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Meeting Information


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Regular Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

5:30 p.m.

City Hall, Room 408

#1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

San Francisco, CA 94102




Rebecca Woodson, President

Katharine Albright, Vice President

Dirk Beijen

Jacqueline Lingad Ricci

Ellouise Patton

Susana Rojas



Meeting Minutes


1.      Roll call 
The Commission President called the meeting to order at 5:55 PM.  Commissioners Albright, Beijen, Lingad Ricci and Woodson were present.  Commissioner Patton and Rojas were not present.   

2.   Public Comment
No public comments.

3.   Review and Approval of the Full Commission Minutes of January 29, 2009 and
February 19, 2009; and the Programs Committee Minutes of February 26, 2009

·        Motion to re-approve the Full Commission Minutes of January 29, 2009 by Commissioner Woodson, second by Commissioner Albright, and approved by the rest of the Commission. 

·        Motion to approve the Full Commission Minutes of February 19, 2009 and the Programs Committee Minutes of February 26, 2009 by Commissioner Woodson, second by Commissioner Albright, and approved by the rest of the Commission.

4.  Review and Approval of Revised Text of Commission Certificate of Recognition (DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION ITEM)

·        Item moved to the next Full Commission Meeting of May 13, 2009. 

·        No public comments.


5.   Presentation/Update on Early Morning Study Academy by John Knox

·        John Knox, Education/Vocational Supervisor at JPD, discussed the Early Morning Study Academy GED Stats for July 2008–April 2009, and the Juvenile Hall GED for 2008-2009.  The Early Morning Study Academy (G.E.D. Plus) has graduated 43 students to date.  Last year, the number of graduates was 25.

·        The Early Morning Study Program will be celebrating their 10-year anniversary and will be having a graduation celebration at City Hall on June 4th. 

·        Mr. Knox met with the Juvenile Justice Commission on the issue that girls were not being tested in Juvenile Hall and this has been rectified. 

·        No public comments.


6.   Report to the Commission (DISCUSSION ONLY)

a.  Chief’s Report

·        Status of the 2006-2008 Corrections Standards Authority (CSA)
Biennial Inspection of the JJC. 

·        JPD met with a CSA inspector last week in regards to SF Unified School District’s (SFUSD) position to extend the summer schedule.  A representative from SFUSD and their counsel were present, as well as JPD’s counsel, Sallie Gibson.  SFUSD is going to provide CSA with the documented school calendar that identifies what days of service SFUSD is in session.  Based on CSA’s response, this is likely to be accepted and may prevent the need for JPD to appear at the board meeting on May 21st.  This has yet to be confirmed. 

·        JPD is preparing a document that will be sent to CSA that memorializes the meeting.  In addition, SFUSD is also preparing a document that corroborates all the items discussed at the meeting.  This will be sent to CSA no later than Monday.  Chief Siffermann is prepared to attend the board meeting in May. 

·        Magi Work, Field Representative for CSA, offered to provide JPD with technical assistance for JPD to remain in compliance. 

·        Commissioner Woodson would like a letter from Ms. Work memorializing the areas in compliance, what the next steps are, and that Ms. Work supports JPD in the area of technical aspects. 

·        No public comment. 

7.  Future Agenda Items (DISCUSSION and ACTION ITEM)

·        Commission Certificate of Recognition (Item #4 listed above).

·        Status of Log Cabin Ranch (LCR) and its potential use.

·        No public comments. 

8.   Adjournment (ACTION ITEM)

The meeting adjourned at 6:25 PM.