Permit Applications

As of July 2003, the City and County of San Francisco requires most temporary and fixed-place entertainment-related places and events to be approved by the San Francisco Entertainment Commission.

It is important that you submit ALL of the information required on your application to better assist the Entertainment Commission to process your application. We recommend you contact Kaitlyn Azevedo, Deputy Director, 415-554-5
793, to set up an appointment for detailed assistance with all brick-and-mortar permit applications.

The Entertainment Commission believes that ensuring cooperation and harmony among entertainment venues, local authorities, and neighbors is essential to the city's well-being, and we appreciate your time and commitment to fostering a vibrant, healthy and safe nightlife!

For information and tools to help you successfully operate an entertainment business in San Francisco, see the San Francisco Nightlife Business Handbook and other resources at


Go Paperless!
In an effort to streamline processes, we highly recommend submitting permit applications and payments online where applicable. When possible, use the “Apply Online” link below the name of the permit. If you are not able to apply online, you may download the permit application (PDF) and submit via email, or you may submit the application in-person in City Hall, Room 12.



For Brick-and-Mortar Establishments:

All Brick-and-Mortar permits will require an in-person appointment with Deputy Director Kaitlyn Azevedo (415-554-5793, in order to review materials and prepare for a public hearing with the Entertainment Commission. All permit applications, other than the Limited Live Performance permit, may use the Standard PDF documents “permit application” and “letter of intent” in order to apply. Each person owning 10% or more of the business will need to fill out their own “permit application” PDF. Please fill out these two Standard PDF documents, and if you are applying for the Place of Entertainment and/or Extended Hours Premises permits, please also fill out the “supplemental questionnaire” Word document. Finally, if you are applying for the Limited Live Performance permit, you may fill out the PDF application online. The required signatures on the LLP application will be completed in-person during the intake meeting.  Please note that if you apply online, you will still be required to schedule an in-person intake meeting with the Deputy Director to review your documents. 

For Events:

For event permit-related inquiries, contact Crystal Stewart-Kennedy, Permit Administrator, 415-554-6678,

*The Entertainment Commission’s jurisdiction includes outdoor events with entertainment and/or amplified sound on City streets and sidewalks and other non-residential property, Port of San Francisco property, and Treasure Island. For events on SF Recreation & Park, Presidio Trust, or U.S. National Park Service/GGNRA property, refer to those agencies for outdoor amplified sound and event permitting.