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Meeting Information


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Held at the Visitacion Valley Beacon Center, Visitacion Valley Middle School, 450 Raymond St.
San Francisco, CA 94134

The minutes of this meeting set forth all actions taken by the Commission on the matters stated, but not necessarily the chronological sequence in which the matters were taken up

1.           (ACTION) Roll Call
The meeting was called to order by the President at 5:45 pm. Comms. Dupre, Richard, Bonilla were prsent at the gavel. Comms. Chuck, Ricci, Grossman were excused.
2.           (ACTION) Review and approval of April 24, 2002 meeting minutes
Upon motion, with a second, the minutes were approved as written.
(public comments)
          There was none.
3. (DISCUSSION) Chief Probation Officer’s Report:
a.          Status report on Juvenile Hall Replacement Project
Chris Bigelow reported no significant changes since the last report. The document reviews is taking longer than originally expected due to the extensive revisions to the plan. The scheduled bidding might be pushed back, but they will not delay the notice to proceed (Nov 2002). The funding for the project is being dealt with. Two resolutions were introduced Monday at the Bd of Supervisors, one to accept the BOC grant, and another to issue certificates of participation (the City’s match). The Finance Committee will review this in the coming weeks. The final work on the modular units will come June 6, with a month of “clean up” on a “punch list” of items.
The study regarding the costs of a reduced size facility, given to the Bd of Supervisors, shows that in neither case (two alternate sizes) would the project be more cost effective (copy of report available from CPO or J. Chow-Winship).
b.          Update on FY 02-03 Budget Status
Ed Lopatin gave a short report on the budget. The Mayor’s proposed budget has been submitted to the Bd of Supervisors. A final will be submitted on June 1. He reported that the Dept’s attrition rate needs to be reduced to 8%, resulting in fewer positions. The Dept will be able to accomplish this through anticipated increase in number of retirees in the upcoming year. He also reported that the Controller has recognized the $400K in revenues that the Dept identified, and has placed it into Administrative Reserve. At this point the City’s budget is still out of balance by about $85 million, so they may have to initiate some of the 10% 2nd level cuts. TANF is expected to be renewed, as is the Challenge grant and AB 1913.
Comm. Hale said that Supervisor McGoldrick commented at one of the hearings that this Dept’s budget was very well presented. He commended the Dept for their good work.
c.          Status report on Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) Project by James Bell
Mr. Bell first reviewed what the Risk Assessment Instrument workgroup has discovered. In test running a revised detention instrument, they found that even with a revised form, the level of detention would not have been significantly changed. And there was no indication of any disproportionality in regards to race. This finding has to be further analyzed, but one large reason for detention happened to be the unavailability of a responsible parent/relative to release to. Gary Bieringer, Chair of the pre disposition workgroup reported the 4 main recommendations developed by that group. They were: day evening reporting centers; more support for Intake POs, --eg. Case manager, or social worker; involving DHS in the process (eg. in the creation of alternate short term placements); attention paid to seeing how to make the Woodside Learning Center more relevant to the educational needs of the youth. Another resource would be a community shadowing process.
Principles behind the changes would be: accountability of the provider, decent wages for the provider, and institutionalization of the services.
J. Bell reported that the Post disposition workgroup is working on analyzing 23 files of people in JH, to see what the barriers to placement are, so that systemic adjustments can be made.
Bell discussed briefly about the Disproportionate Minority Confinement workgroup. They are going to look at the detention data for 5 months and will be breaking out more details as to crimes, neighborhoods, races, ages, and begin to see what can be done. Liz Jackson-Simpson reported that she had brought a significant amount of information/data being gathered by another initiative of the Dept, to the JDAI effort, which should facilitate their work, without duplicating any work already done.
Bell reported that staffing for this project is being set up and that job announcements should be ready by this Friday.
(public comments)
          There was none.
4.           Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation
