Advancing Racial Equity

Advancing Racial Equity

The enduring racial and ethnic disparities in our juvenile justice system provide stark evidence of the individual, interpersonal, institutional, and systemic racism that has underpinned our public systems since their inception. Longstanding justice system approaches have served to deepen the involvement of many young people in the system and in delinquency—youth often failed by other public institutions beginning in early childhood—rather than providing opportunities to successfully and permanently exit the system and thrive. San Francisco is engaged in unprecedented efforts to re-imagine our approach to youth justice. City leadership has committed to broad system change, including the closure of the current Juvenile Hall, through collaborative processes that center the voice of youth, families, and community institutions. JPD is committed to this process, and to a transformed approach that can improve the lives of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) youths, families, and communities.


JPD Equity Centered Goals
  • Reimagine how the City addresses juvenile delinquency, from referral through reentry, in collaboration with the community and our system partners, emphasizing research and evidence-based practices, and sustainably addressing pervasive racial disparities throughout the system. 
  • Advance a Whole Family Engagement strategy that places racial equity at its center to ensure that all youth have equal access to successful outcomes, and that advances youth-and family-centered case plans and goal development, with the supports and resources necessary to help justice-involved youth thrive. 
  • Bolster equitable leadership development opportunities for BIPOC staff; implement change that meaningfully improves the workplace experience of BIPOC staff; enact our organizational belief of redemption and helping people to succeed.


Racial Equity Action Plan Phase 1

In August 2019, San Francisco passed an ordinance creating the Office of Racial Equity and mandating that all City departments complete a Racial Equity Action Plan, guided by the City’s Racial Equity Framework. The Office of Racial Equity Framework includes two phases, the first of which must be completed by December 31, 2020:

  • Phase 1 - Focuses on internal programs and policies, workforce as well as boards/commissions. Phase 1 includes a Racial Equity Departmental Assessment and Employee Survey for departments to deliver to inform their plan. Citywide Racial Equity Framework Phase 1 will center on internal, overarching strategies regarding our workforce.
  • Phase 2 - Focuses on City procurement, contracting/ grants, and delivery of services and programs to San Franciscans. Phase 2 template will be informed more directly by community engagement. The Citywide Racial Equity Framework Phase 2 will center on external equity indicators and support for historically marginalized communities.
     Read JPD’s Phase 1 Plan (PDF)

     Read JPD’s Phase 1 Plan - 2021 Progress Report (PDF)

     Phase 2 is forthcoming, pending additional guidance from the Office of Racial Equity.


Phase 1: Juvenile Probation Department Internal Racial Equity Action Plan Goals
Hiring and Recruitment

Recruit and hire a diverse staff which: mirrors the community we serve; and, provides services in an equitable manner, with a targeted emphasis on those roles, units and divisions which are not meeting this goal.

Retention and Promotion

Create clearly defined, widely disseminated expectations for promotional opportunities; enact supervisor accountability regarding training opportunities, mentoring; take a strength-based approach that supports opportunity and equitable helps staff succeed.

Discipline and Separation

Enact the principle that actions do not define the person; enact our organizational belief of redemption and helping people to succeed; build capacity while meeting disciplinary goals.

Diverse and Equitable Leadership and Management

Executive and senior management and front-line supervisorial teams mirror the community we serve and explicitly demonstrate commitment to racial equity across all aspects of work and operations.

Mobility and Professional Development

Continuous opportunities for individualized professional development and advancement within the department, City and juvenile justice field, with an emphasis on BIPOC staff.

Organizational Culture of Inclusion and Belonging

Active creation of an organizational culture across all divisions of JPD that is aware of subtle bias, de-centers whiteness as a proxy for professionalism and consciously embraces diverse presentations of professionalism.

Boards and Commissions

Actively support Juvenile Probation Commission members to be aligned with JPD’s Racial Equity Action Plan and the City’s racial equity commitment.