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Meeting Information


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held at Potrero Hill Neighborhood House 953 DeHaro St
@ corner of Southern Heights San Francisco, CA 94107

The minutes of this meeting set forth all actions taken by the Commission on the matters stated, but not necessarily the chronological sequence in which the matters were taken up

1. (ACTION) Roll Call
The meeting was called to order by Vice President Tim Dupre at 5:44 pm. Comms. Richard, Ricci, Grossman were present at the gavel. Comms. Chuck and Aramburo arrived at 5:53 pm. Comm. Hale at 6:08 pm.

2. (ACTION) Review and approval of August 21, and October 24, 2001 meeting minutes

It was noted that the agenda misstated the date for the Aug. meeting, being the 21st and not 23rd.
Comm. Grossman corrected her statement regarding Judge Feinstein. The word “not” was omitted in the minutes.
Comm. Chuck corrected that he did not offer a prayer at the end of the October 24 meeting but instead, condolences on behalf of the Commission in memory of the Chief’s son.
With these corrections the minutes of Oct. 24 were approved.

Regarding the August 21 minutes, Comm. Arámburo asked if Comm. Hale had had a chance to review the meeting tapes, as he requested. The Secretary replied yes, but that he did not have any amendments to offer. The minutes of the August 21 meeting were approved as written.
(public comments)
There were none.

3. (DISCUSSION) Chief Probation Officer’s Report: **explanatory document: monthly report for Oct.‘01

Chris Bigelow reviewed the progress since last meeting. He showed 2-D illustrations of the elevations of the new design, as well as a 3-D model of the projected building (available for viewing, check with the Chief’s office). Expected date of completion remains the same. Total project cost is estimated at $43 million. The revised plans have already been approved by the City’s regulatory agencies. The courtrooms are being relocated in two phases, first Dept 29B and then Dept 30.
Comm. Arámburo raised a question regarding the flexibility of the space usage, given the recent lowered population numbers and the Casey initiative, which hopes to keep those numbers down. It would seem a 150 bed facility is too large. What plans are being prepared to implement alternative uses? Ans: The State grant amount is tied to the number of beds. If you have less beds, you get a smaller grant. Once it is built, there could be a re evaluation of how to use the housing units (being mindful that they are housing units). There is no requirement that you fill all the beds. If it is ‘re modeled’ for other uses, it may still comply with Bd of Corrections restrictions.
Comm. Arámburo applauded the usage of the Home Detention and Placement Alternatives programs in helping to keep the hall numbers down. She also asked Bigelow if the various project illustrations were available on CDRom, or other media so the public could get a better idea of it. This will be looked into.

JDAI Community Briefing 10/30/01
The Chief reported at on Oct 30, the Dept held a JDAI briefing in the BVHP community.
Employee Years of Service Recognition 11/01/01
On Nov. 1 the Dept held an employee recognition event in the gym.
JDAI Briefing with Probation Officers 11/14/01
Nov 14 they did a briefing on the JDAI with POs in the dep
Rules Committee Hearing 11/15/01
Nov 15, the Dept talked before the Bd of Supes Rules Committee, regarding the CARC.

Donald Sanders Acting Director, Log Cabin Ranch
Projected Timeline for filling Log Cabin Ranch Director position
The Chief introduced Donald Sanders as the acting Director for LCR, once Johnny Miller departs (end of this week). The Chief said that they hope to hire the new Director by March 2002. Announcements for the Assistant Directors and Directors of both Juvenile Hall and LCR are being circulated.

New Initiatives
Expression of Appreciation & Farewell to Johnny Miller, Director, Log Cabin Ranch
Finally, the Chief gave some laudatory comments for Johnny Miller, and presented him with a standing plaque.
Johnny Miller thanked the Dept, his fellow staff members, and wished everyone well and good luck.
Comm. Hale thanked Johnny for his integrity and honesty and his caring for the kids he has served for so long. On behalf of the Commission, he thanked him.
Comm. Arámburo echoed Comm. Hale’s comments and added that the most impressive thing she will remember is how every youth at LCR looked up to Johnny as a role model.
Comm Richard added his thanks to the others’, as did Comm. Dupré.
(public comments)
There was none.

4. Public Comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission.
Margaret Brodkin spoke positively about the Dept’s attempt to keep the juvenile hall numbers down. She hopes there can be a continuing exploration regarding the use possibilities of the new hall, so that it can more appropriately serve the youths’ needs.

