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Held at City Hall, Room 400 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

1. (ACTION) Roll Call and introduction of Commissioner Ricci
The meeting was called to order by the President at 5:37 pm. All commissioners were present. The President introduced the new Commissioner, Jacqueline Lingad Ricci. She thanked him and said that she looked forward to the work to be done by the Commission, because of the importance to the children and youth of San Francisco.
2. (ACTION) Review and approval of Feb. 15, 2001 meeting minutes
The mintues were approved as written.
3. (DISCUSSION) Chief Probation Officer’s Report:
a. Introduction of Librarian, Margot Kavanagh
Chief Williams introduced the librarian, and thanked the Volunteer Auxiliary for its work and funding this position.
Kathleen Kelly, President of the Volunteer Auxiliary Board, summarized what the Auxiliary does, and emphatically emphasized the importance of this project, the excitement of the kids for it, and encouraged the Dept to think big in the juvenile hall replacement project, to include adequate space and resources, and staff to create a library program that will serve the youth well into the future and not become outdated. It was suggested that they sit down with Chris Bigelow to review the space design for this issue, both during the reconstruction and for the new facility.
Comm. Arámburo reiterated the excitement and encouragement of Kelly.
b. Employee recognition (PO Rhonda Hutchings)
The Chief read a letter from an attorney applauding the outstanding work done by PO Hutchings for his/her client.
c. Status report on Juvenile Hall Replacement Project
C. Bigelow showed some drawings which showed more recent elevation renderings. He reported that the start date for construction will be moved back to just after the new year, 2002. At the next Commission meeting there will be a report regarding the NEPA compliance status. Meetings with community groups contrinues. There is only a projected 250 sq ft library projection for the new facility.
There is a building resource efficiency regulation which tries to keep construction projects as conservation minded as possible, both during the process of construction and in usage afterward. All drawings are available for inspection through Joanne Winship’s office.
d. FY 2000-2001 Operating Budget Update
Ed Lopatin reported that the Controller accepted the projected revenues for next year so allowed the upgrades for positions.
Utilities cost will be a question. Possible solution is to charge the other operations in YGC for usage (SPY, YTEC, SFUSD).
There is an estimated surplus in the Dept’s workers’ comp fund for next year, and this may allow another $150K for program enhancements.
e. Highlights from last Commission meeting to present.
· Finalization of AB 1913 spending plan 3/2/01
The Coordinating Council has concluded its meetings and planning and has come up with a spending plan for the AB 1913 funds. It needs to be approved by the Bd of Supervisors now.
· Bd of Supervisors meeting 3/6/01
· Mayor’s Crime Summit 3/7/01
The Chief reported that SF is going to try and reproduce the Boston Plan (to address gang violence), here. There will be upcoming community based meetings to talk about juvenile justice issues.
· Each One Reach One, and American Conservatory Theatre Presentations with YGC residents 3/9/01
This is an ongoing activity, with follow up dates planned.
· Foster Youth Summit 3/10/01
The Chief reported that the Dept was a co sponsor of this, along with the Children’s Mental Health Services (DPH)
· SF Bar Assn project meeting 3/14/01
They are going to work with the Dept on various joint project.s
· Robeson/Rivera Academy student performance 3/15/01
There will be another peformance in August.
· Michigan State graduate students visit 3/16/01
· Ongoing meeting with members of Bd of Supervisors
f. Trends/Emerging Issues/Upcoming Events
· Press conference re: April Child Abuse Month, and Girls’ Conference at YGC 4/2/01
Press conference called off, but public information will be give out regarding this.
The Dept will do a similar girls’ conference to be held in Juvenile Hall during the spring break.
· Alliance of Black School Educators Conference 3/30/01
The Chief, John Knox, and Nancy Yalon will present at the conference.
Comm. Arámburo commended the Chief on the Dept’s presentation at the Bd of Supervisor Committee meeting. She also asked if J. Bell would be doing a report on the progress of the Youth Law Center on the Minority Detention issue. The Chief said that he’ll ask them to report at the May or June commission meeting.
