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Meeting Information


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held at City Hall rm 406 1 Dr. Carlton B Goodlett Place San Francisco, CA 94102

The minutes of this meeting set forth all actions taken by the Commission on the matters stated, but not necessarily the chronological sequence in which the matters were taken up

1. (ACTION) Roll Call
The meeting was called to order by the President at 6:00 pm. Comms. Arámburo, Ricci, Grossman were present at the gavel. Comm. Richard arrived at 6:10 pm Comm. Dupre arrived at 6:25 pm.
2. (ACTION) Review and approval of Nov. 28, 2001 meeting minutes
With grammatical corrections offered by Comm. Grossman, the minutes were approved.
(public comments) None.
3. (DISCUSSION) Chief Probation Officer’s Report
a. Status report on Juvenile Hall replacement project
Chris Bigelow reported that there were no major developments since the last report. They are still evaluating the project design for cost savings, and are still expecting to bid out the job in May and complete it by Nov. 2004. Upon further clarification he said that the structure portion of the project would be opened by Mar 2004, but that the outside landscaping and grounds would take til Nov.
b          Highlights from last Commission meeting to present
· Holiday Celebration Raffle: $774.75 for Holiday dinner for 25 families and $543.25 to the Volunteer Auxiliary
c. Trends/emerging issues, upcoming events
· FY 02-03 Budget Process
The CPO reported that a report was made to the Finance Committee, and today there was a full day retreat for Div. Managers to come up with a reduction plan for the next fiscal year. Next week they will meet again to review what was done today, to make final decisions. After that meeting, a report can be gotten to the Finance Comm, which will summarize those conclusions, with the understanding that it will also be a fluid document that may undergo further revisions.
· JH Director 12 applicants (including L.A., Chicago, Puerto Rico, New Mexico, Michigan) projected selection by March, 2002
Comm. Grossman asked about the LCR Director search. The CPO said that an announcement was finally issued today and they hope to make a selection by April, ’02.
Comm. Hale asked if any substantive changes in the TANF and/or AB 1913 spending plans required Bd of Supes approval. The CPO said that under the Mayor’s instructions the Dept can claim additional revenue sources (like AB 1913), but the Dept hasn’t talked about doing this as AB 1913 is expected to be reduced by some $200K next year. For changes in AB 1913 spending plans, it would require Bd of Supes sign off. For TANF, they are looking at offsetting some general fund expenses with that.
(public comments) None.
4. Public Comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission.
5. (ACTION) Review and possible action on Facilities Committee recommendation on Capital Improvement Budget for FY 2002-03.
Ed. Lopatin introduced Norm Cole who reviewed briefly the budget document (fuller description of this can be found in the Facilities Comm. meeting mins).
Comm. Hale reported that there was a full discussion on this in Committee, and that the Dept’s documentation of its unmet needs was a continuingly important thing to do.
Upon motion, and seconded, the question was called. By voice vote, the motion carried unanimously.
(public comments) None.
6. (DISCUSSION) Committee Chair Reports
· Program Committee: report on the discussion of Dec. 13, in setting up the LCR Advisory
Comm. Arámburo said she understood that members of the Program Comm. had received copies of the draft protocols. The CPO said that the draft was only sent to some members of the Advisory Committee for review. After he has received feedback from them, a draft will be sent to the Program Comm. before its next meeting.
          Comm Richard asked what the Advisory Comm was set up to do. Comm. Arámburo said that it was to assist the Program Comm. and the Chief in gathering information on current services being provided at the Ranch. And to also give information and suggestions to the Program Comm as to how to improve services and programs. It is there to facilitate gathering of information, and making recommendations.
Comm Richard asked if some of the staff of the Dept were members. Answer: Gary Harding PO, volunteered. The CPO said that at this point he is the only one participating, but the draft protocols is suggesting adding Donald Sanders, and an alternate to G. Harding.
Comm Richard suggested having parents of some of the residents on the Committee.
Comm. Arámburo said that certainly this is possible, if they want to volunteer. This is meant to be an open, friendly dialog on improving LCR.
Comm. Dupré commented that it is urgent to get the Program Comm schedule together so this can get underway. He said that the onus is on the Program Comm. to establish the guidelines for this Advisory Committee. He suggested having the meeting at LCR. He stated that from his visit to LCR this afternoon, he has some serious concerns about what’s going on.
The CPO asked that that meeting be coordinated with his office. Comm. Hale noted that next week, some of the Dept staff will be out of town at a conference, so the meeting would probably have to take place the week thereafter.
· Finance Committee: report on the discussions held in committee on Jan. 14
Comm. Ricci reviewed that E. Lopatin gave the report that detailed what was happening in regards new budget issues and processes. (meeting mins available)
Comm. Hale noted that this was the first year the Finance Comm. reviewed the Capital Improvement budget. He asked the Commission whether they wanted to review and establish the processes it wants to follow in budgetary matters from now on.
· Facilities Committee: report on discussions held in committee on Jan. 2
In the absence of the Chair, this was tabled.
· Personnel Committee: report on discussion held in committee on Dec. 27.
