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Meeting Information


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Regular Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

5:30 p.m.

City Hall, Room 408

#1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

San Francisco, CA 94102



Rebecca Woodson, President

Katharine Albright, Vice President

Dirk Beijen

Julian Chang

Ellouise Patton

Sarah Ching Ting Wan


Meeting Minutes


1.      Roll call
The Commission President called the meeting to order at 5:37 PM.  Commissioners Beijen, Chang, Wan and Woodson were present.  Commissioner Albright arrived at 5:45 PM.  Commissioner Patton was not present.   

2.   Public Comment
No public comments.

3.   Review and Approval of the Full Commission Minutes of June 10, 2009 (ACTION ITEM)

·        Motion to approve the Full Commission Minutes of June 10, 2009 by Commissioner Chang, second by Commissioner Beijen, and approved by the rest of the Commission.

4.  Juvenile Hall - Mini-Grant Programs Update (DISCUSSION ONLY)

·        Study Hall Program.  Presented by Joseph Tanner, Boys’ Unit 4, Rachel Bernstein and Nicki Givens.  The program, with SFUSD and SF Public Library, gives youths an opportunity to graduate with their GED.  It is self-motivating and they have 14 youths in the program.  The classes are held twice a week for an hour.  Because of space constraints, they are only allowing kids that are highly recommended by their counselors or teachers.  They have not had any issues with discipline.  They would like to have more counseling staff available to escort and supervise youths and more computers.  Supervisor Chang referred them to DTIS for broadband stimulus funds for computer needs through NTIS.  Allen Nance, Assistant Chief Probation Officer, said they are looking within the department to donate computers to this project. 

·        Young Father’s Program.  Mr. Tanner expressed that there has never been a program at Juvenile Hall for young men to learn how to raise children.  There are 17 young fathers participating in this program.  It is a 30 minute group discussion, with a spiritual adviser, regarding responsibility, bonding and maturity. 

·        World is Yours Presentation.  Toni Powell, Director of Juvenile Hall, stated that the program was created by a counselor who wants to pass on his love for travel.  His proposal is based on three parts: orientation to discuss a country or region; a 30-minute video; and a specific travel program, which consists of seven videos and food from that region, if possible.  The goal is to expose youths to other countries.  Program should start in 30 days, however, it has yet to be funded. 

·        No public comments.


5.  Parent Handbook Update by Joanna Hernandez (DISCUSSION ONLY)

·        Joanna Hernandez, Lottie Tidus and Camille Dockins expressed their concern for a parent handbook for families whose kids are in custody and the need for instructions on what to do when a child is arrested.  Parents have been meeting every Monday and drafted a parent handbook to assist families going through this process.  Mr. Nance is very supportive of this group and expressed that Vince Tong is the contact person for the Language Line Resource for families who need a translator.  Garry Bieringer, JDAI Coordinator, is working with the group on the parent handbook to be more user-friendly to include questions and answers for parents regarding detention, adjudication, support and key phone numbers.  The draft booklet, which will be in Spanish and Chinese, should be ready by the end of July, and completed by August.

·        No public comments.

6.   Report to the Commission (DISCUSSION ONLY)

a.  Chief’s Report provided by Mr. Nance.

  • LCR Update:  On July 5th, youths were moved from LCR to JJC, for the duration of staff training and were enrolled in a school program.  The LCR staff maintained contact with them throughout the day and evening.   
  • Update on Urban Sprouts:  Youths have been working closely with Urban Sprouts representatives at LCR putting together equipment, planting flower beds, and shoveling mulch and gravel.  This is one of the project based learning initiatives targeted at LCR and JPD is working in partnership with SFUSD teachers, who developed their curriculum around this program.
  • MYSI Training:  The Missouri Youth Services Institute Training began on July 5th and will continue through July 17th with LCR staff, CBO’s, DHS, Boys & Girls Shelter and group homes to introduce the new program.  JPD is planning on holding an orientation for judges and attorneys next month so they are aware of the basic components of this model. 
  • Feedback regarding meeting with SEIU and LCR Counselors:  SEIU leadership, Union Representative Margo Reed and LCR Counselors were present and expressed concern regarding the level of commitment to this initiative.  Mr. Nance shared the commitment of the Juvenile Probation Commission, the Mayor’s office and administration to support, encourage and guide this effort forward.  As a result, there was a level of enthusiasm and resolve from the staff in preparation of this training.  The Commission can attend the orientation which will be scheduled the second or third week in August.  Commissioner Wan is looking forward to a site visit at LCR.
  • Victim Offender Mediation:  Funded through the Violence Prevention Grant provided by the City to restore justice.  Victim and offender are able to meet and engage in dialogue.  It provides the victim the opportunity to ask questions about the incident, share with the offender the degree of harm done, and provides the offender the opportunity to express his level of remorse.  With facilitators, two offenders at JJC will meet with their victims in around six weeks. 
  • Budget update provided by Sue Wong, Director of Finance:  Ms. Wong provided a summary of the changes that took place at the Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee meeting.  The budget is not final until the Full Board passes it on July 30th, but JPD does not anticipate any changes.  The two key proposals submitted, the Daily Fee and to outsource JPD’s food service, were rejected by the Budget Committee.  The Budget Committee identified other revenue to offset the proposed outsource food service cut.  Due to financial hardship on families, JPD decided to withdraw the Daily Fee proposal.  In lieu of the fee revenue, JPD identified other cuts in the budget, primarily in materials and supplies, and facilities and maintenance.  JPD sustained an additional $260,000 in additional cuts to the overall budget.  No additional staffing cuts have been made.  The $20,000 LCR cut does not impact the proposed program.
  • No public comments. 

7.  Future Agenda Items (ACTION ITEM)

·        Chief’s report: Date for MYSI orientation;

·        Update on Victim Offender Program;

·        Update on 07/13 Parent Meeting by Commissioner Chang;

·        Update on final budget when Full Board passes it on July 30th;

·        Update on the status and development of Parent Handbook by Garry Bieringer;

·        Update report on status of stimulus dollars.



·        Finance and Programs Committees will resume.  Commissioner Wan will consider being Chair of Finance Committee.  Commissioner Beijen will be Chair of Programs Committee.

8.  Adjournment (ACTION ITEM)

The meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.