Comm. Arámburo also wanted a report on the Dept’s training activities on proper language by staff regarding race, sex,ethnicity. The Chief said that Supe. Ammiano asked for a report on the Dept’s training, which is due by April 20. He will have it for the Commission then.
Comm. Arámburo commended the Ranch for its evolution and the students’ attitudes in improving the conditions anad services at the Ranch. She was impressed by the YCD program, the Writers’ Corps,the multi vocational programs. She asked for Principal Lou Garrett to report to the Commission (within 1-2 months) his curricular plans for the Ranch school. She is concerned for the language access needs of the youth there.
Public Comment: David Jackson, Community Network for Youth Development, was concerned that there isn’t adequate public notice about funding opportunities (eg. AB 1913) so that organizations like his can be included in the planning/acquisition process. Additionally, since his organization provides training to non profits, it would be interesting to him to know of training that is planned for Dept staff, that might be something his organization can provide.
4. (DISCUSSION) Volunteer Auxiliary report on recent activities in setting up the library facilities in YGC and Log Cabin. Ranch
This was done by Kathleen Kelly during the the Chief’s report.
5. (ACTION) Consideration of Program Committee’s recommendation to accept a $11,300.00 California Youth Authority grant for the Young Men As Fathers program at Log Cabin Ranch..
Comm. Arámburo moved to approve the Program Committee’s recommendation to accept the grant. Seconded by Comm. Dupré, who also asked Liler B Jackson to do a summary of her presentation to the Program Committee. (see Program Committee minutes). Changes since the program started. In April of 2000, at the first Family Day activity, only one family came. In Dec. 2000, 78 family members came.
Comm. Dupré asked for an update report in 7 months, Comm. Arámburo asked for notification of when Family Days are scheduled.
There was no public comment. The question was called, and upon voice vote, passed unanimously, 6-0.
6. (DISCUSSION) Current situation with Placement of youth on probation.
The Chief introduced Barbara Johnson, to whom the Placment Division reports, and she introduced Dan Hicks, the Director of the Division, who prepared and gave the report. (highlights)
There are 86 placement sites used, 2 of them out of state. There are 8 active caseload POs, 2 transition POs (aftercare), and one placement diverion PO.
The Private Placement unit has placed 100 youth from 6/99 - 6/00, vs 91 in 6/98 - 6/99. There are currently 30 youth in placement, vs 166 this time last yr. POs have an avg caseload of 28.75 youth, vs 31 last yr.
One great challenge in placement is dealing with Bill 575, which was based on laws governing dependency cases, but now places the burden of heavy paperwork and bureaucracy on the shoulders of delinquency. The paperwork is incredible, eg. a 13 pg case management plan, adoption, reunification plans, parental rights relinquishment, emanicipation of minors. (written report available from the JPC office).
Comm. Arámburo asked if SNLAF could provide services to the Dept regarding some of this. She also noted the increase in placement cases over the previous year, the high rate of replacement cases, She posed the question to the Dept of whether we should be exploring the possibility of regional placement centers, level 14 type placements. Are the increased numbers referred to placement at the order of the courts, or recommendation from the Dept.
Barbara Johnson said that there were 31 cases in Juvenile Hall awaiting placement and that this was a very low number compared to the past.
The Chief asked that when the Commission decides to look at this issue in more depth at a future meeting, they invite targeted entities involved in the issue, to come and discuss it with them.
7. Public Comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission.
There was no public comment.
8. (DISCUSSION) Announcements, requests for future agenda items.
Comm. Hale annouced that there was going to be a press conference on April 7, at 11:00am in the Bayview Hunters Point Police Station, regarding the violence in the community
Comm. Arámburo asked about the upcoming Mayor’s conference on women. The Chief said they expect to provide scholarships for 150 girls to attend.
9. (ACTION) Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 7:34 pm.

Minutes Approved April 25, 2001