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held at City Hall   Room  400 1 Dr. Carlton B Goodlett Place   San Francisco, CA   94102


(ACTION)  Roll Call

The Chair called the meeting to order at 5:34pm.  Comms. Hale, Bonilla, Ricci, Chuck were present at the gavel.  Comm. Richard arrived at 6:45pm, Comm. Connolly was excused.



(ACTION) Review and approval of July 23, 2003 meeting minutes 

The minutes were approved as written, with two abstaining.

(public comments)

There was none.



(DISCUSSION) Chief Probation Officer’s Report

In the absence of Gwendolyn B. Tucker, Bill Johnston called Chris Bigelow to the podium for #3a.

             a.   Status Report on Juvenile Hall replacement project

                   Chris Bigelow reported that the demolition was completed and now they were doing grading and excavation.  They are into the 6th week of a projected 125 wk schedule, finishing phase 1 (the structure) by end of Feb. ’05.  They will be doing excavation of Woodside Ave to do the utilities.  Things are moving smoothly (paperwork getting in place to obtain the state funds).

             b.   Status Report on budget operations, status of former SLUG contract work at YGC and LCRS

                   M. Lui reported they are still working on closing out the ’02-’03 year, expecting to finish by end of August. They started with an $870K deficit in their general fund close out process, and have made that into a surplus of $15K  with some transactions they will be completing in the next couple of weeks. Some of the big ones are a TANF revenue from DHS for expenditures made in prior years (there was a close out of some additional monies from TANF beyond our annual allocation of $3.6mil). The Mayor’s office allowed them to recognize some of those additional funds, and that’s how they came up with that additional $335 K).  They also recovered about $170K from DCYF (in Prop J funds). Another TANF related item is TANF admin. (10% of the grant = $323K). That is used to cover some of the Dept’s administrative costs. Finally, close out of encumbrances ($65K) that were not used.  All these “revenues” brought the Dept’s deficit to a surplus.  There are some older grants that are still on the books, and need to be closed.  Current FY situation:  The STC funding from the State is again not going to be available. ($150K) This will be offset by some general fund set asides.  4 lay-off notices for counselors were rescinded due to Workers Comp and SDI claims.  They need to be returned to the budget.  The EC is doing an ongoing review of divisions’ budgets.

                     There’s still the chance of a mid year adjustment depending on the federal budget.

                      Comm Bonilla asked about the status of outstanding unpaid contracts for ’02-’03.  Lui said they were working with the Controller’s office now.  They were unable to pay the contractors because they did not encumber the monies to do so, because they did not have a contract in place for a few of those CBOs. (no specific reasons for this were given).  The Controller’s office is holding the Dept to certain requirements (which have always been there, but just not as stringently demanded of Depts).  They are basically wanting to know how this happened and what the Dept is doing to prevent it from happening again.  They are also asking to review invoices, and asking programmatic questions about documenting services provided and the results of those services. 

                        The Dept has managed to make one payment to Potrero Hill.  The others are still pending. (They expect to pay them in the next month).  CPO Tucker said they are going to finish processing the contracts by Sept. Currently there’s some new language for contracts relative to the hiring of employees, etc. of those CBOs that the Dept contracts with.  Those are issues the CPO is trying to iron out with the City Attorney’s office.  At some levels, some of that language can be detrimental to those individuals that are going to be employed.  She is trying to get that language in such a way that the Dept can moderate that.  She is concerned that it may be discriminatory to employees.

                       Comm Bonilla asked if she was saying that by Sept the Dept would pay off everyone they owe (CBOs)?  Tucker said no.  She was working with the Controllers’ office to get the authority to pay off all the ‘back’ ones.  They have the money, but they need the authority. For the ’03-’04 contracts--- one of the problems before was that those contracts were not executed.  If you do not execute the contract, you can’t encumber the money. So all contracts must be processed (“our process”) by Sept. Then they can start going through the channels. But their work is done because if they have completed their process and they go through the rest of the process; purchasing, the attorney’s office, and all that kind of stuff, then the money can be encumbered and ‘we’ won’t have the same problems we have now.

