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Meeting Information


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Held at Youth Guidance Center Cafeteria   375 Woodside Ave  San Francisco, CA  94127



The Minutes of this meeting set forth all actions taken by the Commission on the matters stated, but not necessarily the chronological sequence in which the matters were taken up



1.      (ACTION)  Roll Call

The meeting was called to order by President Julian, at 6:09 pm.  Comms. Dupre, Chuck, Drake were present at the gavel.  Comms. Aramburo and Hale arrived at 6:11 pm and 6:12 pm, respectively.  Comm. Larson was excused.


2.       (ACTION) Review of July 20, 2000 meeting  minutes   

      Comm. Julian had some revisions to make.  They were:

        Top of pg. 2, 3rd line of the paragraph, substitute: underserved for neglected.  The following sentence: he said that the Commission and the Dept is committed to working with those girls. 

        Under #4 action: by consensus, it was decided that Comm. Larson would join the Program Committee, and Com. Hale would sit on the Finance and Facilities Committees. With these modifications, the minutes were approved.


3.    (DISCUSSION)   Chief Probation Officer's Report:

a.      Progress report on Juvenile Hall replacement project

Chris Bigelow reported on the progress.  There was a schematic design (available through the Chief's office or JPC), Phase One, which was approved.  They are working with the artists on the future public art projects to be produced.  Relocation needs are being looked at.  Community concerns are being attended to -a meeting with Rev. Ridgeway and his group was held to address this.  The National Environmental Policy Act is a concern, but they are going to ask for a categorial exclusion.  The project already has such an exclusion on the State level.  They need to meet a limit in total sq.footage. The kitchen facilities will not be moved to the new facility.  There was a short discussion with a question and answer session at the end.  Some issues raised by the Commission were: the imposing exterior which seems bleak and prison-like.  They would like to see a more "inviting" campus-like facade.  Parking for staff and visitors has been preserved at current levels, pretty much.  Comm. Hale mentioned the Precita Eyes mural programs, which could help in the public arts projects.


b.      Status report on placement diversion project

Bob Wertz briefly reviewed the structure of the program (a document is available through the Dept or the Commission). There are 2-3 slated for participation, out of 12 referrals made to them.  PO K. Morton is the case carrying PO working on this project.  They have a goal of 10 youth in the project. 

Question: is it planned for a full 6 mos participation?  Yes, but hopefully will be shorter than the full 6 mos.  The data collected from this project will go into the PRIDE databank for future evaluation.


c.      Trends/Emerging Issues/Upcoming Events

1.      Budget management

Unfunded budgetary priorities

Coordination with Controller and Mayor's Budget Office

2.      Revenue Enhancement

Chief Williams combined #1&2 in this report.  He reviewed that TANF will not now have any more flexibility to support programs not already funded by it.   There are still some close out numbers from 1999-2000 year, which are not fnialized yet.  One item still to be dealt with from the past and into the future is the OT budget.

Chief Williams reported that NCCD has hired Sandy Brown-Richardson to work with the contract they have with the Dept.

Revenue enhancement: Chief Williams repeated the idea raised to the Finance Committee, wherein a possible "adjunct" body to develop and receive funds for unrestricted use by the Dept.  He will be meeting with Comm. Drake on Tuesday about this.  Question: is there any possibility of accessing other counties' TANF funds?  Answer: Not right now.


3.      Notification of hearing on CARC, from President Tom Ammiano, Bd of Supervisors.

Chief Williams introduced Garry Bieringer, Director of the CARC, to report status of the Center.  Some of the original staff of the Center remained, while new staff was added.  About 60% are new.  Bieringer has met with the 3 main city agencies (probation, police, school), and will continue to build a network among them to understand and better utilize the CARC. 

Comm. Julian said he received a notice about President Ammiano's call for a hearing on it.  Chief Williams said that he would participate in the hearings in whatever manner the Supervisor requests, but didn't know at this point how that would be played out.  Question:  are police complying with the process of referring youth?  Answer: about 70% complying, but there are concerns for overrides by either police or others that defer youth to YGC.  Bieringer said that about 20% of the referrals to CARC are not appropriate for intake there. 

Ques how many people are slated to be served by CARC in a year?  Answer: 600.


4.      (ACTION)  Consideration and possible action on Program Committee's recommendation of $307,000.00 in TANF funds for continuation of the American Justice Institute's PRIDE (Program Information for Development and Evaluation) system.

Comm. Arámburo  reported that the Program Committee did listen to a presentation about the PRIDE program, and did make a recommendation for approval of the contract.   Dr. Bennett briefly reviewed some of the activities undertaken by the project to date.  Some revelations:  the ProDes source code, which was originally going to be utilized by this project, with some local adjustments made to it to make it more relevant to SF's needs, but now they say ProDes doesn't know what it can give/sell to this project.  Dr. Bennett said that this project will attempt to work without the source code, and if it comes out that the source code is available, then they will modify it. 

Upon motion by Comm. Aramburo, and seconded, recommendation was approved unanimously, 6-0.


5.      (DISCUSSION)   Public Comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission.

        Enola Maxwell, Potrero Hill Neighborhood Center, spoke of her concerns regarding several issues, ranging from the racial profiling of African American youth, to the lack of participation of the community in issues and activities surrounding juvenile justice in San Francisco.


6.  (DISCUSSION)   Announcements, requests for future agenda items.

        There was none.


7.   (ACTION)   Adjournment

        The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.