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Meeting Information


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held at City Hall room 408  One Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place   San Francisco, CA 94102

            The Minutes of this meeting set forth all actions taken by the Commission on the matters 

           stated, but not necessarily the chronological sequence in which the matters were taken up



(ACTION) Roll call

The President, Comm Queen, called the meeting to order at 5:45pm.  Comms. Beijen, Fetiçō, Stiglich were present at the gavel.  Comm Lingad Ricci was excused.  Comms Woodson arrived at 5:55pm, Rojas at 6:02pm.



(ACTION) Review and approval of October 10, 2007 meeting minutes

Upon motion and second, the minutes were approved as written.

(public comments)
There were none.



Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission

There were none.


(DISCUSSION) Chief’s report.

Before the Chief spoke about the DJJ realignment, he wanted to “establish a public record” about the “profound impact two events had on his career as a probation officer”. He referred to the first one, the Oct. JPC meeting, where individuals (young men) from the community spoke about their “hope in life” being “restored” through some meaningful work situation.  He said that their comments echo in his mind and will serve as a “compass” for the work of the Dept.

The second event was the Dept’s and CBOs’ efforts to keep the court’s wards out of trouble the night of Oct. 31.  20 Dept staff went out on Halloween night, along with the adult probation and police, to keep the streets peaceful.  He said it was personally rewarding and professionally enriching to see the collaborative effort. He said that this work showed the true spirit of probation services.

The following were involved in this effort:  Asst CPO Allen Nance, Asst Dir. Tim Diestal, Supervisors Dennis Fuata and Mark Mardahl, POs Howie Chaves, Fred Collier, Paul Cuadra, Anson Der, Barbara Gainer, Roger Gainey, Carlos Gonzalez, Greg Gordon, Vivian Green, Heidi Isaac, Rich Perino, Karen Sadberry, JH counselors Mike Perino, Charles Satcher, Carl Sullivan, supported by POs Larry Gardner and Barbara Ross.

Update on the DJJ realignment.

The Chief passed out a power-point presentation that outlined the major points of this “redesign” of the Dept of Juvenile Justice under SB 81.  Highlights: only 707b offenders will be kept by DJJ.  This impacts the approx 300 non-707b detainees now there.  These will be returned to county supervision.  SF will have no returns.  There may be some who are now on parole supervision from DJJ, but if violating that parole will not go back to DJJ. Instead they will be given new court hearings to be placed under county supervision.  The other issue related to this is their age (which will be in many cases over 18 yrs). The question is who will do supervision (Juvenile or Adult).

Counties will also get $117K /yr per returnee, and $15K/yr per parolee. Funds to support county efforts in juvenile justice will be distributed by a formula (see report attached). The Chief expressed concern that these funds may just be used to supplant rather than supplement general funds the Dept is now getting. In order to get this distribution, the City has to submit a county plan by Jan. 08 (but no guidelines have been given as to how it should be constructed).

There is also $100 mil in bonds for facility construction grants. The Dept would like to use this for LCR.  Asked about the 25% match requirement, the Chief said it may allow land to be used as this.

The Chief raised the concern of length of stays that will increase, what to do with older parolees, how to ensure funds get to probation.

He listed a number of next steps to keep in mind.

He said they have set up a meeting for the stakeholders planning group to layout the 3 yr plan.

Comm Beijen made a motion for the Commission to write a letter complimenting those identified by the Chief (including the Chief) for their efforts leading up to and on Halloween night.  The motion was seconded.  Upon voice vote, the motion carried, 5-1, Comm Fetiçō opposing.

(public comment)

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(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Discussion of any information that may have been presented to the Program Committee, in regards to impact of the gang injunction on Dept youth, and the possibility of any action addressing this issue.

Comm Woodson reported that there was no new information presented at the Program Committee meeting regarding the impact of the gang injunction, that would have been direct evidence and not just anecdotal.  Despite the study by the Justice Policy Institute, no local data was available.  Absent this, the Program Committee felt it could not take a position on this and it would not be useful to further discuss this topic.

Comm Rojas said that in past discussions there were stories given about how it had affected some youth, but despite the committee’s request for hard documentation, there hadn’t been any provided.