                      Comm Bonilla asked what the surplus will be used for.  Lui said they expect to use it to pay off another bill, but if they don’t have to, they will try to get an appropriation carry-forward. 

                       CPO Tucker said that they had an NIC grant for technical assistance in setting up a training academy, for our staff to train our individuals in the computer technology.  We are going to use that model where we get trainers in to train our staff, and they can get money from offering that training to other jurisdictions like adult probation.  They also are looking at the union education fund.  Every union has an education fund so they are encouraging staff to look into that.

                         Comm Hale asked about what the City Attorney was requiring in as far as CBO staff backgrounds ---felony convictions, etc. 

                          Comm Ricci took a moment to congratulate Chief Tucker for being named the CPO.

                         She then asked about LCRS budget.  What is the current budget?  Lui said the budget is $2.1 mil (approx what it was last year), but 4 counselor positions have been cut.  With the shortage of staff there, those 4 positions were given back (not yet put back into the Dept budget), and the lay offs were rescinded.

                          CPO Tucker reported that the Mayor’s office cleared requisitions so the Dept can hire on-call counselors.  3 will be starting in Sept.  This will help in reducing OT.  They will develop a list of on-call counselors.

                           Comm Hale asked the Finance Committee to get an early start in looking at the next year’s budget, so they aren’t caught off guard as they were this year.  He wanted open and early planning.

                          CPO Tucker also mentioned the concerns for extra costs that will come with the opening of the new juvenile hall (equipment, transition). There are less staff in the Dept now, (eg. POs have dropped to 62 from 80) so there are many things that will need to be accounted for in upcoming years.

                          Comm Bonilla agreed with Comm Hale and assured him that the Finance Committee will begin that process of preparation.                                   

            c.   Status of LCRS operations.

                          Liz Jackson-Simpson reported that the horticulture program at LCRS is at a standstill. The YGC landscaping is Prop J funds and will be reallocated, and the community service contract (taking probation youth to fulfill their community service requirements) was funded through a DPW grant. The fiscal agent for that grant will now be the SF Study Center.  The SLUG staff will continue to give supervision to our kids until Oct. 31.  Then a new arrangement will have to be made. 

                          CPO Tucker said that in July they started planning to meet the reduced budget.  They assigned a “monitor” (T Mtambuzi), and they are now developing a workplan for this year.   The plan should be complete by the first week of Sept.  They need to develop the vocational component.  Staff will now be assigned to programs so they can run them if need be.  Student handbooks and providers’ manuals will be done.

                            Comm Hale asked to have attention paid to the funding for LCRS’ future.  Comm. Dupre suggested he, the Vice Pres and Comm Chuck go down to LCRS to attend a staff meeting, to be visible and show their support.  CPO Tucker asked the Commission to possibly do a committee to look for funding opportunities.

              d.  Status Report of the JDAI Garry Bieringer gave an update on the progress (his written report is available on the Commission webpage).

                   Comm Hale asked about the large amount of overrides in detaining youth in Juvenile Hall.  Bieringer said that is why they are concentrating on alternatives.  Bieringer promised to get Comm Hale info. on reasons for overrides involving African American youth.

                       Comm Hale referred to an article from ‘Youth Today’ regarding a claim that race had nothing to do with arrests.  Bieringer gave the example of Utah, where race definitely seemed a part of the reasons for arrests.

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Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission




(ACTION) Possible approval of Dept entering into contract with Bayview Hunters Point Fdn for the ’03-’04 year, up to a max of $  65,525.00 for IHBS.

Comm Hale excused himself from this item, due to conflict of interest.  L. Jackson-Simpson reviewed that this was presented at last month’s meeting but could not be approved due to a lack of quorum. They are recommending it be approved.

How many youth are served by this contract?  L Jackson-Simpson said 20 are contracted.

Comm Ricci moved, Comm. Bonilla 2nd.  Upon voice vote, the motion carried 4-0.  1 abstention.

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(Action) Possible approval for the Juvenile Probation Department to amend the Huckleberry Youth Status Offender Contract for up to the maximum amount of $120,000.  

