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Meeting Information


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1.     Roll Call

        The meetingwas called to order at 5:44pm.  All Commissioners were present at the gavel with the exception of Comms. Aramburo, Hale,  and Chuck, who arrived at 5:45pm, 5:58pm, and 6:04pm, respectively.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

2.     Review of Jan. 13, 1999  meeting  minutes

        The minutes were approved as written.

3.     Chief Probation Officer's Report:

·        budget report FY 98-99, 99-00; 

Deferred to Sandy Brown-Richardson's report later.

·        review of monthly statistical data;

count today in JH was 126. LCR 63. Comm. Shimko asked about the confinement of youth in county jail.  Bob Wertz said that sometimes 18 yr old youths are committed to the jail. This isn't automatic due to age, only at times is it recommended.   The Commissioner also asked about the serious contraband of weapons.  The Chief didn't feel this was anything "remarkable" in nature.

·        highlights of month of Jan.;

The Chief introduced the two newly appointed Asst Directors:  Donald Sanders, at LCR, and Tim Diestal, at JH.

Chief Williams reported that there was an ongoing issue surrounding the newly constructed qualifications for POs.  The final decision by the Civil Service Commission was in favor with what the Dept. had proposed.   The Dept. will be hiring in new POs in March, both in provisional and permanent status.

He also reported that Supervisor Yee will be coming  to tour YGC.  The Interfaith Council will also be meeting to discuss the future of the Chaplaincy program, as well as the impact of Rev. Dunbar's work here.

The Dept will be working with the Dept of Human Services and Children's Mental Health Services to apply for funding from the Board of Corrections. No program concept was available. 

In March/April the Dept will begin its program under Repeat Offender Prevention Program funding (Bd of Corrections).

·        upcoming events/emerging issues;

·        presentations by students of LCR.

Johnny Miller stated that for some years LCR has had help from the SF Art Commission to work with the young men there in creative writing.   Some have entered writing contests and done very well.  He introduced a member of the Art Commission, who spoke about the Writers' Corps program, and how it has worked at LCR since 1995. 

Two students from Log Cabin Ranch, who are participants in the Writers' Corps writing workshop, gave an impromptu free verse poetry recital.

4.     Discussion/Action Items:

a. Consideration of and possible action on Finance Committee's recommendation to approve the Dept.'s FY 99-00 operating budget.

    Comm. Julian reported that the Finance Comm. met on Jan. 27 and approved the proposed Dept. fiscal  yr 99-00 budget.  He mentioned some issue that could be further discussed in the future, but essentially commended the staff for a well prepared document.  Sandy Brown-Richardson referred to a summary sheet she passed out to the Commissioners at the meeting.  She said there were very minor changes made to the budget since the Finance Comm. approved it, mainly in enumerating additional vehicles for purchase.  Comm. Jackson-Drake asked about the amount of funds for community based programs, and whether the level of funding had returned to the original levels prior to withholding 10% for evaluations.  S. Brown-Richardson said yes.     TANF funds are being used for COLAs, in the current fiscal budget.  The upcoming fiscal year includes COLAs as a part of its baseline budget.

    The question was called, and by unanimous vote, approved. The Commissioner felt that the COLAs should be a regular part of the budget and not dependent on soft monies like TANF.

    The Chief pointed out that the budget narrative emphasized the community based, family oriented perspective of the Dept.'s work.

    Comm. Julian moved for approval, and Comm. Chuck seconded. The question was called, and by unanimous vote, approved.


b.  Consideration of and possible action on Dept's request to increase CJCJ's contract amount for a populaton management program, from $100,000. to $200,000.

    Chief Williams said that the Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council approved this expansion.  They proposed to expand the services originally planned.  There was no contract in place, but K. Morton (Director of DDAP) said later that the originally proposed amount of $100,000 was for a trial program serving 25 youth for 6 mos.  Now they are looking at doing more case management.  Quest:  has the program been doing anything in this project yet?  Yes.  They have been talking about participating in the Multi Disciplinary Team review meetings. But they have not finalized a scope of services.  Chief Williams said they are supposed to be coming up with some outcome measures for the program.  Comm. Hale moved to approve the contract.  Comm. Jackson-Drake seconded.  The question was called, and by unanimous vote, approved.


c.  Presentation of the Dept's Action Plan.

    Chief Williams said that this is a statement of some of the primary objectives of the Dept. under the current budget.   The plan was synthesized from the 9 priorities set out by the Dept last year.  Comm. Jackson-Drake asked what the difference is between the GED program already at LCR and the tutorial program. J. Miller said that the tutorial is additional to the GED program classes.  Comm. Hale asked why the SFUSD couldn't provide the tutorial also.  Miller said they just weren't willing to. 

5.     Discussion of proposed Rules of Order changes.

        An added sub section statesthat twice each year the Commission shall meet at Youth Guidance Center, and also identifed the Facilities Committee as a committee of the Commission.   The changes will be made, drafts distributed to the public, and action taken on them at the next full commission meeting.

6.     Public Comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile

        Probation Commission.

        Rich Perino of the DPOA raised various concerns of the membership.  The issue is the revision of minimum requirements for becoming a PO, essentially downgrading the qualifications.  The concern is the impact on future entry level and promotional wage levels, reflected by a lower expectation of experience.  He said that this would make the job more like a trainee position than a professional level position.  He claimed that currently SF pays its POs less than Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Marin counties county does, and possibly Contra Costa.

        Another issue he brought up was the hiring of retired POs for work that could be given to regular POs.  This then essentially takes money out of the pockets of those POs.  

        He said that such actions are a matter of policy and he felt that the Commission could deal with it. 

        The Chief took issue with Mr. Perino.  Some points/questions  made by Dept/Commission: lowering PO qualifications does not diminish their job status, and gives the Dept. more hiring flexibility.  Hiring retired POs for work was not meant to save the Dept any money.

        Mr. Perino said that while the new qualifications do not immediately affect salary (current contract in force), it may well affect the new rounds of negotiation.  The Chief addressed the points Mr. Perino made.

7.     Unfinished business


8.     New business    

        Comm. Jackson-Drake commented on an event at the Yerba Buena Center, and said that a representative from the Fine Arts Museum asked about the possibilities of collaboration between the Dept and the Museum to give opportunities to youth to experience some of the exhibits. Comm. Hale spoke about the wilderness activities being carried out at LCR, and introduced two women (medical school graduates) who were in charge of it.

9.     Adjournment

        The meeting was adjourned at 7:42 pm.


ADOPTED FEB. 24, 1999