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Meeting Information


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held at City Hall rm 400 1 Dr. Carlton B Goodlett Place San Francisco, CA 94102

The minutes of this meeting set forth all actions taken by the Commission on the matters stated, but not necessarily the chronological sequence in which the matters were taken up

1.          (ACTION) Roll Call
The meeting was called to order by the President at 5:40pm Comms. Ricci, Grossman, Bonilla, Chuck were present at the gavel. Comms. Richard and Dupre arrived at 5:53pm and 6:01pm, respectively.
2.          (ACTION) Review and approval of May 22, 2002 meeting minutes
Upon motion and second, the minutes were approved as written. 5-0. Comm. Chuck abstained.
(public comments)
3. (DISCUSSION) Chief Probation Officer’s Report
a.          Status report on Juvenile Hall Replacement Project
The Chief reported that the Bd of Supervisors approved the two resolutions that will allow the Juvenile Hall replacement project to go forward. They voted to accept the BOC grant, and to issue the necessary Certificates of Participation, in order to pay the local portion of the project’s cost. The Chief commended a number of people who helped through the entire process of achieving this goal, with a special thanks to Supervisor Hall and Leno for sponsoring the legislation necessary for this.
Chris Bigelow said that with the new developments, and other ongoing activities, the expected advertisement for a contractor would now probably happen in Sept, with ground breaking occurring in Jan or Feb. of 2003.
Comm. Hale also acknowledged the hard work of everyone concerned with this project. He reminded everyone that the Commission is still committed to reducing the number of detainees in Juvenile Hall.
b.           Update on FY 02-03 Budget Status
Ed Lopatin reported on the recent meetings with the Bd of Supes. Harvey Rose’s recommendations for cuts come in positions in Juvenile Hall, OT, some in Probation Services (contract with CYA), Asst. Director for LCRS.
The reduction in JH staff will be 5.5 counselors, a secretary in the Administration.
The Chief announced that this would be E. Lopatin’s last meeting, as he is retiring. The Chief spoke highly of Ed’s work in the 5 yrs he has been in the Dept. and thanked him for his work, which helped the Dept. identify more than a million in revenues in the past two years. The Chief mentioned that Supervisor McGoldrick commented that this Dept’s budget was the best of all Depts presented to the Bd.
Ed thanked everyone and said that he was happy that the Dept had improved so much these past years, and looked forward to coming back to see the new Juvenile Hall.
The Chief said that Ed’s last day would be July 5. There will be a recruitment for his replacement, but in the interim, Mark Lui will be Acting Director of Finance.
c.           Report on the panel presentation at the 2002 OJJDP National Youth Gang Symposium.
L. Jackson-Simpson gave a short report on the Symposium, which was attended by a contingent of about 50 San Francisco community and city workers. She talked about different workshops and panels that included San Francisco representatives, and said that the experience for all the SF attendees was a good, educational one.
d.           Presentation of badges to Log Cabin Ranch and Juvenile Hall Directors
          The Chief spoke warmly about both Donald Sanders and Tim Diestal, before presenting them their badges. Tim Diestal thanked everyone and said he was honored and happy to be in this position as the Dept moves toward a new facility.
(public comments) There was none
4.           Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation
          There was none. Comm. Hale invited Commissioners to speak. Comm. Grossman thanked E. Lopatin for his great work in making the budget understandable and workable. She wished him well. She also congratulated both T. Diestal and D. Sanders. Comm. Ricci echoed Comm. Grossman’s comments.
5.          (ACTION) Consideration of action to allow the Dept to enter into negotiations with Dialogic Communications Corporation for an Emergency Notification System contract.
L. Jackson-Simpson reviewed the process of finding a vendor for putting an emergency notification system in place, in cases of incidents of public safety surrounding the Dept. She introduced Lonnie Holmes who introduced a representative from Dialogic Communications. He explained the high speed interactive notification system, which will actually offer more than what was called for in the RFQ. The system would allow the Dept to deploy a large scale quick notification of pre determined neighborhoods. Ongoing notification during incidents could be done, to give progress reports. Ques: what’s the current protocol? Ans: there are 6 numbers in the community that are called (these numbers were given to the Dept by a community coalition). The funding level is $55,000 over 4 yrs.
