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Meeting Information


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held at Milton Meyer Gym  195 Kiska Road  San Francisco, CA  94124      

                               The Minutes of this meeting set forth all actions taken by the Commission on the
                                matters stated, but not necessarily the chronological sequence in which the
                                matters were taken up


(ACTION) Roll call

Pres. Queen called the meeting to order at 5:50pm. Comms. Rodriguez, Fetico, Stiglich, Hale were present at the gavel.  Comms Ricci and Chuck arrived at 6:02 and 6:10, respectively.  Comm Ricci was excused at 7:30pm.


(ACTION) Review and approval of May 25, 2005 meeting minutes.  

It was moved and 2nd to approve the minutes as written.  Motion carried 5-0.

(public comments)
There were none.


Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission Francisco Da Costa, Director of Environmental Justice, spoke about crime and neighborhood safety issues. 
Espanola Jackson welcomed the Commission to the community.  She was happy to see the commission come out again after such a long absence. 
Shawn Richard, BAG, also welcomed the commission


(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Commendation given to Shawn Richard of Brothers Against Guns.

Pres. Queen expressed his appreciation and respect for the work Shawn did on the commission, as well as his continuing work in the community with Brothers Against Guns, and presented him with a clock.

(public comments)
Shawn thanked Comm Queen, the commission, the Chief, and said he didn’t need to be acknowledged as long as the kids were acknowledged.


(DISCUSSION) Chief Probation Officer’s report:

·         Introduction of Alan Nance to be the Asst. Chief Probation Officer for the Dept.

The Chief introduced Alan Nance, who gave a brief background of his work experience (17 yrs in probation, 20 years in human services, total) and stated his commitment to a working partnership between the Probation Dept and the community.

·         Report on Workers Comp

The Chief said that the staff (Bill Johnston, Sam Kinghorne, Dennis Doyle, Mark Lui,) has changed the scene from an upward spiral to a more controlled situation.

Comm Hale gave credit to former Chief, Gwen Tucker for this, also.

Comm Queen said that the Chief did a very good job in representing the Dept in today’s Budget/Finance Committee meeting of the Bd of Supervisors.  He commended the Chief for his forward-looking thinking, which seemed to help ease the minds of the Bd of Supervisors in their review of our budget.

·         report on JDAI 

G. Bieringer was not present for the report but submitted a newsletter that updated current activities in the initiative.  The Chief reported that there was progress in developing the next year’s work plan, which will be submitted to the Annie Casey Foundation, and once it has been accepted, will be given to the Commission.

·         Progress on response to the Civil Grand Jury report

The Chief reported that he has completed revisions to his response, after having received input from Comm Queen, and others, and will submit the response to the courts and the Civil Grand Jury tomorrow.

(public comments)

Francisco Da Costa spoke in reference to the Civil Grand Jury report, and expressed his hope that the Dept will look “outside the box” in resolving problems, one of which is the practice of out of home placements.  Comm Queen thanked all those who keep an eye on the Dept and what the Commission does. Comm Rodriguez commended the Chief for being quick and affirmative on his response,  The Commission will have their response within the timeframe required, but this is a very good beginning in addressing the Grand Jury’s concerns.



(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Presentation by youth in the community, of any juvenile justice concerns, with possible recommendations for future consideration.

Dana Baity, representing Brothers Against Guns, welcomed the commission and thanked them for holding the meeting in this community.

(public comments)
There were none.


(DISCUSSION)  General discussion of issues and concerns brought up by community residents in attendance, with possible recommendations for future consideration.

Espanola Jackson, recounted her own experience with the juvenile system in the city, when it was located at 150 Otis St., asked the commission to get to work with the SFUSD to catch them when they are young.  She expressed her concern for the “ghost” programs/orgs. that get govt. money but aren’t doing anything.  She said she was ready to work with the Dept to do things for the youth in the community.

Daniel Agamoto, a resident, and former resident of Log Cabin Ranch, said that the education programs need to be improved, as well as having counselors who could better relate to the youth.

