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1.      Roll Call

The meeting was called to order by Comm. Julian at 5:39 pm.  Comm. Jackson-Drake, Comm. Arámburo, Comm. Shimko, Comm. Dupré were present at the gavel.  Comm. Chuck arrived at 5:58 pm.  Comm. Hale was excused.

2.      Review of July 28,  1999  meeting  minutes

Comm. Julian referred to several corrections/amendments he asked to be made.  P. 2, d) it should be noted that Chief Williams took the initiative to set up the meeting with Supervisor Yaki, and Comm. Julian and Comm. Hale were invited to join in that to discuss the report.  P.3, 2nd paragraph, in reference to the students' report, he said that the SF CARC should not have been evaluated against a set of absolute standards, but rather against the experience and history of the other 4 CARCs, nationwide.

p.2 middle of page, replace the word ‘toward' to ‘forward',  the word ‘reviewed' with ‘stated'.

Comm. Jackson-Drake amended her statement on p2, Comm. Shimko noted an omission (the word ‘action') on p. 2 last paragraph,

Comm. Dupré noted that his attendance was not noted in the roll.

With these noted corrections and amendments, the minutes were approved.

3.      Chief Probation Officer's Report: (items order re arranged)

The Chief requested that item 4d be called first, to allow MIS Director Sandy Clayborn to be excused afterward.

S. Clayborn presented:

Jose and she have produced the annual report for about 20 yrs.  It is distributed to the public.  The evolution of the stats is result of requests by various people over time.  New features to the report:  offense and geographic codes.  She explained various other technical aspects of data collection and abstraction that the Dept has begun to use, and read some summary data highlighting different stats from the 97-98 report (datasheet available from JPC office).  Comm. Julian asked for a copy of that datasheet.  Chief Williams said that he was told by some national juvenile justice research centers that the Dept's database is one of richest and most extensive in the country. 

One change noted by the Chief was the distribution of the report.  It was given to division directors to give to their senior staff, and CBOs got copies.  Comm. Julian asked if the Grand Jury was given one.  No.  Comm. Shimko said that it was a good report, not because of the new information, but because it reminds her that a high percentage of detainees are the result of plaement failures.  She is also pleased to see the low numbers of CYA commitments and remands to adult courts.   She noted that LCR referrals have decreased, but avg daily populations have not decreased significantly.  And graduations have increased. 

Comm. Arámburo asked for additional information:  track success of specific placements, and non LCR graduates.  Cmparisons between different programs (eg. our grads over the past 10 years with grads of other programs to see which might be more effective).  Clayborn said that this collection is an intensive process, and she believes that these are troubled kids prone to repeat their activities and fall into adult courts, especially those with substance abuse issues.  Clayborn said to do this kind of research would depend much more staff time.

They are now beginning to tie into a foster  care database, from Boulder, Colorado which would give the Dept more sociological information and service history about the kid.

Comm. Dupré mentioned that there may be several initiatives occurring in the city that this type of information will give the Dept a good footing to be a part of.  Comm. Julian suggested that there be some place in the report which acknowledges the contribution and work of MIS.  Comm. Jackson-Drake noted that the numbers of girls in the system has declined, while the number of African American girls has increased.  This points to the continued need of programming for African American girls.

a.      Status report

The recent discussions with SFUSD regarding the ROPP program, has resulted in assigning the old Burnett School (near Joseph Lee Recreation Center) as the site, now to be called the Creative Arts Middle School.   Oct 18 is the targeted start up.

ProDes Executive Steering Committee will meet again Sept. 21.   They will then decide whether the AJI/CJI will do a report to the Commission at its Sept. meeting. 

The Chief has reports from the two one day conferences held (DMC, and BRJ).  He will provide copies of those to the Commissioners.  They will be working with the Sheriff's Dept. to see where they are at in implementing some of the BJR guidelines in their operations.

ACA accreditation is moving forward.  In Sept they will commence for both the Juvenile Hall and LCR.

The Chief discovered, to his surprise, a resolution passed by the Bd of Supervisors commending the Probation Dept for its operations.

Comm. Shimko thought it was a little odd that the Dept was not apprised of it before it was done.

Comm. Julian suggested the Dept. send a letter to the Bd thanking them for the pleasant surprise.