President Queen asked if direct testimony or evidence was brought forth, would she (Comm Woodson) consider reviewing it.  She said yes (with the specification that it be how it affected SF youth) but that it could be expeditied by being considered before the full commission and not through committee.  Comm Beijen added that he would further restrict that to how the injunction affects San Francisco Juvenile Probation Dept youth

Comm Woodson asked Jeff Adachi (during public comments) where declarations referred to by him were filed. Adachi said that they included declarations from individuals as part of their filed response to the filing of the injunction.  Quest: how many of those declarations involved SF youth.  Adachi did not have that break out, but gave the example of a van used by the Critical Response Network (CRN) being stopped by police and the occupants told they were not allowed in that area, despite none of them being named in the injunction.  Question: has the Police Commission been made aware of this situation?  Yes

(public comment)

Jeff Adachi, Public Defender, expressed his opposition to the gang injunction, citing some studies that show they are not effective, and that they just displace crime (move it elsewhere).  He said in terms of its affects, the commission should look at two aspects: is it having a chilling effect in the community, (he said it is) and are there abuses (and he said there have been incidents of both juveniles and adults being “profiled”).  He said that studies show that most juveniles join gangs at an age younger than that targeted by the gang injunction.  He said what was needed still was a comprehensive strategy to keep kids from getting into gangs.

He said there was an issue around training of police officers on the appropriate process for implementing this injunction.  He has written to the Police Commission in this regard.



(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Discussion and possible action on any recommendations that may come out of Program Committee in support of services to transient, undocumented, and/or unaccompanied youth.

Comm Woodson reviewed that at a previous Program Committee meeting, two CBO reps had raised this topic and issue. She said it is a very involved and wide ranging topic of concern, not just for probation but other human services depts. in the City.  She said that both the Chief and Garry Bieringer were asked to present salient points that frame this issue, to see how they can be addressed and by whom.  What the committee would like is to draft a letter to the City (from the Commission) to address the problem and suggest possible strategies that can be applied to it.  This will be continued till the next Program Committee meeting (in Jan.).

President Queen asked the Chief if those two CBO reps would be in dialog with the Dept around this.  The Chief said they are part of the language access task force, and will be involved in this.

Comm Fetiçō asked what other counties are doing.  The Chief said they heard of a placement that LA County is using. They probably will find out more about that in the future.

(public comments)

There was none.



(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Committee reports:

  • Finance
  • Program
  • Facilities

Comm Fetiçō recounted briefly that: a crisis in OT for juvenile hall (threatening $1.5 mil over budget), leading A Magee to think of asking the Controller to do another audit on the staffing needs of the hall.  This reminded him (Fetiçō) of the audit of the Dept that he had asked to have done (but was passed on by the Commission), and then of another previous audit, on the dept’s Finance and Administration, and he felt that given the many issues that are still around (some of which were looked at in that audit), there should be a follow up audit on that too.  Comm Beijen commented that this (audit) was not part of the meeting but could be taken up at the next Finance Committee.  Comm Fetiçō mentioned a few other items reviewed at the last meeting; -budget preparation process still not starting as early as he feels it should be done.

-With skyrocketing OT, new hires are on hold, temp hires are exhausted.

-the merging of counselor classes is still not resolved.

-there’s a growing recidivism in detainees in juvenile hall

-contracts are, in the main, not approved so CBOs are not being paid

Comm Stiglich added that a vehicle log is being developed so that there is more accountability. As to OT, she said that is partly due to still transitioning to the new facility, but that the Dept should be past that now and that it should have an idea of what kind of staffing is necessary to offset that. A compelling argument for the cost effectiveness of more hires vs using OT should be possible.

President Queen asked the Chief for further amplification on the class merge, the OT, and contracts.

The Chief said there is a price tag to the merging of classes. Each time discussions about this start, they are stymied by this.  A. Magee explained that previous discussions with DHR ended when staffing changes happened there.  Now she has started them again (the last time was yesterday).  She estimated that if the classes were merged, the first budget year it could cost about $400K, and the 2nd about $1.5 mil.  The City has not given word one way or another, and they are hoping it will be expedited so that if approved, it can be enacted this next budget year.

Comm Stiglich asked about other ways to solve this, if not by merging.  A. Magee said they are looking at all alternatives.  Quest: will the solution save money in the long run?  Yes. 

The Chief noted that JH counselors have been very accommodating these past couple of years when staffing help was needed at LCR. 

Re OT: the Chief said it was a complex issue complicated by the shrinking pool of on-call counselors.  He also referred to the previous staffing audit by the Controller’s that under-estimated the level needed. 

