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1.      Roll Call

The meeting was called to order at  5:48 pm by Comm. Hale, acting President in the absence of Comm. Julian, who is out of the country.  Comms. Jackson-Drake, Chuck, Dupre were present at the gavel.  Comm. Aramburo arrived at 6:15 pm.  Comm. Shimko was excused due to illness.

2.      Review of August 28, 1999 & September 22,  1999  meeting  minutes

The minutes were approved as written.

3.   Chief Probation Officer's Report:

a.      Status reports

Chief Williams gave a short budget update.  The upcoming budget for FY 2000/2001 is already being formulated. They will be doing internal dept. budget training again like they did last year, this time having the Mayor's Budget Analyst attend to answer questions.  This year the process is starting a little later than last year but he is not worried.  They should be on schedule.

b.     Highlights of the month

On Nov. 9 a follow up half day meeting on the Disproportionate Minority Confinement conference will be held to go over the report from that one day conference and to discuss where to take it from here.

Nov 11, the Health Dept. will be holding a health fair at YGC, primarily for staff and visitors.

Nov. 16 there will be the 2nd annual community budget hearing, to allow the community to review the proposed dept. budget, and give input.  Last year's hearing at the Public Library saw maybe 50 people attend and this year they will be able to see how those ideas were incorporated in this budget. 

Nov 19, as mentioned at a prior meeting, there will be a half day meeting with the Dept. of Human Services, Public Health (Community Mental Health Services), and placement contractors invited, at Log Cabin Ranch, to discuss placement alternatives.  This might also explore the potential of using the Hidden Valley site in some fashion for this.

c.      Emerging Issues/upcoming events

Recently there have been population spikes in the hall, as high as 140, and today at 119.  This is a normal cycle and repeats itself at approximately the same time each year.  The Dept has undertaken many measures to monitor the hall population, and will be taking other measures.  The Chief talked to the Youth Law Center to see what cooperation could be had in attending to the population problem and the issue of disproportionate minority confinement. 

The Chief announced that Henrietta Lee, who works in the Supervision division, recently received recognition from the Bd of Supervisors,  State Bd of Equalization, a certificate of special Congressional recognition, appreciation from SEIU local 790, and a resolution from the California General Assembly, relating to the work she has done for the union and its membership.  He commented that this recognition is well deserved.

Question: is there a need to look at the budget vis a vis the phase in costs of the new facility.  Answer: yes.

Question:  what's the timeline for the facility.  Answer:  deadline for move-in is year 2003.   There are ongoing meetings between the Hall management, Norm Cole/Dave Bishop, T. Mtambuzi, to discuss space and re location concerns.

4.   Discussion/Action Items: (the following items were taken out of order)

a.  Consideration and possible action to approve Program Committee recommendations for the following expenditures:

$41,074 for "Ripple Effects:" a software and training program for teens, for use at Log Cabin Ranch, and $45,000 for use at YGC.

Alice Ray, President of Ripple Effects, was present to show how the program worked, but computer problems made it necessary to do an oral review of the program first. She covered aspects of the program, including cognitive theory, affective psychology, impulse control, and other topics.  Finally it was possible to use the computer she brought to show actual processes of working interactively through a topic on the computer.  The Commission was very pleased at the way it worked.  Comm. Hale thanked Ms. Ray for the presentation and commended her on the exciting potential impact of the program. 

Question:  are there enough computers to use this program? Answer: there is the new computer room in the YGC employment programs.  And there is a computer lab at LCR.

Question: why does Ripple Effects offer a guarantee of results?  Answer: they are so sure, based on the research and testing they've done, that if certain conditions are met through the application of the program, they can guarantee that positive results will occur.  This is a way of holding their own feet to the fire, but also to control the Dept to make sure it does its part the correct way.  In the context of a policy of zero tolerance for violence, a published system of rewards and consequences with fairness that cannot be challenged, this program will work well.

Comm. Dupré moved to approve the contract.  Comm. Chuck  seconded.  The question was called and passed unanimously, 4-0.

b.     $188,000 for a Performing Arts Workshop (ROPP program).

