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Meeting Information


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held at City Hall   Room  400  1 Dr. Carlton B Goodlett Place   San Francisco, CA   94102

                             The Minutes of this meeting set forth all actions taken by the Commission on the matters stated,  but not necessarily the chronological sequence in which the matters were taken up 


(ACTION)  Roll Call

The President called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.  Comms. Bonilla, Ricci, Connolly were present at the gavel.  Comm. Richard arrived at 6:02 pm. Comm. Dupre at 6:15 pm. Comm. Chuck was absent.



(ACTION) Review and approval of February 27, March 11&12, 2003 meeting minutes 

This item was tabled. No action taken.

(public comments)

There was none.



(DISCUSSION)  Chief Probation Officer’s Report:  

Comm Hale announced the CPO’s resignation from the Dept, to take a position with a private firm in Florida.  He commended the Chief for all his work. The girls’ initiatives, the JH replacement project,JDAI, all due his work.

Comm. Bonilla wished the Chief success in his future work, and thanked him for the example he provided the Commission.  Comm. Ricci congratulated the Chief and thanked him for the professionalism he has shown in the work with the Commission and others. Comm. Richard also thanked the Chief and wished him the best.  Comm. Connolly echoed the comments the others. 

The Chief thanked the Commissioners. He said working with the Commission has been a pleasure from day one.  He said the support of the Commission over the last 5 yrs has been solid, in supporting the Dept.  He also said the support of the Mayor was important in accomplishing what the Dept had to do.  He said that with the change in political leadership, the Commission needs to come together even more. He said he had been blessed with having excellent staff from line to supervisory to management.  He said that this decision was not an easy one, nor one he sought. He got a call one day, just like he got a call when he was in Philadelphia, which ended in his coming to SF.  He said that is was the right thing and time and Florida was the right place for him.

Comm. Dupre added his thanks to the Chief.

a.                                 a.   Status Report on Juvenile Hall replacement project

Joanne Chow Winship reported that the anticipated start up for construction is the middle of May. Hazmat is being finished up (starting Monday, actual abatement of materials will be in April). Court Dept 30 is being relocated to the center lobby on the 3rd floor.  In the past 4 months, staff at JH, with the Asst Chief and herself, convened this transition team to go over issues with operating the new facility.

Chris Bigelow reported that they have awarded the construction contract.  They are to hold oral interviews with the winning firm for the management contract.   SJ Amoroso is the contractor.

                                 b.  Status Report on FY 03-04 budget process

The Chief read a letter from the Mayor’s Budget Analyst that stated that the 10% contingency cut plan would most like be mostly if not fully implemented, and to prepare for another possible 10% cut request.  As a response to this, the Chief suggested dispatching a joint letter from the Dept and Commission.  He read a draft of such a letter (copy available from the CPO’s office), which asked for no additional cuts from the City.  He asked the Commission to either sign off on this letter or one like it.

Comm Ricci approved of the letter as written.  Comm Connolly asked what aspect of the court-mandated work of the Dept is compromised.  The Chief said none currently, but if another 10% is asked, it will be.  Given that, Comm. Connolly said that possibly that aspect could be emphasized.

Comm Dupre moved to approve the letter as it was written.  Comm. Hale said that a motion wasn’t necessary, that he had already directed the Chief to write the letter.

c.  Update on the recent probation services realignment  -  Bill Johnston

      B. Johnson passed out copies of the new organizational chart for probation services, along with a listing of girls’ services, and types of services the division will be providing. There is a gender specific unit now (girls entering the system).

      Comm. Hale wanted to know what the caseload was for the Dept.  B. Johnson said that the caseloads in the Dept are in line with ‘national average’,

           d.   Update on the Juvenile Hall shift bidding  -  Tim Diestel

  Diestal reviewed some of the problems that have been longstanding in the shifts and management of staffing schedules. (eg. when 2 units were closed in preparation for the JH project, those unit staffs were just incorporated into the remaining 5 units, so essentially 7 units of staff were on graveyard shifts for 5 units, unnecessarily). There was longstanding dissatisfaction.  The management came up with a different plan for shifts,  initiated shift bidding recently and cleaned up some of these problems (with additional return of counselors out on disability). Not all are happy but the majority are. This process has led to 8 counselors out on disability coming back to work.  The shifts go into effect this Saturday.

                                    e.   Recommended joint letter to the Mayor’s Budget Office, Controller & Board of Supervisors

                  dealt with in #b.

