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Meeting Information


2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 held at City Hall  rm  400 1 Dr. Carlton B Goodlett Place  San Francisco, CA   94102



(ACTION)  Roll Call

The meeting was called to order by the President at 6:08pm.  Comms. Ricci, Richard, and Dupre were present at the gavel.  Comms. Chuck and Bonilla were excused.


(ACTION) Review and approval of  November  26, 2002  meeting minutes 

The minutes were approved as written.

(public comments)

There was none.


(DISCUSSION)  Chief Probation Officer’s Report: 

  1. Status of Budget FY 03-04
  2. Status of Juvenile Hall Replacement

Mark Lui, Acting Finance Director, reviewed what was stated in his last report of Nov. ’02.  There is little change except the growing City deficit is now almost double what it was projected as back then. 

The 3% reduction went in to the Mayor’s office last Dec. 9.  The expected reduction from General Fund support in the upcoming year is about 12% (approx. $2.5 mil). The Dept is still in the process of reviewing its situation, trying to reduce expenses such as workers’ comp and OT, while increasing revenues such as Title IVe which helps pay for PO salaries (those involved in foster care services).  There was no information about possible staff reductions.

Chris Bigelow reported that bids were due one week from today, with a hoped for construction start of April 1.  The bids for construction management services are also due, next Monday.  The sale of the certificates of participation may be delayed due to a conflicting solicitation of a financing device, slated to be done at the same time.  This may delay our financing for a couple of weeks.

(public comments)

There was none.


Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation  Commission

There was none.


(DISCUSSION)  Recommendations from the general public to the Juvenile Probation Commission regarding  implementation of  FY 03-04 budget reductions.

There was none.


(DISCUSSION) Presentation on progress of the Gang Free Communities Initiative.

David Mauroff, Coordinator,  briefly described the work being done by a large collaborative of City agencies and CBOs, under a $150K grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (Wash.DC) in 2001, for assessing the gang problems in SF.  A final Assessment report has been completed and submitted to the Feds, and we are awaiting an implementation grant to go forward with some of the recommendations of the assessment report.  The process has been very successful in opening up communications among City agencies, and there has been wide participation by CBOs in the preparing of the groundwork.  This has helped in leveraging other grants garnered by the City (Dept of Public Health) to extend and complement this work (eg. a newcomer women program). There is another program serving the outer Mission and Excelsior districts.  Initial activities toward the implementation phase are already underway (identified communitities:  Bayview and Mission).  [the complete assessment report will be available on the DCYF website]

       (public comments)

       There was none.


  (DISCUSSION) Report on current status of the Chaplaincy Program, and its future plans.

  Dan Daniels of the SF Interfaith Council read a prepared statement which recounted the successes of the Chaplaincy program, and re-affirmed its commitment to the program, while acknowledging that there were no more funds to support it.  Funding will end at the conclusion of Jan. 03.  He called upon the Dept to work with them to firm up the financial support of this program for continuing service.

Rev. Alan Jones re iterated the Council’s support and asked for a meeting with the CPO to secure the health of this program.

Both Comms. Ricci and Dupre expressed their support of the Chaplaincy program.

Tim Diestal, Dir. of Juvenile Hall, spoke in support of Rev. Dunbar.

      (public comments)

      One young woman who used to be in Juvenile Hall spoke in support of Rev. Dunbar and the program.

      One minister who comes up on weekends also spoke in support.


Committee Chair Reports

Program Committee: report on the discussions held in meeting of Feb. 21, 2003

      The item was tabled until the next meeting.

       (public comments)


Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission

Ntanya Lee said that she would be concerned if the budget was dealt with in the same manner it was last year, with committee and full Commission action done in immediate succession of each other.  She said there should be enough time between the two for the public to digest the budget.



(DISCUSSION) Announcements, requests for future agenda items.

        Election of Commission officers for year 2003.

The CPO said that at the next meeting, the Dept will present two formats of monthly reports, for which they will want feedback from the Commission.

Comm. Richard wanted to have an update on LCRS and the results of meetings the Assistant Chief has been having there.

Comm. Hale announced a meeting at Thurgood Marshall happening the upcoming Saturday.

He also mentioned that the Chief was given an award during this year’s Martin Luther King breakfast.


(ACTION) Adjournment


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:24pm.

           minutes approved  Feb. 27, 2003