The President reported that at that meeting, the Commission approved the appointment of Don Chan to the Executive Secretary position, in class 1544. In reference to the Chief’s objectives for this year, the Committee established and approved them.
(public comments)
7. (DISCUSSION) Announcements, requests for future agenda items.
Comm. Hale said that the SF Brown Bombers are having their awards luncheon at West Bay Conference Center, next Sat. the 26th.
Comm. Arámburo wanted a report from the Dept after the Casey Foundation conference, to see what might be happening on a national level in addressing mental health issues, and substance abuse for youth in the system, and what works. As well as girls’ services.
The CPO repeated the request: at the Feb. meeting, the Dept will report on the overall conference, and specifically workshops on mental health, substance abuse, and girls (if offered). Should someone from the Foundation make that report? Comm. Arámburo left it up to the CPO; either someone from the Dept, or the Foundation. She also encouraged the CPO to be alert to any software they may be able to spy there (for tracking and outcome measures).
Comm. Dupré requested that Jim Fithian attend the Program Comm. meeting so they could discuss concerns he has with the school and staff.
Comm. Hale revisited the charges and violations of detainees in JH, as compiled in the monthly reports. He wanted to know what the history of these detainees were, and asked to have a more detailed exposition of why certain detainees are kept.
Comm. Arámburo commented that there might still be opportunities to further utilize the 3 new detention alternative services to assist these detainees having difficulty with probation.
The CPO reiterated the further requests: a report on the utilization of the new AB 1913 home supervision programs, and a presentation that gives individual data and rationale on select offense categories for which youth are detained in JH. He said that if Comm. Hale would give him a list of categories that he was interested in, they could research them and explain why they were detained. They could do a representative sampling. For the AB 1913 programs, they could have Liz Jackson-Simpson do that. On select cases, Bob Wertz will do that. On Casey conference, either the CPO or another team member will.
Comm. Arámburo said that her interest is in seeing if the detention alternative programs can assist with those youth who are on misdemeanor, and probation violations.
Comm. Hale referred to pg. 30 of the monthly report, showing non violent misdemeanors.
Gary Bierenger, CARC, said that the issue of warrants is something he will be bringing up to the next JDAI. This interferes with youth who would otherwise go to CARC.
He mentioned that there was a confusion regarding robbery charges due to a misunderstanding that this was a Prop 21 detainable offense.
Comm Richard commented that the the memo might have been one result of the "cease fire" in the community, which put those on notice that the City was going to respond very severely in such cases of violation.
Comm. Ricci asked the Dept for any stats regarding detainees or their families who may have physical impairments like hearing or sight. She asked if the Dept had a policy and procedures in place for working with this population. Comm. Arámburo also asked for a little report on how the Dept handles youth with special disabilities.
Comm. Arámburo referred to an article regarding LA’s efforts to deal with youth with mental health issues, through a special court. She wanted to know what Casey might know about this issue, in best practices. Santa Cruz uses their mental health unit in their juvenile hall. Maybe those experiences can help us develop a strategy.
The CPO said that he recalled a discussion that Judge Hitchens was considering setting up a "mental health" court.
Bob Wertz said that it is still on her plate. Comm. Arámburo commented that the courts are setting up improved processes and she is encouraged by that.
NTanya Lee, Coleman Advocates, said that the JDAI subcommittee meeting she attended yesterday was a wonderful meeting, very productive, and positive.
She urged the Commission to protect the community based services. She also repeated her deep concern for the size of the new facility.
Comm. Hale commented that he overheard some probation staff complain about the courts beginning to issue fines for delinquent court reports. This brought up the issue of lack of clerical support for this activity. The CPO recounted that they have tried several ways of resolving this. First he said that there are POs who are habitually late with their reports. He also said that they now have one more steno than when he first came to the Dept. The have a work arrangement where adult probation can offer their steno support for reports this Dept needs to complete. The Dept is also exploring "alternative" work schedules for POs, to give them more time to finish reports. It is a continuing issue which is being continuingly being addressed.
Comm. Hale raised the example of the Public Defender who withheld services to a certain court because they weren’t given the resources to do their work, and this led to a resolution.
Comm. Arámburo brought up the fact that there are software programs out there that can generate a pre-disposition report within 3 days of the detention. Santa Cruz has this. Santa Clara has a report ready at arraignment. SF is more lengthy and time consuming. Maybe that process can be looked at. But at the same time, the software may help free up the POs.
Comm Richard commented that some counselors in JH have expressed concerns about having enough resources to do their jobs. He asked to have this issue reported back at the next meeting.
8. (ACTION) Adjournment
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm.

                                                  Minutes approved Feb. 27, 2002