant business, Steven has also opened a few fast food and retail businesses in various districts in San Francisco. After 12 years, Glas Kat Supper Club has recently undergone a major transformation to become the Las Vegas-inspired Grand Night Club.
In the 2007, Steven Lee became an advocate for San Francisco’s $3.3 billion Nightlife Industry. He became a board member of CMAC, the California Music and Culture Association, to address government regulations, alcohol-related matters, public safety, and education that affect industry members and nonmembers in California. CMAC has weighed in on matters such as “the Alcohol Tax,” “the State Rave Event Bill,” “SFPD Security Protocol,” the “Parking Lot Safety” legislation, and the “Alcohol until 4AM” bill, instigated by Steven’s fellow nightclub owners and sponsored by Supervisor David Chiu.

Now coming full circle, Steven Lee has grown from a college student making extra money on the weekends, to become a well-respected and knowledgeable problem-solver, an advocate for business and a supporter of public safety for others.