How to file a Complaint

The following steps should be taken to file a complaint with the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department:

  • If your child is detained in Juvenile Hall, questions or complaints should first be directed to the Director of Juvenile Hall at (415) 753-7202.
  • If your child is a resident of Log Cabin Ranch, questions or complaints should be directed to the Director of Log Cabin Ranch at (650) 747-0257, Ext. 1803.
  • Grievance forms are available within each living unit in Juvenile Hall and Log Cabin Ranch and may be submitted to a locked box if your child wishes to file a grievance regarding his or her treatment while in either facility.
  • If your child is on probation, questions or complaints should first be directed to the Director of Probation Services at (415) 753-4416.
  • The Chief Probation Officer has an open-door policy and is available to discuss any matter related to youth served by SFJPD. To make an appointment, please call (415) 753-7556. A written complaint can be submitted to the Chief by visiting the Chief’s office at 375 Woodside Ave., Rm 243, San Francisco, CA 94127.

1. To obtain a copy of the Complaint Form either pick one up in the Chief’s office,
or download the SFJPD Complaint Form by clicking here.

2. The completed Complaint Form can be hand-delivered or mailed to the Chief’s office:

Chief Probation Officer
San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department
375 Woodside Ave., Room 243
San Francisco, CA 94127