5. (DISCUSSION) Report from National Council on Crime and Delinquency on the Dept’s Strategic Plan. **explanatory document: draft report from NCCD.
The Chief said that at the last Commission meeting, he agreed to deliver an update of the NCCD report, and a statment of the status of the recommendations. Additionally, there was an item that came to the Commissioners via email. He said that they will be talking about this document at a general Dept staff meeting on Dec. 12.

He said that if any members of the public were interested in the full report, they should call his office.
Comm. Hale asked whether this should be taken up in the personnel committee.

Comm. Arámburo wanted this to be a full discussion with both the Dept and the public, since this was supposed to be the document which addressed how the Dept would be moving forward in the future. She would like to sit in at the staff meeting.

The Chief said that he made a commitment that this report wouldn’t just become something that sat on a shelf and collected dust. And people have been asking since Jan. if it is just sitting and collecting dust. He answered, no.
Comm. Grossman suggested the report be dealt with in portions at a time.

Comm. Hale thought that if it is spread over a once a month commission meeting, then it might be too long. Comm. Grossman didn’t think it would. Comm. Arámburo also thought that this would be a good idea. The Chief suggested doing it on a quarterly basis.

Comm. Hale asked which portions of the NCCD report will be first taken up. Comm. Arámburo suggested the Chief to prepare a presentation (to be communicated to the Commission). This discussion will be calendared for the February 2002 Commission meeting.

(public comments)
Comm. Ricci asked the Chief to give timely notices of events and other activities so that she can try to accommodate them in her schedule. In the past, she has found this to be more last minute.
The Chief said that they would try to pay more attention to that.

He briefly mentioned various events that will happen within the Dept this holiday season. 12/14: memorial service/celebration and healing. 12/16: installation of Rev. Dunbar 12/18: unit decorations, 12/19: open house 12/7: Janet Medina’s retirement dinner.

6. (DISCUSSION) Report from City Attorney’s office on sole sourcing issues of contracts.
Dep. City Attorney Rosa Sanchez gave the task to Liz Jackson-Simpson to present what she had learned at a training on contracts, given by the Dept of Human Resources. (full presentation available from Community Projects division).
Comm. Ricci asked her to clarify the aspect of contract modifications, what approvals are necessary. (L. Jackson-Simpson spoke off mike and was not clearly picked up).
Comm Richard asked if there were evaluation processes in place for looking at the organizations’ work, and who sets up the criteria. Answer: absolutely, and the Community Programs division sets criteria.
(public comments)
There was none.

7. (DISCUSSION) Confidentiality issues for the Commission, regarding access to juvenile records.
Comm. Arámburo said that she was dismayed to find that the access allowed for others under W&I code § 827, was not afforded the JPC, a body similarly concerned for and entrusted with the rehabilitation of youth, and that maybe they need to seek a legislative amendment to include this body. Sanchez said that the Commission could seek the support of our local legislators to draft language to do this. The other route would be to try and get a standing order from Judge Hitchens for limited access.
Comm. Arámburo said she understands that standing orders are given to give narrow access, but the JPC wouldn’t want to be going to the judge every other month for such an order.
Comm. Dupré suggested Comm. Arámburo and the Chief initiate the inquiry through Sen Burton’s legislative aide, to see what would be the best avenue to pursue this.
Comm. Hale suggested first contact the Mayor’s office to see how they felt about this.
(public comments)
Margaret Brodkin agreed with the Commission, and suggested checking with the City Lobbyist for guidance in such matters.

8. (DISCUSSION) Committee Chair Reports
 Program Committee
 Finance Committee
 Facilities Committee
Comm. Hale explained that this was placed on the agenda to give Chairs the opportunity to report to the full Commission on the status of various issues being handled in committee, however, he was instructed by the City Attorney’s office to include a fuller explanation in the agenda, of the subject matter of each report. He therefore deferred the reports for this meeting to the next meeting.
Comm. Arámburo asked if such subject matter could basically refer to the committee’s minutes, as the explanation. Sanchez said she’d check this out.
(public comments)
There was none.

9. (DISCUSSION) Announcements, requests for future agenda items.
Comm. Hale asked if the Commission felt the need for a Dec. commission meeting. Comm. Arámburo said she’d prefer to participate in the Dept’s activities in Dec. as a means to keep in touch. The Chief said there was no pressing matter, except for Finance, which they said could be dealt with in Jan. Comm. Hale announced that there would be no Dec. meeting.

Comm. Hale announced that the SF Brown Bombers have two teams going to Florida for the national play-offs. There will be about 50 people, with one team of girls going. He and Comm Richard will be accompanying them.
Comm Richard asked about the holiday schedule for LCR. Johnny went over briefly the plans.

10. (ACTION) Adjournment
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:44 pm.