He mentioned that there is a misuse of sick time that they will look into.  Impending retirements will also take a toll on staffing, but they are taking actions that will ease the situation (to be reported at the next Finance Comm, mtg).

Re contracts:  now that L. Holmes is back to work, they will be moving towards completion of contracts.  Also additional staffing will be added to Community Programs division.

Comm Beijen stated that it is a vicious cycle among out of control OT, lack of on-call, lack of permanent staff.  A. Magee said Comm Beijen was correct about OT, and due to this the Controller’s office has frozen all requisitions for hire until a spending plan addressing OT is drawn up.  She thinks they are making progress in getting the Mayor’s office to understand that there is a whole in the staffing—there just aren’t enough to do the job.

Even though they have some approved requisitions they will not just blindly go forward to hire.  They have to look at the whole picture. 

Asked about sick leave, A. Magee said they are looking into sick leave restriction for some and warnings for others.

President Queen commented that in view of all these issues around the budget, many of which have been around for some time, that was why he advanced the need to do early budget planning having discussions with all stakeholders.  As chair of the Finance Committee, he thought the full Commission agreed to this principle.  A Magee said she agreed and that these discussions now taking place are essentially serving that purpose.

President Queen asked if it could be reported each time to the Finance Comm what had been done since the last meeting, and possibly a timeline given for things that are on the table.

Comm Fetiçō said that it comes back to the Dept needs to put together a budget that reflects the true needs. President Queen said he thinks it is clear that it is a policy that the Commission wants such a budget, as opposed to a “cut-down” budget, and also that it should start as early as Sept.  Hopefully at the next Finance Comm. meeting there’ll be updates that indicate some progress toward that.

Comm Woodson commented that much of the subject matter taken up in committee was discussed in the 2 agenda items above, but she added a couple of other items. 1) at a JDAI steering committee meeting the issue of the relationship or lack therefore between the Probation Dept and CBOs was discussed.  She felt it was beyond the committee’s ability to deal with it.  She said the Chief mentioned an organizational development initiative would be done, and this issue will be looked at. The consultant hired to do this work, Mark Morris and Assoc will be invited to report to the Program Comm about this.

2) G. Bieringer reported on the YASI instrument and hoped to see some data by the end of the year.

3) The CBO reps from CARECEN and Instituo gave very good reports of their respective orgs’ work.  Some positive aspects were: written and oral reports are given back to the courts and dept so that concrete data is kept up to date.  Their services also included “value-added” services by involving the services of other CBOs and agencies in their case management.  Both orgs seemed to have an open, positive relationship with the Dept.

Comm Stiglich asked what requirements are there for reporting back by the CBOs.

L. Holmes said they are required to provide whatever information that is germane to any particular youth they are working with, as is relevant to the case carrying PO or the probation dept. 

Comm. Woodson said that there isn’t the staff available on the Program Committee to digest all the self-assessment information.  She is hopeful this initiative will generate some concrete analysis. 

Comm Beijen reported that they reviewed the written report given by Norm Cole that outlined all the current and “standing” projects and status of each.  The essential status is that the capital improvement budget hasn’t increased in 10 yrs, while facilities deteriorate and demand more and more repairs. He encouraged the commissioners to read the report.

Comm. Stiglich asked who was responsible for the court facilities/spaces in YGC? The Chief said that the courts are responsible alterations to their space. The Dept bears the responsibility for haz-mat costs.

Custodial costs and repair/maintenance are the Dept’s.

President Queen said that he hoped the Chief would prepare a budget that realistically reflects the costs to improve and maintain all facilities and that this will be part of the total budget.

(public comments)

Lonnie Holmes said that the majority of agreements have been completed, with the exception of 5 or 6, which will be done in the next couple of weeks.



Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission

There were none.



(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Requests for future agenda items.  Adjournment

President Queen announced that he is planning to hold the Dec. meeting in a community site. Comm Fetiçō said he wanted to discuss the Controller’s audit of the Finance and Administration division. President Queen asked him to do this in committee and then bring it up to the full Commission.  President Queen said he would try to get concrete data or evidence on the local impact of the gang injunction, for the next meeting.


President Queen asked to adjourn the meeting in honor of his youngest daughter, Kassia, returning from her work in Africa with Doctors Without Borders.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm


In Honor of

                                         Kassia Queen