Comm Hale repeated his concern that the Bd of Supervisors does not have the authority to order Depts to allocate funds to specific contractors.  But the Mayor’s office does, and he understands that the Mayor’s office is in support of this decision, so he’s willing to accept it.

Comm. Hale moved, 2nd by Comm Chuck.

Bruce Fisher supported this motion. He mentioned some of the efforts they are making to extend the work of Huckleberry, so that the per cost average is reduced.  Comm. Hale asked about getting a fair share of support from other depts. that refer youth to Huckleberry for services.

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(DISCUSSION) Presentation by Brothers Against Guns youth, on a community survey they conducted.

Comm Richard introduced his staff (Michael, Chico, Tracy), along with all the youth who came to do the presentation. Some of the findings were surprising –eg. a large number felt their neighborhood was safe--- and the group read a list of recommendations they had as a result of this survey. (a copy of the survey results are available through Brothers Against Guns).

(public comments)

Comm Hale mentioned the Housing Authority’s intention to close the Milton Meyer Gym.  He was concerned for the loss of a place where services are provided to youth.  What is going to replace this?

Comm Richard asked the Commission and the Dept to help write letters to the Housing Authority encouraging them to allow the Gym to stay open.

Comm Chuck asked Comm Richard to prepare a one page fact sheet about the gym, that can used to publicize this issue.  Comm Richard said that Oct. 31 was the deadline for Housing Authority’s decision.

Comm Chuck thanked the presenters for their surveys and report.

Toni Dunbar, Chaplain, said that this survey is a great starting point for other data collections and research.



(DISCUSSION) Presentation of the Dept of Children, Youth and their Families’ Children’s Services Plan for 03-04.

Cedric Yap, Deputy Director of DCYF, gave a brief background of the Dept and the legislation which it oversees.  The Children’s Services Allocation Plan is still in process of finalization, and will come with recommendations for future investment for children’s services in the City. (copy of report available on Commission’s webpage –agendas, or DCYF’s webpage).   Tajel Shah gave a more detailed recounting of the contents of the report. 

C. Yap asked the Commissioners for their own perspectives on this report and if they had any input to give.  There was a short discussion about how this could be done.  It was decided that each Commissioner submit their own opinions to the DCYF and allow them to digest it at their own convenience.  C. Yap said that would be fine, if they could do this within the next two weeks.

Comm Bonilla asked what the DCYF was doing to assure services were available to youth in his own district (11), where there are not many CBOs.  Yap said that they offer organizational development support to help grow community based CBOs. They also will try to support City Depts that do serve youth (eg. Rec&Park).  Comm Hale commented about the questions at the end of the handout.  He asked DCYF to look into how other Depts could take up some support of services which Juvenile Probation is now paying for (referring to Huckleberry) which are more appropriately things that those other departments should be responsible for. This would release some JPD funds to help move forward the JDAI initiatives.  C. Yap acknowledged that request.

(public comments)

G. Bieringer asked about whether JPD could now apply for funds from DCYF (given originally it was restricted from doing so).  He also asked DCYF to keep in mind points and recommendations coming from the discussions held by MOCJ, JPD, and others around the “Circle of Care” system for juvenile justice, when they put their overall allocation plans together.   T. Shah said that there are some funds going to JPD programs.  Other language in the legislation restricts funds from going to treatment type programs, or to supplant city services.




(DISCUSSION) Presentation by LaFrance Associates on PrIDE.  

This item was tabled until further notice

(public comments)



(DISCUSSION) Committee Reports

This item was tabled until the next meeting

      a. President’s comments

        b. Committee reports (Program, Finance, Personnel, Ad Hoc on CYA)

        c.  Retreat report

        d.  Establishment of a phone number for informational resource referral. (Bonilla)

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Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission



(DISCUSSION) Announcements, requests for future agenda items

Comm Hale and Richard announced the next two games of the SF Brown Bombers football team.

Comm Richard asked that the meeting be adjourned in the memory of Alfonso Rhodes, who was killed on the 7th of August.

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There was none



(ACTION)  Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:26pm

in memory of Alphonso Rhodes Jr.