Bob Wertz recounted that just under a year ago they learned they had a grant from the Dept of Corrections for a project to address repeat offenders.  The name ROPP turned into the Paul Robeson and Diego Rivera Academy, and within the next two weeks, the primary contractor (Performing Arts Workshop, PAW) will begin services for the youth.  PAW Director, Larry Draper made a brief presentation on what they will be doingwith the kids, at YGC. 

Comm. Dupré moved to approve the contract.  Comm. Chuck  seconded.   The question was called and passed unanimously.

c.  $35,000 for Morrisania West Inc., for the Community Outreach Fund.

d.  $37,000 for the Juvy Java operations at YGC.

e.      $68,000 for the G.E.D. program in the Juvenile Probation Dept.

The above 3 items were grouped together as a single action, by Comm. Hale.  Cheyenne Bell reviewed what the community outreach fund was for.  Comm.Chuck asked about the remaining balance in the last round.  Bell said that the report referred to did not contain the most up to date expenditures.  With the exception of a couple hundred, the rest has been spent.  She also reviewed the Juvy Java operations, and the GED program. She explained that the contract for these three expenses would be with Morrisania West, which will dispurse the other two amounts to the YGCIC accounts.  Comm. Arámburo  moved to approve the contract.  Comm. Chuck  seconded.  The question was called and passed, 4-0, with Comm. Dupré abstaining due to possible conflict of interest.

f.      $72,000 for the National Council on Crime and Delinquency to help the Juvenile Probation

Dept. lay out its Strategic Plan.

Chief Williams said that this strategic plan should be a guide for what the Dept. does, acts as the source document from which the budget is developed, against which performance measures can be extracted.  While the Dept. has separate understandings within various divisions, there is no single document which encompasses, and shows that.  They want to have NCCD develop this document.  Question:  is this for a 3-5 yr projection?  Answer:  maybe 3 yrs is more realistic.  Question: how long to complete the document. Answer: 6 mos.  Question:  is NCCD the only agency able to provide this?  Answer: The Dept believes so.  The request for sole source has passed the scrutiny of HRC.   The Chief said that NCCD is also expert at pursuing alternate funding sources to support some of those things.  They have special expertise in program development and implementation, so even tho the Dept is only buying a strategic planning process and document, it gets a lot more than just the plan and document.  Question:  Has the Chief had previous contractual arrangements with NCCD.  Answer:  no. The Chief never had a contractual relationship with NCCD, although he has done work with Dr. Krisberg and other people in NCCD.  The Chief said that whatever difficulty NCCD had with contracts with this Dept in the past was not attributable to anything NCCD did or did not do.  He said that they returned money to the Dept, not due to any fault of their own.

Question:  will NCCD participate in the next Commission retreat next year to discuss this strategic plan?  Answer:  It is not a specific element of this contract but the Chief was sure NCCD would be willing to participate.

Comm. Hale asked that the question of rgional coordination needs to be addressed in the 3 yr plan.   Comm. Arámburo   moved to approve the contract.  Comm. Dupré seconded.  The question was called and passed unanimously, 4-0.

5.      Public Comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile

        Probation Commission.   None

6.    Unfinished business       Chief Williams said that he'd like the Ombudsman to give a report in subsequent Commission meetings.  This will begin with the Nov. meeting.

7.        New business

Comm. Hale announced a townhall meeting at the Bayview Hunter's Point Opera House, on Oct. 28.  Mayor Brown and Supervisor Yee will be in attendance.

He further commented that last week he had heard of the passing of Jean Jacobs, the founder of Coleman Advocates.  He said that Coleman plays an extremely important role in raising issues that concern youth, families, and children in SF.  And in light of the vision that Jean Jacobs had to address policy in the City and State level, which has born much fruit that we all benefit from, he asked to adjourn the meeting in her memory.

8.        Adjournment


The meeting was adjourned in the memory of Jean Jacobs, at 7:15 pm.