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SF Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival

About the Program

From neighborhood street fairs to parades, from races to farmers markets, San Francisco is a national hub for outdoor community and cultural events. Outdoor events produce $1.1 billion in economic impact, attract 3.3 million attendees, reach every Supervisorial District, and define the identity of the diverse communities that together make up San Francisco. 

The SF Entertainment Commission’s Outdoor Events program aims to improve the quality and sustainability of outdoor community and cultural events in San Francisco. Through research, policy development, education, and resources, the program serves to preserve, enhance and protect outdoor events in San Francisco as economic and cultural assets -- as indicators of a high quality of life.

For more information, contact Dylan Rice, Senior Analyst, 628-652-6033 direct, 628-652-6030 main, Dylan.Rice@sfgov.org.


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About the Music and Culture Sustainability Policy

In 2009, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously adopted a policy “to foster, promote, and sustain music and culture in San Francisco.” In Chapter 90A of the San Francisco Administrative Code, the City’s Music and Culture Sustainability Policy states:

“The City is committed to a general policy of sustaining indoor music and performance venues, and outdoor special events such as, but not limited to, parades, festivals, neighborhood celebrations, and street fairs. As development proceeds in San Francisco, with new buildings constructed, possible zoning changes, evolving infrastructure, changes in transportation systems and traffic patterns, and the like, the City must be vigilant to ensure that San Francisco remains a hospitable environment for music and cultural venues and events. San Francisco’s music and performance venues and indoor and outdoor cultural events should be preserved and enhanced and protected from displacement due to development."