Final item mentioned by the Chief was that on Sept. 12, the Dept. will be taking 135 youth and chaperones to the Giants game.

b.      Highlights of the month

c.   Emerging Issues/upcoming events

4.   Discussion/Action Items:

a.      Consideration and possible action to approve Finance Committee's 

recommendation on the Department's Supplemental Budget Appropriation  

                 request, in the amount of $538,905, from TANF Ranch funds.

 Comm. Shimko briefly reported that the Finance Committee reviewed this and is recommending the Commission approve the request. This would cover the remainder of TANF Ranch funds unexpended from 1997-98 and 1998-9.  The schedule of appropriating these funds does not currently coincide with the fiscal year calendar.  This is something being dealt with.

Chief Williams explained that there are requests for existing programs, some new programming, and the physical plant as well.

Comm. Shimko asked for a short explanation of the Aftercare program.  Johnny Miller, Director of LCR summarized: currently the Aftercare is being contracted to SLUG.  In the yr 2000, the Dept wants to bring the contract back to the Dept and run it in-house, hiring 2 monitors to work with PO's assigned to it.The current contract with SLUG is at $150K but he believes the Dept can provide those same services, better, and with less money.  There will be a collaborative effort with CBOs for when the youth come back to the communities.  Comm. Dupré asked if Supervisor Yee visited the ranch?  No. Juvenile Hall.  The Chief says that the Dept usually has a good line of communication with the Bd of Supervisors, so the resolution was out of the ordinary.  Comm. Shimko asked for a clarification of why some programs were being supported for 6 mos and why some a year.  Ed Lopatin said that the Dept will be coming back with another supplemental request come yr 2000, but these programs are only being funded for the rest of this calendar yr.

Comm. Shimko moved to approve the Finance Committee's recommendation.  Comm. Dupré seconded.  There were no public comments.  The question was called, and upon voice vote, passed, 6-0.

b.   Discussion/action on the resolution of commendation for Terry Landini-Brennan

Comm. Julian reported that Supervisor Leland Yee had prepared a resolution commending the work of past Commissioner Terry Landini-Brennan, and suggested that perhaps the Probation Commission would want to do a similar one.  A draft was passed around to Commissioners at the last meeting.   He made two changes to the language of the draft and moved that with those revisions, the resolution be adopted.  Comm. Shimko seconded.   There were no public comments.  The question was called and upon voice vote, passed 6-0.

c.       Discussion/action on the resolution re: Family Focused Care Services

 Comm. Arámburo  moved, on behalf of the Commission, to join in support of Health Commission resolution  23-99 Supporting The Family Focused Care Committee of the Children's System of Care Planning Council, "A Message from Parents and Families to Service Providers."  Comm. Chuck requested that it be constructed as a resolution, beginning with one "Whereas…"  And then let it be resolved that on this day, at a regular meeting of the Juvenile Probation Commission, does so express its support and endorsement of Health Commission resolution 23-99, in its entirety.

John Kennedy, Deputy City Attorney, suggested the language, "Whereas the Health Commission has passed resolution number 23-99 in support of The Family Focused Care Committee of the Children's System of Care Planning Council, "A Message from Parents and Families to Service Providers,"  therefore, be it resolved that the Juvenile Probation Commission joins in support of this resolution."


Comm. Arámburo made a motion to adopt the following resolution:


"Whereas the Health Commission has passed resolution number 23-99 in support of The Family Focused Care Committee of the Children's System of Care Planning Council, "A Message from Parents and Families to Service Providers," and


"Whereas the Juvenile Probation Commission has reviewed and discussed this resolution and agrees in all respects with the Health Commission's position," now,


"Therefore, be it resolved that on this day, August 25, 1999, the Juvenile Probation Commission joins in support of Health Commission Resolution number 23-99."


Comm. Shimko seconded.  There were no public comments, or Commission comments.  The question was called and upon voice vote, passed 6-0.

d.      Discussion of the Department's 1997-8 Annual Report

This was dealt with in the portion of the Chief's report, with Sandy Clayborn.

5.   Public Comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile

        Probation Commission.    None

6.     Unfinished business        None

7.         New business     

Comm. Arámburo asked to observe a moment of silence for,  and to adjourn the meeting in honor of, Dan Kristensen, a dedicated attorney and advocate on behalf of children in San Francisco, Marin, and Santa Clara counties.  Daniel cared deeply about the children he represented at Juvenile Hall and Log Cabin Ranch.  We will all miss his passion and commitment to justice.


A moment of silence was observed, and Comm. Julian adjourned the meeting in memory of Dan Kristensen,  at 6:50 pm.