Shawn Richard, BAG, said that POs need to be more sensitive to their charges and the families of the youth. He also emphasized that the commission needs to get out to the various communities so they can become more familiar, as well as become more recognized.

He also spoke about the unnecessary detention that continues. He noted that adults need to re take control over youth, and not let them be “in control” as they have become.

F. DaCosta spoke against the overuse of out of home placement.

Denise (BAG) encouraged people to get to know the kids who are in detention, as people.

Howard Smith, said grass roots organizations need to be involved in the rehab of the youth.

James Bryant, Pres of the   Randolph Institute, mentioned a basketball tournament they host, and invited the commission to attend.

Mike Texata, BAG, asked if anything could be done to speed up the court hearing process, so that parents aren’t made to wait hours before appearing.

He also said that counselors need to talk to the detained youth when they come back from court hearings to know what might be going on with the youth.

Demetria, a parent, was concerned with the difficulty with getting information, as a victim of a crime.  Comm Queen

Rosa Womack, BAG, thanked the commission for coming to the community. She said they have met with B. Fisher of Huckleberry Youth, to explore ways to better serve the youth in this community.

Comm Fetico said he came onto the commission in order to see how he could help all aspects of the system could work better for the youth. He said that CBOs should come up to the Dept and support their youth, possibly coming to court.  He reflected on his own past experience with a CBO in this community, and his current one in the Mission district.  He said the youth need more role models and CBOs can provide this.

Denise (BAG) also mentioned that the courts should demand parents be involved in their kids probation.

Comm Stiglich mentioned the issue of juvenile privacy rights, but told her that there are victims’ rights and that she should pursue that with the DA (there is a victims’ rights division).

She commented that it is late in the process by the time the Commission hears of these issues, and while we are all involved and are concerned for the welfare of the youth, the partnership starts with parents and community early on.

S. Richard, BAG, commented that crack cocaine has destroyed families and made it more difficult for these aspects of the partnership to have control. Kids no longer respect them.

Comm Ricci agreed that commissioners should talk to kids in Juvenile Hall, to get a better idea of who they are, and what they’re like.  Regarding parenting, she said it would be important to get more parents into the parenting program up at YGC.

Regarding the Dept budget, she said the commission should look at allocations and discuss what would be the best way to use the budget.

Espanola Jackson referenced a concern some years ago, of Judge Donald Mitchell that the SFUSD was kicking out kids from K.  The community opened the 21st century academy at former Fremont elementary school. 

H. Smith, commented that there were a lot of “ghost” programs that were not real but getting money to serve.

Comm Hale asked what is missing in the community now. What are “we” going to do about it?  How do we work effectively with community members.  What are the concrete steps?

S. Richard spoke off mike and was not picked up.

Chief Sifferman said all these comments are giving him thought.  He said, with the number of recidivism, it seems the message from the Dept is either not being heard, or not being put out clearly or correctly. He also wanted to see how the Dept’s work could be incorporated into the community, and also how they could become involved in the early stages of delinquency, in early intervention.  He assured them that he is committed to the least restrictive detention without compromising public safety.

The Chief said the Dept might possibly put together a team for that basketball tournament.

Leamon McGruff spoke off mike and was not picked up.


(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Protocols for Commission’s response to the Civil Grand Jury’s report.

Comm Rodriguez stated the 4 recommendations of the Grand Jury as related to the commission.

·         Members of the commission should be familiar with the issues confronting at risk youth,
          and knowledgeable about organizations serving them.
·         Members should be willing to spend the time to become informed about the issues of 
          juvenile justice.
          Members should not have direct connections to any CBOs deriving support from the
          Members should be evaluated against these criteria.

He reported that he is drafting a response and will pass it around to the commission before finalizing it and submitting it to the Grand Jury.

Comm Hale said that the Grand Jury does not possess any special expertise. It doesn’t speak with complete truth. 

