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Meeting Information


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held at Refuge Ministries    1025 Howard St. (at 6th St.)    San Francisco, CA   94103

The Minutes of this meeting set forth all actions taken by the Commission on the matters 

                                                                 stated, but not necessarily the chronological sequence in which the matters were taken up



(ACTION) Roll call, and welcome by a representative of the Refuge Ministries.

The President called the meeting to order at 5:40pm  Comms. Beijen, Rojas, Fetico, Woodson were present at the gavel.  Comm. Lingad Ricci arrived at 6:00pm.  Comm. Stiglich was excused.

President Queen introduced Rev. Toni Dunbar, who gave an introduction to the Center and its wide-ranging activities in the community.  She extended a welcome to the Commission and their willingness to assist the commission in anyway they could.  She also mentioned that she has stepped down from being the Chaplain for Juvenile Hall, and has set up the chaplaincy to now have 3.  She introduced 3 young men who are participants in their evening reporting center program, who spoke positively about their experience in it.  Rev. Dunbar commended the chief for implementing this program in SF.

She also introduced Maggie Rivera, a behavioral therapist in “Royal” a therapy clinic, and Winston Smarts, the head teacher.



(ACTION) Review and approval of May 9 & 16, 2007 meeting minutes

The minutes were approved as written.

(public comments)
There were none.



Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission

There were none.


(DISCUSSION) Chief’s report.

Update on parenting skills program

He reported that this service area has been included in the recent RFP process so that it would continue into the new fiscal year.  Since CBOs are now in competition for that contract, he felt it would be inappropriate to discuss one over another, until a final determination of the provider was made.

Juvenile Hall population and actions addressing it since May 9.

The Chief provided a report on the juvenile hall stats and explanations of the situation (attached).juvenile hall rpt   (pdf)

Briefly: trend is downward, with more expediting of case processing and use of CBO alternatives.

Dispositions pending are going down, while pending placements is rising (directly related)

The Dept is working with the Dept of Public Health to keep Walden House open. They will have 30 beds available for SF youth, to deal with substance abuse issues as well as mental health issues.

On the issue of having a police report upon admission to juvenile hall, the Chief reported that they and the police are working on having a special report accompany youth who are brought to juvenile hall, to be completed before the youth is actually admitted into juvenile hall.  They are also working to increase utilization of CARC.

The Chief introduced John Knox who oversees the vocational/educational programs in JPD, described some of their accomplishments.  (he gave a handout with summaries—attached to these minutes J Knox rpt   (pdf).

This year the Early Morning Studies Academy “graduated” 36 students with GEDs.  The programs are going very well.  They’ve gotten over 200 youth into jobs under the “New Directions” employment program (collaboration of DCYF, Rec & Park, JPD, MYEEP)

What type of jobs:  MYEEP is a job experience program in many types of jobs in the public sector.  Another segment of students in schools can get jobs in the private sector. 

Quest: who sets the curriculum standards for the program?  Ans:  the SFUSD doesn’t deal with GED or GED prep.  J. Knox said he put the curriculum together and works with the teachers (from the SFUSD) to organize how the program is to be run.

Quest: what is the relationship between J. Knox (JPD employee) and the program. Is this a non-profit running the program?

The “school” is collaboration between SFUSD and the Dept. 

Quest: which funds pay the employees?

The schoolteacher is paid by the SFUSD, the Dept pays J. Knox, there is a counselor paid by the non-profit (YGCIC).

Comm. Beijen commended J. Knox for the positive work they have done. He recollected the high number of people who are murdered or in prison that do not have their HS diplomas or GEDs.

Quest: is there any follow up on the students afterward?  Not extensive.

President Queen also complimented J. Knox for his work.

The Chief asked A. Magee to give an update on the result of the supplemental budget request submitted by the Dept.  Of the $10.2 mil requested,  $2.1 mil was recommended as follows:

$131K  CBO contracts, $284K staffing, $500K LCR capital improvements, $130K  YGC facilities upgrade.

President Queen said that this was unsatisfactory.

Magee said the Bd of Supervisors' hearing on this budget start next week.

President Queen asked if the Commission would authorize him to go to the budget meeting to advocate for the entire $10.2 mil budget.

Comm. Fetico recommended the President write a letter to the Budget Committee on this matter. President Queen reviewed that this was done in the initial submission of the supplemental budget. He said that possibly CBOs also need to add their voice to this.  Comm. Lingad Ricci also echoed this thought.

(public comment)

There was none.



(DISCUSSION) Establishing a protocol for awarding Juvenile Probation Commission commendations. 

Comm. Beijen referred to the original draft language of the proposed resolution.  There are two, the original and the revised version compiled by Comm. Woodson.  Comm. Beijen emphasized that this commendation was only for performance above and beyond the call of duty, and should only be offered for such substantiated work. Comm. Woodson commented that the 2nd version is a synthesis of the original and subsequent input. It is a draft and can be modified.  Comm. Lingad Ricci asked if this could be moved to the next meeting so that it can be reviewed in more depth.  Comm. Beijen suggested it be resolved in the Program Committee and brought back to the full Commission for action.

(public comments)

There were none.



(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Presentation by community representatives on issues of community needs, and community-driven, district based planning strategies, with possible recommendations for future actions.

Kenneth Johnson from “This Sacred Space” spoke about his past experience in the justice system, and how he turned his life around.  He does outreach to prisoners in San Quentin now. He offered to work with anyone who might need his help to save lives.

Maggie Rivera spoke in support of the Evening Reporting Centers and advocated for more.  She hoped there could be more sharing of best practices among the existing centers now.



(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Report on progress/problems of CBO services/programs, RFP process.

L. Holmes introduced two interns (Nakeisha Thomas & Shellena Eskridge) from Tuskegee U., working with him, who took turns to review the one page memorandum on RFPs, Semi Annual Assessment, and contracts for FY 06-07  (attached to minutes).   Quest: who are doing the reviews of the RFPs?  Various people from different depts.  L. Holmes said there were set criteria in the RFPs, and reviewers would use that to rank the proposals.

L. Holmes reported that all contracts were enforced and up to date on payment.

President Queen offered to send a thank you letter to the President of Tuskegee for having the interns here.

(public comments)

Rev. Dunbar asked if here would be any problems with the new contractors given the shortness of time between decision and approval and July 1 dateline.  L. Holmes said as soon as individuals are notified they will be vendors in the new year, they can go on providing services.  On faith, services will be provided, and once agreements are finalized they will be paid retroactively from July 1



(DISCUSSION) Committee reports, other reports

Comm. Woodson said that Programs would be meeting next week.

Comm. Fetico said that the Finance Committee would not meet this month due to the conflict with Bd of Supervisors budget hearings.

(public comments)

There were none.



Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission

There were none.



(DISCUSSION) Requests for future agenda items. 

There were none.



(ACTION)  Adjournment

President Queen commented that at the last meeting they closed with the that that the Mayor and Bd of Supervisors would make a commitment to addressing the youth crises in the City, by supporting the Dept’s budget. He wanted to close this meeting with the continuing commitment by the Commission to advocate that the $10 million request is fully funded.

Comm. Lingad Ricci asked also to close the meeting in honor of fallen soldiers from the Bay Area, and those still facing conflict, with prayers for their safe return.

There being no further business, the meeting was so adjourned at 7:00pm.