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Meeting Information


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held at Visitacion Valley Community Development Corporation   1099 Sunnydale Ave  3rd floor

San Francisco, CA  94134


The Minutes of this meeting set forth all actions taken by the Commission on the matters 

                                                  stated, but not necessarily the chronological sequence in which the matters were taken up



(ACTION) Roll call. Welcome by host agency. Remarks by District 10 Supervisor, Sophie Maxwell

The Chair called the meeting to order at 5:35pm. Comms. Rodriguez, Hale, Fetico were present at the gavel.   Comm Chuck arrived at 5:50pm   Comms Ricci, Stiglich were excused.

Supervisor Maxwell gave her comments later in the meeting.



(ACTION) Review and approval of October 26,2005

The minutes were approved as written.

(public comments)
there were none.



Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission
There were none.



(DISCUSSION) Chief Probation Officer’s report:

The Chief briefly spoke about the JJCC meeting yesterday, where various reports were given updating activities in the JDAI, some of the things the Dept was going to do in its next RFP process, and how it will get community input into this.

           The Chief mentioned that there is a workgroup revisiting the organization of probation services, and will come up with a new plan for implementation.

·         report on Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative

work is continuing on all the committees, nothing new to add.

·         report on Dept budget status and general Dept operations

The Chief passed out a one-page report prepared by M. Lui.

·         report on Log Cabin Ranch

The anger management program will be extended.  He reported that he had a mtg with the Director of Rec and Park. The Probation Dept has asked for the sod from Monster Park (will have first option for it). He also mentioned that they are exploring a collaboration between the Dept and Rec and Park, whereby youth might be able to transition into Rec and Park employment upon leaving this Dept.  He also mentioned that Goodwill Industries is willing to discuss setting up a computer repair program at LCRS

·         regional CYA facility exploration

The Chief said the Bay Area Chief Probation Officers are discussing the possibility of a local regional facility to take the place of CYA placements, but there is an entirely other issue of becoming a correctional operation.

Comm Fetico asked what specific programs are operating at LCRS.  They are increasing the mental health programming, involving family therapy.  The SFUSD program is getting better, 3 youth are taking college classes at College of San Mateo, via computer.  They are implementing a quarterly project for the residents, with time-limited objectives, so they can make an impact on their environment while at LCRS.

There was a short discussion about revenue generation prospects, if the living configurations could be changed.  The Chief said that would be discussed at the Bay Area CPO meeting tomorrow, but there is also the question of job duties being eligible for the reimbursement.

There are 20 residents now, another coming by week’s end.

Ques: impact of having two 20yr olds at LCRS.  The Chief said that they have different demands, but they bring a greater maturity level to the group, raising the general culture of the population. They can be models for the younger ones to emulate.

·         report on Juvenile Hall replacement project

J. Chow Winship reported that they have spent about 90% of the budget for phase one, but have another 4 mos estimated left in completion of phase one of the project. The projected move-in date is the early part of May.

She said that the utility infrastructure, building construction including architectural finishes, installations, furnishings, equipment remain to be completed.  Then testing of the mechanical systems.  They need an additional (estimated) $6.7 mil to complete the project.

One problem being addressed now:  electrical consultant did not include wiring, in the drawings, from required nite lights to wall light switches.  There are 2 lights in each room. One regular ceiling light, and the nite light –required by Board of Corrections (BOC). The lights were put in, but had to be taken out because there was no way to turn them off separately. They chose a “make shift” solution to the problem.

There was a discussion regarding responsibility for such problems.  Chow Winship said that DPW is in charge of the project. There is the Project Manager (Chris Bigelow) and the Construction Manager (both of DPW).  The construction management team is comprised of both DPW staff, and the contracted construction management firm.  Also, field engineers and outside inspectors are part of the construction management team.   She was asked for a breakdown of where the extra costs are:  She read figures she got from Chris Bigelow:  $2.9 mil in change orders (including $1.2 mil for security requirements, and the nite light problem). She said that security requirements were “value engineered out” at the beginning of the project.  $2.6 mil for project control (presumably the cost of the “extra” management). This cost was questioned, and Chow Winship said there might be a number of parties responsible for this cost, including the consultants/architectural team.  Whether they will be pursued to assume this responsibility is up to the city.  The “correction” to the light issue was questioned.

Chow Winship said that the extensions of time for the project were due to weather and site conditions.

She recounted that the project originally came in at an estimated 10% over what was estimated, so in cutting back, a lot of compromises were made.  Now that the building is there, deficiencies in safety and security can be seen, so the Dept has made several requests for those requirements (which DPW calls enchancements).  The Chief commented that all these “enhancements” are not. They were all aspects of the original project, items required by the BOC, which were “engineered out” by DPW without the advice or consent of the Dept. He gave an example of the perimeter fencing design, which would allow weapons or other contraband to be thrown into the compound easily.

Comm Queen asked Comm Chuck to take this issue up in committee and report back to the commission. Chow Winship said that Chris Bigelow might need to come and report for DPW.

(public comments)

Comm Chuck mentioned the Chief had a meeting with the Asst. Prime Minister of Belgium, and the Chief briefly spoke about the meeting with the delegation. Comm Fetico briefly spoke about his experience with youth in Argentina (from a recent trip), and commented about how they all read well, and return to their homes at an early hour (8pm).  There is a strong peer culture there.



(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Presentation by community representatives on issues of community needs, and community-driven, district based planning strategies, with possible recommendations for future actions.

Supervisor Maxwell thanked the commission for being in the community, and acknowledged that the Chief is availing himself of many opportunities and venues to get to know the city and the communities and thanked him for his work.  She also referred to her continued concern for and interest in LCRS, and her alarm about the problems in the juvenile hall replacement.  She said there is a lot more work to be done and encouraged all to continue their efforts.

Sharon Hewitt, C.L.A.E.R project.  Welcomed the commission and thanked them for coming to the community.  She spoke about working with the Chief on a case review and the learning process that resulted.   She commented that changes in the scheduled welfare payments will cause new problems, possibly more attempted robberies.

She mentioned a recent federal drug bust involved individuals who had come through the juvenile system. 

She encouraged the commission to keep coming out to the community, and she offered to help reach out to the community to come to the meeting.  She suggested holding it at Sunnydale.

She spoke about pathways to work in areas that offer opportunities for employment. She gave examples of how tie-ins could happen, from preferential hiring connected with letting out contracts, to implementation of internships by contractors.  She said that combined dept approaches, and thus combined commissions attention needed, are demanded. 

(public comments)
no other.



(DISCUSSION) Committee reports, other reports

·         President’s comments

Comm Queen thanked all the committees for continuing to do their work, and said that we would have to redouble our efforts next time in outreach when we hold a meeting.  There was a certain amount done for this meeting but apparently wasn’t enough.  He also announced that the Dec. meeting would be held on the 19th.

·         Program committee

Comm Hale briefly summarized the topics discussed, especially the issue of PO safety (ongoing discussion, see previous meeting minutes).  The Asst Chief and the Chief said that it is the Dept’s desire to re define the duties of POs so that their personal safety is not compromised. There were no actions taken at the meeting. 

·         Finance committee

There wasn’t a report.

(public comments)
there were none.



Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission
there were none.



(DISCUSSION) Requests for future agenda items.

Comm Hale asked that Chris Bigelow come report to the commission.

Comm Hale commented that there was no violation of the Brown/Sunshine act at the JJCC meeting by his and Comm Chuck’s attendance.



(ACTION)  Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:57pm.