(public comments)
S. Richard, BAG, asked what were the facts that were revealed by the Grand Jury’s report.

Comm Queen said that the Chief’s response might help answer that.  When it is available, he will be gotten a copy.

F. DaCosta made remarks about POs that do not work a full week, but collect their checks anyway.

He mentioned that he has a meeting tomorrow with the new Chief and will give him suggestions then.

Howard Smith said it sounded like the Grand Jury was on target. He spoke again about how the commission needed to be involved in the community.

There was a comment about having POs come to commission meetings (they were not present at this meeting), and also CBOs from the community, who are supported by Dept grants.  Both partners need to be interested in coming to these meetings.



(DISCUSSION) Committee reports, other reports

·         President’s comments

Comm Queen thanked the audience for being in attendance and complimented them on their intelligence and compassion. He assured them that the commission would be holding its meetings more in the community, in the future. He announced the Chairs of the commission’s committees:  Comm Fetico for Finance, Comm Chuck for Facilities, Comm. Rodriguez for Programs.

·         Retreat planning

Comm Hale reported that the retreat will be held at 1305 Evans, in the Bayview. It will go from 11am to 2pm. Comm. Queen offered to cook for the meeting.

(public comments)
there was none.


Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission
James Bryant, SEIU 790, asked the commission to seriously consider refilling the telephone operator at the front desk. What is being done now is unsatisfactory.  (fill-in by several clerical staff). 
Daniel Agamoto asked the commission to reconsider the use of out of home, out of state placement, and use Log Cabin Ranch more.  There also needs to be more sensitive and caring staff (counselors, POs, etc.) that interact and speak more with the youth. He was compassionate about the violence and death in the neighborhoods and urged the commission to take more actions to deal with it.

Lisa Laulu, part of the Bayview Samoan Community, was concerned that news about the meeting was not widely out there –she didn’t hear about it until just now.  She said the community needed more information and help in getting resources to do things in the community, eg. she’d like to find funds to hold a large community “luau”.  She said they are interested and willing to do what they can to improve the community and would like to stay in touch with the commission, to be a liaison for the community.  (Comm. Queen asked to keep her in contact with the commission for future meetings).

John Naur, Youth Director, YCD, was concerned for what might happen in the summer with the lack of resources in the community. He also expressed concern about young Polynesian youth who are getting involved in robberies, etc.  He urged the POs to serve not only kids on their caseloads, but all other at risk youth. Need greater outreach to them and their parents. He also expressed concern about sending kids away in out of home placements.

Howard Smith echoed the concern of lack off resources going to Pacific Islanders youth. Need a more specific labeling system so groups don’t go unrepresented.

Comm Hale commented that under district based planning, those who are really in the community, that need and deserve support can be part of the planning to bring resources to bear on those needs.

Comm Hale paid compliment to DeShauna Jones, who just graduated from the Life Learning Academy, for her hard work in overcoming many difficulties to be all league and MVP in girl’s basketball in the city, and getting into Holy Names College on a full scholarship.  He said we need academic superbowls for these youth.  He mentioned other youth who have also made it through.
Comm Fetico reported that through his non-profit, they have developed youth from the communities like Bayview to be effective youth, and to go onto greater things.  Last year they got 7 youth into college –including Stanford-- on scholarships.  He just recently returned from a weeklong camping trip in desolation forest. He is committed to guiding young folks and said we need many more men as role models for our youth in all communities.  He said that there was one goal for all of us, and that is keeping youth out of juvenile hall.

Liz Jackson-Simpson reported that the PrIDE report was complete and thanked her staff for working hard in getting it ready, along with LaFrance Associates.  The report will be online next week on the Dept’s website.

  Comm Hale commented about “ghost” organizations, and L. Jackson-Simpson said that it was true.  They did a door-to-door canvass of 200 CBOs and found many that did not answer doors or phones and seemed not to have work hours.  That’s because nobody is watching.


(ACTION)  Adjournment
  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:12 pm.