(public comments)

                 Comm Hale raised a question regarding a grievance filed about a teacher not teaching PE.

and if he was still teaching at Woodside Learning Ctr. He expressed a concern for how the school program was not meeting the needs of the students in JH, initiating a discussion with and explanation from the Asst Principal on what he was doing with this teacher to deal with the problem.

Comm Ricci asked if the agenda could be moved forward.

Comm. Hale questioned further how the school program was operating, whether they have parent involvement, or Dept involvement.  Who monitors homework, if the school staff is having a problem, what impact does that have on the counseling staff.  He wanted to know the coordination between school and counselors.

Comm Richard said that it would be important for an educational plan/assessment be done on all young people entering Juvenile Hall.

R. Sanchez informed Comm. Hale at this point that the discussion being carried on was beyond the scope of public comments.  He then asked to calendar a report from the SFSU on the workings of the Woodside Learning Ctr and outcomes of the youth when they leave Juvenile Hall (what schools they are assigned, how they do).




Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission

Henry Breen asked if there would be any new light shed on the issue of LCRS.  Comm. Hale said that they are not permitted to engage in a conversation during public comment.  He said that there was no action item on LCRS calendared for this meeting.

From the Youth Commission, and Joanna Gin, the Youth Justice Committee, spoke in favor of keeping support programs for youth coming into the juvenile justice system.  They reviewed that they had met with the Chief, discussed issues of the Dept’s budget, and issues occurring in Juvenile Hall, with particular attention to the continuing problem of underwear for the youth.  There appears to be a problem getting and keeping undergarments in good shape, “dedicated” to particular youth (so that they don’t end up wearing just any washed underwear…they gave an example of some youth having underwear which was not their size, requiring the youth knot up the garment so it fit them, or of garments having holes in them).  They asked about the possibility of creating a youth council for the hall to deal with all their issues.

J. Gin asked for a clarification of certain budget items (professional and specialized services).  Comm. Hale asked for specifics regarding their concerns about the underwear.  The complaints are coming from all youth, not just the girls.

Comm. Bonilla commented that he was happy to hear that Dept heads are warming up to meeting with Youth Commissioners and commended the Chief about it.  Comm. Hale stated that Comm. Bonilla should not be commenting in public comments.

Comm. Bonilla said he was definitely interested in the idea of the youth council.

Joe Berkowitz acknowledged the Chief and wished him well.  He then read demographic stats regarding LCRS document available at the JPC office).

He concluded by saying that the stats show the importance of keeping LCRS open.


(DISCUSSION) Committee Reports

      a. Program Committee meeting of March 25, 2003\

Comm. Richard reviewed that the Committee was starting to meet with all CBOs to get a sense of how they’re doing.  The first two communities were the Western Addition and Bayview Hunters Point.  Comm Bonilla said that they wanted to be able to work more closely with the CBOs so that in the future, greater effectiveness may be had, given the fiscal picture we are facing.  He mentioned one problem that came to their attention; needing some “teeth” to encourage the participation of youth and their parents.  Comm. Bonilla said that it was going to be very important to take attendance at the meeting seriously.  Absence is glaringly obvious.

Comm. Dupre asked for a copy of the Woodside Learning Ctr’s   Site Plan when it was completed.

      b. LCR Ad Hoc Committee meeting of March 18, 2003

Comm. Ricci reported that the initial meeting reviewed J. Berkowitz’s proposal for LCRS.  There were two workgroup meetings scheduled to do some of the homework around the figures presented in the proposals (Berkowitz and the Dept).  Comm. Ricci reported that the first workgroup basically clarified the calculations and figures presented by J. Berkowitz needed re working due to newer developments in the Dept’s discussions with the Mayor’s budget office. G. Tucker essentially said that what the Dept was looking at doing was ‘backing in’ a program to a budget of $1.1-$1.2 million (the amount the Mayor’s budget office would allow). Comm. Ricci said that there would be further workgroup meetings where hopefully the figures can be made to fit into the limited scope of the program to operate from LCRS.

G. Tucker commented that figures can be massaged in different ways. She said that J Berkowitz used the same figures that M. Lui used, but did not fully understand what was included in those figures. The charge of the Ad Hoc committee was to look programmatically, not only monetarily, at how we could alter the programs as they exist now, currently at LCRS.  This is called  “scenario C”, presented by the Chief.  .

