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Meeting Information


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Held in rm. 440, City Hall, at 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco

1.           (ACTION) Roll Call
          The meeting was called to order by Comm. Julian at 8:36 am. Comm. Chuck, Dupre, Shimko were present at the gavel. Comm. Aramburo arrived afterward. Comm. Jackson-Drake was excused. Chief Williams, Sandy Brown-Richardson, Norm Cole were present for the Dept.

2. Discussion/Action Items:
a. (ACTION) Consideration of, and possible action on Facilities Committee’s recommendation to approve the Dept’s FY 2000-2001 Capital Improvement Budget.
Comm. Chuck reviewed what was done in the Facilities Committee (minutes available from the JPC office). This item was inadvertently left off the agenda for the most recent full Commission meeting, so needed to be acted upon today. Comm. Chuck noted that this document was valuable as a reference as it lists all priority projects within the Dept. Chief Williams commented that this budget does not include any projects related to Juvenile Hall. Even so, this year’s budget is at the $880K level. Comm. Shimko asked how this budget request ranks with previous ones and also previously approved amounts. Sandy Brown Richardson reported that previous average approvals were around $500K.
There were no other comments. There were no public comments. Upon motion by Comm. Chuck, seconded by Comm. Dupré, and carried, the Commission approved the proposed budget, 5-0.

3. (DISCUSSION) Public Comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission.          
There was none                    

4. (ACTION) Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 8:46 am.