It was moved and seconded. There was no further discussion. The question was called and upon voice vote, passed 7-0.
Comm. Hale excused himself from the meeting and handed over the gavel to Comm. Dúpre.
6.          (ACTION) Consideration of action to allow the Dept to enter into a contract with a vendor to integrate the PrIDE program into the Dept’s IS.
L. Jackson-Simpson recounted the process where the PrIDE program was requested by the Commission to come up with a transition plan where it would come under the direction and maintenance of the Dept. There were 4 responses to the RFP and after an objective review process, LaFrance was chosen. It is a 15 yr old organization, and has done the evaluation of the Challenge I grant for SF. L. Jackson-Simpson stated that the PrIDE program has been physically moved into the IT division, already.
It was moved and seconded to approve the contract negotiation. There was no further discussion. The question was called and upon voice vote, the motion passed 5-0.
7.          (DISCUSSION) Review of Programs Committee recommendations on the following TANF grant
services (up to the maximum amounts shown)
There was a short discussion about how to present this, and in summary it was decided that since this is not an action item, the Program Committee did review all of the grantees (see minutes of the Program Comm. Mtg), there were no significant questions that raised opposition to the Dept recommendations, then Liz Jackson-Simpson gave a short introduction of each grantee as representatives made themselves available for questions from the Commission.
·          Bay Area Legal Aid ($100,000)
They have served 75 families under this grant.
§          CARECEN ($100,000)
§          Edgewood Center for Children and Families ($100,000)
§          Girls After School Academy ($70,000)
§          Girls 2000 ($100,000)
§          Instituto Familiar de la Raza ($100,000)
They operate their leather workshop at RAP HS, M/W 4-6pm
§          Morrisania West ($100,000)
§          National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship ($50,000)
L.Jackson-Simpson explained that this was a reduction from last year, to specifically support their work at LCRS.
§          Richmond District Neighborhood Center ($96,418)
§          Samoan Community Development Center ($100,000)
Ques: how did they measure the success of the anger management program? Ans. Based on evaluations, pre and post testing of the young people, seeing how they changed their views on how they acted or felt in the past.
§          Special Services for Groups ($100,000)
§          Vietnamese Youth Development Center ($54,000)
Ques: what is the reason for serving a number of Bayview Hunters’ Point residents?
L. Jackson-Simpson said that the Tenderloin is a hub where a lot of young people hang out. And this is not just for Asian Pacific Islanders.
Comm. Dupre commended L. Jackson-Simpson for her commitment to these programs, and the Chief for using TANF funds for this.
At the conclusion of the presentation, there was a motion, and second, to approve the proposed grants, subject to JJCC approval of the TANF spending plan. The question was called, and upon voice vote, passed 6-0.
(public comments) There was none.
8.          (DISCUSSION) Review of status of the Dept. anti-harassment policy/procedures for detained youth.
Cassie Coleman gave a short report which summarized the points made in a previous correspondence to the Commission, outlining that the process is still undergoing cross referencing with the City Attorney’s office to make sure all the provisions in this document/policy are not in conflict with existing policies and/or conditions of employment (such as discipline for infractions), and that the different items are clearly delineated. They hope to have a final document for the next Commission meeting.
(public comments) There was none.
9.           (DISCUSSION) Committee Chair Reports
·          Program Committee: report on the discussions held in meeting of June 18, 2002
Comm. Durpe recapped that the Program Committee had a thorough review of the TANF grantees acted upon earlier, and also looked at issues of programs at LCRS; including the organic gardening project. He also mentioned that the Advisory Committee would soon be getting underway.
(public comments) There was none.
10.          Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission
NTanya Lee asked about the funds for the PrIDE program, if they were TANF,and how much. Ans. Yes, $225,000.
11.          (DISCUSSION) Announcements, requests for future agenda items. There was none.
12.          (ACTION) Adjournment
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm