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Meeting Information


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1.     Roll Call

        The meeting was called to order at 5:49 pm.  Comms. Julian, Dupre, Jackson-Drake, Hale were present at the gavel.  Comm. Shimko arrived at 5:54 pm.  Comm. Chuck arrived at 6:06 pm.  Comm. Aramburo arrived at 6:25 pm.

2.     Review of Mar 24,  1999  meeting  minutes

        The minutes were approved as written.

3.     Chief Probation Officer's Report:

        The Chief's report did not touch on items  a-e.  He briefly mentioned the numbers of referrals to the CARC: 166 since opening, 41 of those after the expansion of hours on April 5.  Now it operates 6 days/wk, from 10 am to 2 am.  Using this initial measure, they project seeing 700 youth by the end of the contract, which is 300 more than the 400 they originally estimated they would serve.

        He mentioned the situation with Delancey St not yet getting approval for licensing, but soon to receive it.  They also seem to have an interested party in the outsourcing of the residential girls' program on Treasure Island.

        He reported that Christmas in April came Sat. and did a great job in completing the painting of the first floor of YGC, and begining to prep the second floor.  They gave a commitment to come back and finish up.

        Comm. Dupré mentioned that he had the information regarding the 4-H Club that he promised to give the Dept. The materials were given to the Chief.

        Comm. Hale asked if there were more staff at CARC.  Yes, there are 12 new PO hires in the Dept, some of whom will be assigned there.  Quest: is there an equal decrease in the numbers coming to the hall bcause of CARC?  It's too early to tell.

        Chief Williams  reported that a number of organizations met this morning to hear from the AJI representatives.  He then introduced Dr.Bennett,  Dr Harris, and Trish Oberweis of the AJI.

a.  Budget Information (operations and capital)

b. Progress report

c. Highlights of the month

d. Review of March monthly statistical data;

e. Emerging Issues/upcoming events

4.     Discussion/Action Items:

a.  Presentation on ProDes: program development evaluation system

Dr. Harris stated that Chief Williams was the one who contracted to use the ProDes system for Philadelphia. 

He commented that the ProDes system is a kind of tracking and evaluation system, which keeps record of all youth involved in a system of services, longitudinally, from entry to exit. The system of evaluation is not based on recidivism statistics.  It is an interactive database, which takes a "back and forth" passage of information between the evaluators and program operators to refine the relevance and appropriateness of data and conclusions.  The purpose for which data is compiled and analyzed is to identify trends, adapt and improve program services and outcomes.

There were questions and concerns over the use of "profiling".. or similar labeling.  The potential for it to be culturally/racially biased, and leading to "tracking" of "types" into particular programs. The exact setup of ProDes for San Francisco will be done in conjunction with the Steering Committee, and not just at the prerogative of the ProDes staff.

Dr. Bennett said that while the added work of data collection and recording may be met with resistance, this system will allow service providers to make better decisions, with expanded information, and more valid assessments.

Dr. Bennett stated that in the first couple of years they will not see results. This will be the development stage.  They hope to begin generating stats and analyses in the 3rd and 4th years.

Comm. Shimko asked which programs will be looked at.   All the community based programs (about 30 of them) . Next in line would be placement services and then probation services.

Question:  what's the difference between the ProDes system and the evaluations done by a group like Davis Ja and Assoc. Chief Williams said that this system is not just an evaluation.  This is an evaluation you get continuous feedback, on any particular day, and you can do an analysis on the people in the database, and a better ability to do trend analysis.  You can use that to be proactive in making decisions, rather than waiting til the program is over or half way through. 

Quest:  if ProDes is totally in place, would there be a need for the other evaluations.  Chief Williams said that there would be less of a need for that type of evaluation but that for maybe experimental/exploratory programs. 

Chief Williams said that the first phase (this contract) will be for one year.  Dr. Bennett repeated that no results would be in until the 3rd and 4th year.  The Chief mentioned that the Dept of Children Youth and Families has raised the possibility of supporting it, and that he will be putting this project into the regular annual Dept. budget request.

Comm. Julian asked if the AJI has developed a sophisticated computer program to initiate this project.  Dr. Bennett said that that won't be done until later. 

Public Comment:  Jane Whitfielf of the San Francisoco Neighborhood Legal Foundation asked if children and parents have a choice of participation/non participation. That's up to San Francisco. 

Who administers the surveys and makes the assessments.   The assumption is that program providers will do this (giving ‘tests' and surveys).. 

There needs to be sensitivity toward the safety of the subject (client) when follow ups are done (eg. victims of domestic violence).

b. Selection of community site for June Commission meeting.

     Because the Dept is planning an all day training on the date of the next Commission meeting, it was suggested that perhaps the Commission could meet at the same place, after the training is over. The location is UC Extension.  Cheyenne Bell will look into making arrangements, and be in touch with the Secretary once it's done.   It was suggested that if this doesn't work out, the May Commission meeting be held at YGC and the June one at Galileo High School.

c.  Designation of May Commission monthly meeting to be held at Youth Guidance Center.   See item #b.

5.     Public Comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile

        Probation Commission.

        Rev. Coretta King Grizzel, of Ella Hill Hutch community center expressed her concern regarding the pyschological testing, and whether it will be culturally sensitive.  Comm. Julian assured her that this would be firmly kept in mind.

        Comm. Julian asked the Chief to report on the City's proposal for funds to construct a new facility.  The Chief reported that the City failed to win approval for their request. Comm. Julian commented that he had heard comments from the Bd of Corrections commending the City on its presentation. 

        The Chief then reported that the City was successful in its bid for Challenge II granting and won a $5.9 mil award, renewal for 3 years.  The money will be used to target mental health oriented program services.  The City's proposal was rated number one of all those approved. 

        Comm. Julian was invited to the Treasure Island facility, by Kim Burton, and he said he was very impressed by it, and commended Johnny Miller for his work on setting it up.

        Comm. Arámburo commended Comm. Shimko and the Dept (Cheyenne Bell) for getting the young women to attend the women's summit.  Comm. Shimko said that it was a great experience, especially the Monday night pre summit meeting with the young women.

        Comm. Chuck gave positive comments about the Christmas in April's work this past Sat.  He himself worked alongside the other volunteers in painting.

        Comm. Dupré asked Cheyenne to introduce her new staff.  Sheila Arcelona.  Cheyenne thanked Comm. Arámburo for her generous donations of furniture for the community resource room.

        Chief Williams referred to a 2 page copy of a report from Juvenile Court in 1932.

        Comm. Hale commented on the serious situation in Europe and in Colorado and asked if one of the Reverends would say a prayer for the children in distress the world.  Comm. Chuck made a few statements.

6.     Unfinished business   none

7.     New business  none

8.     Adjournment    The meeting was adjourned at 7:43pm.



                                                          Adopted May 26, 1999