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Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2:30 p.m.

Juvenile Probation Department, Main Conference Room 247

375 Woodside Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94127


Finance Committee

Katharine Albright, Chair

Sarah Ching Ting Wan

Rebecca Woodson


Meeting Minutes


1.      Roll call
The Commission Chair called the meeting to order at 2:44 p.m.  Commissioners Albright and Wan were present.   

2.   Update on Budget (DISCUSSION ONLY)

  • Sue Wong, Finance Director, stated that during the FY 09/10 budget, the department issued one layoff notice, a 1426 clerk typist, which will occur in December.  Prior to that, there were two mid-year cuts in May: an IT position and Director of Community Programs. 
    COMM Albright asked if these positions were union and had bumping rights and Ms. Wong said that they were civil service positions and had bumping rights. 
  • No public comments.


3.   Update on Mid-Year Budget Cuts (DISCUSSION ONLY)

  • Ms. Wong provided a summary of last year’s mid-year budget cuts.  The City began their fiscal year in July 2008, which was the beginning of the rolling mid-year cuts.  JPD went through mid-year cut scenarios because of the revenue shortfall.  The first mid-year cuts took place in December 2008 and it was a $750,000 cut that was made to the CBO budget.  The second mid-year cuts were the IT and Director of Community Programs positions, in May 2009. 
  • For the current year, JPD anticipates another round of mid-year cuts.
    COMM Wan asked what the budget size discrepancy was between FY 08/09 and FY 09/10.  Ms. Wong said that it was lower by 2 million.  The whole year impacted was $1.5 million, which was the bulk of their cuts.  Smaller cuts were made during the FY 09/10 budget process.    
  • JPD submits their budget proposal to the Mayor’s budget office in February.   The Mayor’s budget office will probably use the February 21st budget submission as a basis for implementing a mid-year cut.   
    COMM Albright asked that although cuts happen in December or May it is considered a mid-year cut and Ms. Wong agreed.  Ms. Wong stated that it’s a new development where rolling cuts are done throughout the year versus waiting for the May to June budget process to make the cuts. 
    COMM Albright asked that if there are additional cuts to the CBO’s, to hold public meetings early on to give them notice.  Ms. Wong stated that it was a key lesson learned from last year’s process. 
  • COMM Albright asked in regards to the current budget year, to discuss the CBO process, how contracting is going and any other budget related issues that the commission should be aware of.  Ms. Wong stated that the implementation of the overall budget is premature.  JPD is spending within their budget.  They are under-funded in their salary budget line.  They have an $18 million salary line, need another million added to their budget, and have brought it up with the Mayor’s budget office for the past two years.  They are running a deficit, are able to save in other budget lines, and it ends up balancing against the $1 million salary shortfall.  Because they balance at year end, the Mayor’s budget office has been able to justify why they have never added money to their budget.  At the end of FY 09/10, because JPD has made so many cuts, they are running out of areas where they usually have surpluses.  They plan to meet again with the Mayor’s budget office to discuss this structural salary deficit and will keep the commission posted. 
  • As it relates to the CBO budget line, we work-order the money to DCYF and they manage the contracts.  DCYF just finalized the contracts within the last month.  As a result, there may be some savings associated with CBO contracts because they are starting a quarter late in the year. 
  • COMM Albright requested financial statements for future budget meetings.  Ms. Wong said she can provide financial statements that show budget and their spending to date by quarter, and do a projection based on where they are across the major budget lines, professional contracts, CBO’s, materials and supplies.  Ms. Wong will prepare an overall final FY 09/10 budget.
  • COMM Albright requested the Q1 report for the next Full Board meeting to get the information to the commissioners.  In addition, COMM Albright requested a detailed report of what the cumulative mid-year cuts over the last two years have been and would like to apprise the Full Commission of the $1 million deficit in salary line.  Ms. Wong said that she will provide the commission the final budget summary; the financial statements as it relates to spending projections; and the cumulative mid-year cuts over the past two years. 
  • COMM Wan asked how the department makes the decision on mid-year cuts.  Ms. Wong answered that they looked over the last five years and at the cumulative areas where they cut.  That gave them a trend analysis around the balance of cuts across different lines.  As a result, every year they end it with around $100,000 surplus.  The other thing is efficiency changes.  They are using less paper because they are moving documents onto a shared IT server network. 
  • The specific mid-year cuts that were made to the CBO budget line is a process that evolved and is conversations primarily between Allen Nance, Chief Siffermann, Ms. Wong, Allison Magee, and is usually in consultation with other division directors.  At the time, it was with LCR and Juvenile Hall.  They have a new director of probation services that just joined JPD two weeks ago and it will involve her next time.  As it relates to the FY 08/09 mid-year cut, they noticed that they had made dramatic cuts to their staffing in prior years.  They deleted 8-9 probation officer positions and laid-off administrative support staff positions.  To make it a more balanced cut, they realized that the CBO budget line had been maintained at the same level over the past five years and focused on that.  They want to preserve positions that have the least impact on kids.  The probation officers positions were unfilled and were cut from their budget.  Administration is usually the first place to go to when you are looking for budget savings.  Ms. Wong stated that Chief Siffermann tried to pull together the criteria, which they approach the decision making process on cuts and try to abide by, but stated that it really is a framework. 
  • COMM Wan asked about the projection on the city deficit.  Ms. Wong said that they will know in January.  The city will be able to project based on the six month spending level whether there will be a spending deficit.  At that time, they revise their revenue projections.  Also, the state decides to update their revenue projections.  As a result of these three, the Controller’s office generates a six month report in January and projects to year end.  If that deficit number is over $100,000,000 that usually triggers discussion on mid-year cuts. 
  • No public comments.

4.  Adjournment (ACTION ITEM)

The meeting adjourned at 3:07 p.m.