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Meeting Information


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held at the SOMA Recreation Center     270 6th St. @ Folsom St.    San Francisco, CA 94103


The Minutes of this meeting set forth all actions taken by the Commission on the matters 

    stated, but not necessarily the chronological sequence in which the matters were taken up



(ACTION) Roll call. Welcome by host agency.

  The President called the meeting to order at 5:50pm  Comms. Rodriguez, Chuck, Hale were present at the gavel.  Comms. Fetico, Ricci, Stiglich were excused.

Adela Baker, Recreation Director, welcomed the commission and thanked them for bringing the meeting to the south of market area. She extended an open invitation to use the facilities for any future meeting. The President thanked her and her whole staff.



(ACTION) Review and approval of September 28,2005

Upon motion by Comm Rodriguez, 2nd by Comm Chuck, the minutes were approved as written.

(public comments)
there were none.



Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission
Christopher Chow, Director of the Village Beacon Ctr, at George Washington HS. He spoke about the case management program they operate, but stated that there is an under served population out in the district, and invited the commission to come out to learn more about the issues in the Richmond/Sunset.

Anita Sanchez, Bd of Directors of West bay Pilipino Multi Service Ctr, spoke about their programs that serve SOMA youth. There is a population of high-risk youth that need services.  SOMA is absent many of these.  Years ago Canon Kip served youth, but was closed.  She encouraged the commission to look at ways these services could be supported.



(DISCUSSION) Chief Probation Officer’s report:

·         report on Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative  (Bieringer)

G. Bieringer submitted a written report (available from JPC office). This is going well and there will be a dept wide training on it to fully orient staff on it.

He further mentioned some activities going on in the Dept. 1) circulation of a draft mission statement and dept values statement. When the entire Dept has had a chance to speak about it, it will be submitted to the Commission.

He and the Asst. CPO attended a town hall meeting for a 6 mos review of his work, held in the Bayview.  It was a good meeting.  He will be holding the first meeting of a parent advisory group that will meet on Saturday. 

They are forming a workgroup to look at the reorganization of the Probation Services division.

He has met with the Zellerbach Foundation and they seem interested.  He is hoping for a follow up call, and potential for their support.

·         report on Dept budget status and general Dept operations

M. Lui said that the Controller’s monthly projections of the Dept’s operations, and the most recent showed a potential surplus of from $112-$195K.  this will probably not happen as the Chief is planning to do some hiring, and costs in the Fall/Winter part of the year typically increase.  A positive is that because the Dept is not projected to be in deficit, the normal processes for approving hiring requisitions are being eased.

Workers Comp is budgeted at $1.5 mil, which is double what it was 3 yrs ago.  For the first 3 mos, the costs have been about half of what is budgeted for that period.  This will not be straight line so it will not come in at that level, end of the year.

He said there will be some unexpected costs, eg. natural gas.

The next fiscal year budget process will begin sometime in Dec.

Comm Chuck asked about the Log Cabin Ranch budget.   Lui said it was on budget. Propane costs are up. They are paying some bills in arrears for water treatment.  The non-salary costs look to be high, but salaries are on budget.  Food costs are also high. They are paying off some bills from the prior year. So they may be a little over in materials and supplies, but WC is lower.

The Chief said that status quo is not what they are seeking, either in budget or programming.  As it improves, the budget will grow.  

·         report on Log Cabin Ranch

Toni Powell, Director, briefly said that they are improving programs and emphasizing a family like setting. The staff is working hard on this and on addressing the concerns that the commission has had. 

The Chief added that many things are being done to change the attitudes and climate of LCRS.  The dormitory is now changed so there are tables and chairs where kids can sit and study.  He mentioned that one Saturday night he and the Asst. CPO went down there and had a pizza making snack session, which the youth got a kick out of.

He said that even the staff is now willing to look at the staffing patterns in an attempt to reduce OT, something they hadn’t done in previous administrations. This is reflective of a new sense of cooperation.

·         report on Juvenile Hall replacement project

There are things that will delay the opening date of Jan.  It will now be later than that. No exact date given.  There are work items, which were removed from the design phase. The project director considers them enhancements but the dept sees them as security requirements.  To replace them in the plan is going to demand more expense and a full assessment of the amount needs to be made before they go to the Bd of Supervisors. 

