Event Promoters

Beginning in 2011, all Promoters working in San Francisco are required to register with the Entertainment Commission.  The actual ordinance can be found here.  It includes the definition of who is an event promoter, what is an event, and also the exceptions.

Clubs are asked required to only work with registered Promoters.  The Online Registry grew out of a recognition by the City of the need to understand who is promoting parties in the event that public safety or other concerns arise.

The registration form is simple and takes just a few minutes for Promoters to fill out.  THere are certain exceptions to the registration requirement.

If you have any questions about if whether you qualify under the registration law as an Event Promoter, please contact the Entertainment Commission at (415)554-6678.

If an Event Promoter holds an event resulting in significant risks or actual harms to people or property, or if the event causes serious neighborhood disturbances, the Entertainment Commission would have the power to impose future conditions on that Promoter, such as additional insurance or security.

Thank you for your time and commitment to fostering a vibrant, healthy and safe nightlife!

To register online, please link to SF Event Promoter Online Registry.

Please make sure to email Jocelyn.kane@sfgov.org or call 554-5793 after you take the first step in your registration. This will alert the EC staff to check your first step of registration and prompt you for the final step to become a registered promoter. Thanks very much.