5.          (ACTION) Consideration of action on Resolution to reimburse the City for certain expenditures from
proceeds of future indebtedness, in the construction of the new Juvenile Hall.
          This item was tabled until further notice.
(public comments)                              
          There was none.                                                            
6.           (DISCUSSION) Dept of Children, Youth & their Families’ presentation on the Children’s Plan for 2002-03.
Brenda Lopez, Director of DCYF, presented the Community Needs Assessment Plan, as required by Prop. D. There was an increase in the amount of the set aside this year, representing about a $1.4 million increase in the total amount available for children’s funding. Only about 14% of their budget comes from general fund monies. The rest comes from the set aside, and special grants they have obtained. Prop D also set a baseline of spending at $67 mil/yr. And they actually have gone beyond that baseline by $9 mil.
The Needs Assessment gave a summary of things learned from focus groups and community meetings, and provides a framework for them to plan for selection of appropriate service providers.
Lopez reported that the relationships between the two depts (DCYF and JPD) is a good one. She reviewed some of the places that the public can go in order to see what the DCYF is up to (eg. their website).
Comm. Hale thanked Ms. Lopez for the extensive work her dept did in preparing this document.
(public comments)
There was none.
7.          DISCUSSION) TANF draft expenditure plan for 2002-03.
L. Jackson-Simpson said that this was just a draft of how the TANF spending plan is being constructed, but final funding decisions from TANF are not known, it is hoped that this plan will be able to be funded at the levels stated. The final county plan needs to be approved by the JJCC, and when that is done, and contractors are selected, the Commission will have to approve the contracts. Jackson-Simpson pointed to some of the changes (eg. NFTE and the Performing Arts Workshop being halved, and the reduction in the PrIDE contract cost, and the addition of 2 people to that service). The reduction in the PAW contract will go to supporting the Drug Assessor, and the Ombudsman.
(public comments)
There was none.
8.          (DISCUSSION) Review of status of the Dept. anti-harassment policy/procedures for detained youth.
This is the topic of the closed session. Public comments were taken before adjourning.
(public comments)
          Jessica Nowlan Green reported that work has continued since Feb. on this policy, and she feels they have been totally cooperative to the changes suggested by the City Attorney and Dept. and are ready to move forward. She urged the Commission to make this a priority and act on it soon.
          Rebekah Evenson also urged the Commission to act quickly. She expressed some concerns that delays since April and further suggested changes are gutting their policy, and urged that the Commission put back some of those further changes. Eg. elimination of oversight by the Juvenile Justice Commission. Allowing for longer times for investigations on complaints.
          Marja Sanchez also echoed her support for the expeditious passage of the policy.
          All speakers supported the policy and urged the Commission to endorse and enact this policy.
          Comm. Dupre reiterated his commitment to this issue.
          Comm. Hale acknowledged the comments and stated that the Commission still needs to heed the advice of their counsel, the City Attorney, and assured them that when all questions are answered, the Commission will be able to act in as expeditious a manner as possible.
Adjourn to CLOSED SESSION under Government Code 54956.7, and SF Admin Code § 67.10(e) to confer with the City’s designated representatives regarding matters within the scope of collective bargaining (in the matter of the anti-harassment policy)
The Commission adjourned to closed session at 7:05pm

Reconvene in OPEN SESSION, and, pursuant to SF Admin Code 67.12, consider whether to disclose any portion of discussion held in closed session.
The session ended at 7:50 pm. Due to a lack of quorum. The Commission reconvened in open session and voted to not disclose any portion of the discussion held in closed session.

9.          (DISCUSSION) Committee Chair Reports
·          Program Committee: report on the discussions held in meeting of May 21, 2002
At the direction of the President, this item was tabled until the next Commission meeting.
(public comments)
10.          Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission
There was none.
11.          (DISCUSSION) Announcements, requests for future agenda items.
The item was tabled.
12.          (ACTION) Adjournment
Having no quorum, the meeting was adjourned at 7:51 pm.