Comm Hale asked for JC Winship to give a full report at the next commission meeting.

He also asked the Chief to give a report on plans for Hidden Valley Ranch vis a vis the Mayor’s comments today at his state of the city address.  Comm Queen said that the Mayor’s committee on Log Cabin Ranch made recommendation that no recommendations be made re. Hidden Valley Ranch for now.

(public comments)
There were none.




(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Presentation by community representatives on issues of community needs, and community-driven, district based planning strategies, with possible recommendations for future actions.

Ed Jocson, WestBay Pilipino Multi-service Center, spoke about the needs of the SOMA neighborhood, with a large population of Pilipino youth.  He mentioned that WestBay served youth but due to funding restrictions, they couldn’t serve youth over 17 yrs of age.  There are many between 17 and 24 that need services.  He mentioned an after school program they used to run, but now has closed and he encouraged the commission to look at the needs of the area in future programming.  He said that under the concept of district based planning the people in SOMA should come up with cultural appropriate services.

Maria Su, Exec. Director, VYDC, welcomed the commission. She said the town hall meeting was successful and commended how the Chief has been working with the communities. She was pleased to hear that the Dept is looking for additional outside financial resources.

She urged the Dept to go to multi year funding, like DCYF has.  She said that intervention services are needed, but so are prevention programs. She hoped that in the next round of RFPs there would be a call for prevention, with emphasis on young girls.

She mentioned that 30% of the 3500 kids in the Tenderloin are APIs.

Loan, case manager at VYDC, also emphasized prevention needs.  She mentioned that VYDC is trying to build collaborations with other service providers, using the youth empowerment model.

Misha Olivas, resident of District 6, said that this district is neglected.   Housing and jobs are being lost, and as far as education, there’s only one elementary school in the district.  She said there needs to be youth services and a community center to go to for services, help.

Rudy Corpus, United Playaz, spoke for the need of a community center in the district.  Once there was one, called Canon Kip, but it was closed and replaced with this rec. ctr.   This is not the same thing.  He asked for the commission’s support in getting a community center.

Rev. Toni Dunbar, announced that the Arc of Refuge, Coleman Advocates and the Mayor’s office rehabilitated the space, 4500 sq ft., at Howard and Harriett.  She offered this space to address the issue raised about needing a community center. She mentioned several programs they are planning to operate.

Comm Queen asked who runs the center.  It is a project of the Arc of Refuge.

Patrick Deocampos, case manager at WestBay Pilipino Multi service Ctr’s juvenile diversion program.  He lamented the loss of the after school program they used to run, serving 20-40 kids.  He asked the commission to do what it could to help WestBay restore its funding.

Comm Hale commented that one way to resolve funding issues might be to create a fee for service process of payment.

Loan, VYDC, echoed Rudy’s call for a community center in the SOMA area. She said the Tenderloin itself has territorial issues already and cannot adequately serve SOMA youth.

(public comments)
none further.



(DISCUSSION) Committee reports, other reports

·         President’s comments

Comm Queen said that it is real important to have the commission meetings in the communities because they don’t easily come out to city hall.  He would like to have communities be able to connect with other communities at these meetings and begin to lay out plans and ideas for how the Dept can serve its youth.

He said the next commission meeting would be in the Richmond Sunset district on Nov. 16.

·         Program committee

Comm Rodriguez reported that there was no quorum so a meeting will need to be re scheduled for Nov.

·         Finance committee

None of the committee members were present.

(public comments)

There were none.


Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission

Rev. Toni Dunbar asked if the commission would be interested in touring the facility she mentioned earlier.  It will be arranged.

Comm Hale asked about the evaluation system for contracts currently.  What criteria for reviews are being used?  The Chief said that as they put together the new contracts, there would be definite measurables and outcomes.  His perspective is that the Dept should be held responsible for the performance of the kids.  He said the principal case managers should be the POs.


(ACTION)  Adjournment  7:05pm

Comm. Queen said that Comm Ricci asked to have the meeting end in a prayer for her nephew, Alex William Lingad, left in a coma from an auto accident; for the three young children thrown into the bay, Trayshaun Harris, Travante Greely, and Joshua Harris; and for Rosa Parks, mother of the civil rights movement.

Rev. Toni Dunbar said a prayer, and the meeting was adjourned in their names.