(public comments)

Vicky Rega, photography instructor at LCRS, began to speak about the idea of creating a solar ranch at LCRS.  Comm. Hale questioned the appropriateness of her comments in public comments. 

Comm. Ricci commented that V. Rega had raised this topic in the Ad Hoc Comm. and she felt that it would be appropriate for Ms Rega to bring that information back to the next Ad Hoc Comm. meeting on the 3rd.

V. Rega asked how she could get the assessment done for LCRS, before the next meeting?   Comm Hale said to ask the Chief, and he said to give it to him in writing.

Comm. Richard commended the Program Division’s staff on their work in getting the CBOs together at the Program Committee meeting.  He also added that G. Bierenger gave a very complete summary of the work being done by the JDAI’s various workgroups, and that a fuller report would soon be coming to the JDAI steering committee.



ACTION)  Convene in CLOSED SESSION  pursuant to Govt. Code § 54957, and San Francisco Administrative Code § 67.10(b):

The Commission convened in closed session at 8:15 pm.



                             Positions:  Chief Juvenile Probation Officer, Jesse E. Williams

                                              Executive Secretary, Juvenile Probation Commission, Don Chan


(ACTION)    Reconvene in OPEN SESSION and vote whether any or all of the discussion held in closed session will be disclosed. (SF. Admin. Code § 67.12(a)

The Commission reconvened at 9:18 pm. Comm. Bonilla moved to not disclose any of the discussion held in closed session.  Comm. Dupre seconded. Upon voice vote, motion carried 6-0.

(public comments)

There was none.


(ACTION) Election of Commission Officers

Comm. Connolly nominated Comm Dupre for President. 2nd by Comm. Bonilla.  There were no other nominations. 

Comm. Bonilla commented that while Comm. Dupre has had a long history in this area, he had seriously considered nominating Comm. Ricci because he was very impressed with her leadership and forthrightness. But out of respect for Comm Dupre, and Comm. Hale’s judgment, he feels that Comm. Dupre will be able to take the Commission to the next step. He hoped to work closely with Comm. Dupre on setting the future for the Dept. Comm. Hale commented that Comm Dupre has a long history with the city.  He has served with distinction.  Comm Richard also said that he respected Comm Dupre and looked forward to his leadership. Comm. Ricci commented that she had also given thought to the presidency, because she felt having a woman’s viewpoint would be important to the Commission, but she welcomes Comm Dupre’s leadership and will work to keep girls’ issues on the forefront.  Comm. Hale stated that it was he who advanced girls’ issues with the Commission. Comm. Ricci added that she disagreed with Comm. Hale’s comments that experience is an important factor in the choice for President.  Comm Ricci pointed out the example of a housewife rising to the position of President of the Philippines. Even the US hasn’t accomplished that.

Upon voice vote, Comm Dupre won the position, 6-0.

Comm. Dupre thanked the Commission for its words of support.  He said that he was a team player and looked forward to working with each Commissioner.  President elect Dupre asked Comm. Hale to continue running the meeting.

Comm Dupre nominated Comm. Ricci, 2nd by Comm Bonilla. There were no other nominations. 

Comm. Bonilla repeated his praise of Comm Ricci’s leadership in Finance, and looked forward to working closer with her.

Ntanya Lee congratulated Comms Dupre and Ricci, the Chief.  She just wanted to remind the Commission to take seriously their responsibility for working for the benefit of the most marginalized youth in our city.  She said she wanted to see a larger involvement of the Commission in the finances of the Dept, to ensure accountability.

Lonnie Holmes, congratulated the Commissioners and affirmed his support for them.

Upon voice vote, Comm. Ricci won the position, 6-0.

Comm Ricci thanked the Chief and Commission for having been there for her in getting grounded in the work.   She said that in all the interactions, they have carried themselves in a professional manner.   Comm. Dupre echoed what Comm. Ricci said about Comm. Hale, and said he hoped to live up to the example set by him.  Both Comms. Richard and Bonilla expressed similar feelings and commended Comm. Hale for his leadership.

(public comments)

Comm. Hale asked for a report from the Dept about its policy/procedures in recommending commitment to CYA  and an evaluation of the services CYA provides or doesn’t to our commitments.

He said also to look at other placement options to CYA commitments.

President Dupre said that he is asking all committee chairs to remain as chairs until the May meeting so he has an opportunity to discuss committee assignments with VP Ricci.

He repeated that his objective was to empower the other commissioners to develop their potential.


(ACTION)  Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:55 pm.

                               Minutes approved April 23, 2003