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Meeting Information


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1.     Roll Call

        The meeting was called to order at 5:37 pm.  All Commissioners were present at the gavel, with the exception of Comm. Jackson-Drake, who arrived at 5:44 pm.

2.     Review of Feb.24,  1999  meeting  minutes

        Comm. Shimko pointed out a typographical error on p. 2.  Comm. Julian asked to include the commendations made by the Commission to Deborah Alvarez-Rodriguez for her presentation on the Children's Services Plan, to the Commission, and to identify her title as Director of the Dept of Children, Youth and Families.  He also asked to clearly identify John Kennedy as a Deputy City Attorney.  With these corrections, the minutes were approved.

3.         Chief Probation Officer's Report:

a.  review of Feb. monthly statistical data;

b. highlights of month of Feb.

c.  upcoming events/emerging issues

The Chief did not revisit any details from the monthly statistical report.  He mentioned that they are looking for a new Ombudsman, and that he had also had a meeting with the Deputy Probation Officers Association (DPOA), in which all the issues brought up by Mr. Perino at the last meeting were discussed.  They now have a mutual understanding, if not agreement, regarding both sides of the issue, and will continue to explore them in a professional and open manner.  The Chief said that one result of the meeting was to initiate a mass Dept. bulletin so that information is widely available to all those interested.  They will again meet in April.  He then introduced Rev. Dunbar, who gave a short synopsis of the developments around the spiritual life program in the Dept (she passed out a handout which covered this).  Main developments are:  developing a system of identifying volunteers in the Dept. and where they are involved (in the Spiritual Life program or elsewhere), developing a wider volunteer program, an internship program, with orientation and training for them (they are beginning quarterly volunteer retreats) , and a Juvenile Hall choir.  The choir will not only involve singing, but will allow the youth to become aware of the issue of decorum, and the historical, philosophical context of gospel music Comm. Dupré asked what are some of the other gaps that she would like to fill.  She wants to be able to get back to the one on one counseling, after all the administrative processes are complete.

4.     Discussion/Action Items:

a.  Consideration of, and possible action on, Program Committee's recommendation to contract with Morrisania West for youth employment services under TANF funding.

     Comm. Hale briefly introduced the item as presented in the Program Committee. This program addresses the lack of employment training services for youth.   He repeated the 3 aspects of the program as Mr. James enumerated in the Committee.   Comm. Shimko asked if the core program was open to everyone?  Yes.  Comm. Hale moved to approve this contract.  Comm. Arámburo seconded.  There was no public comment.  The question was called, and upon voice vote, the motion passed 6-0-1, with Comm. Dupré abstaining due to a conflict of interest.

b.  Consideration of, and possible action on, the the Program Committee's recommendation to retroactively apply, accept, and expend funds for the Repeat Offender Pilot Project.  (S. Brown-Richardson)

     Comm. Hale reported that the Committee recommended that this be approved.  It is for approx. $497K, for a first offender program, concentrating on those who are at risk of being put in private placement, or are currently in placement.  There is a compendium of services integrated into this program. Comm. Shimko asked about the transition phase spoken to in the proposal, and if during the 6 month time the youths were in school.  Yes.

     Staffing:  2 POs will be involved --they are inkind contributions utilizing existing POs.  Comm. Hale mentioned that the Dept will be looking at involving the Housing Authority in this program.

     Comm. Hale moved to approve this project.  Comm. Dupré seconded.  There was no public comment.  The question was called, and upon voice vote,

 the motion passed unanimously.

c. Update on ProDes--program evaluation development system

     Chief Williams referrred to the handout given the Commission, briefly highlighting the current status.  He said they are hoping that the contractor can attend the Commission's April meeting to give a full update. 

d. Chief Probation Officer's report on the Juvenile Probation Department's role in the Local Action Plan: Juvenile Justice Local Action Plan (proposal submitted for Juvenile Crime Enforcement and Accountability Challenge Grant II Demonstration Project Grant.)  Chief Williams referred to the handout which was formerly given to the Juvenile Justice Commission. Bob Wertz reported that he asked Delancey St. regarding the new police districts included for referrals for Community Assessment Referral Center (CARC).  They are:  Ingleside and Southern.  The Department has 6 new POs stationed in various areas of the Local Action Plan:  the Safe Haven, Life Learning Academy, the Residential Girls program, to name a few.  He stated that there were 4 girls assigned to the Residential program, others are being considered.

     Comm. Julian asked for current stats on the CARC.  Wertz was only able to give an estimate of over 100 referrals to CARC through Jan.   Comm. Hale  commented that they were concerned with the relatively low numbers of referrals to CARC and was assured by the Dept. that awareness is spreading in the SFPD about the CARC, so we should see an increase in referrals.  Comm. Hale asked about POs doing OT on these activities.  With the new work configurations, there should be a minimum of OT, mainly to do coverage of regularly assigned POs who go on vacation or otherwise.    

     Challenge Grant II:  The Chief reviewed how the Challenge Grant Project proposal was completed.  Submitted by the MCJC, it was authored by Bob Bennett of the Research Development Corp.  It is called Project Impact and concentrates attention on mental health services,  increased assessments, in-custody crises stabilization, placement alternatives, mobile support teams, and a community alliance to fulfill the activities of the project.  It is meant to address the mental health issues which are not dealt with in the current system of juvenile justice providers.

     Kim Burton-Cruz, Director of Mayor's Criminal Justice Council (MCJC), said the proposal should be reviewed in April by the Bd of Corrections.

     She spoke to the question of the numbers of referrals to the CARC being low due to many circumstances:  times of citations, lack of youth being picked up.  Comm. Shimko asked if this program will take up the types of mental health problems not being addressed now by the system.  Somewhat.  It will generally be sub acute, and only limited to youth in the placement system, not in the general probation population. 

     Burton-Cruz said that the Bd of Corrections wasn't interested in funding multiple programs within one request so this had to be a targeted population, with a singular purpose, but that the City is looking into Federal collaborations to address a wider population than the one being attended to in this proposal.

e.   Mayor's Summit for Women.   (Comm. Shimko)

     Comm. Shimko reported that the Dept. had made available $12K of TANF funds to send 145 people to the summit,  25 of whom are girls in the dependency system and 95 from our communtiy based organizations.    There will be a pre summit meeting, planned for 4/6 where these participants will be briefed on what to expect, and how to act while there. There is also a pre-summit gala set at City Hall, for 4/15.

5.     Public Comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile

        Probation Commission.   

        Cheyenne Bell said that she would be getting the resolution for Morrisania West to the Commission at a later time.  She further reported that the FRPs for the community based contracts will not be issued this year, but at the end of this fiscal year, for the next fiscal year.

        Comm. Hale reported that he took Commissioner Vernon Grey, Housing Authority, on a tour of Log Cabin Ranch.  It was a good experience.  He will be arranging another tour and will notify the other Commissioners when this is scheduled.

6.     Unfinished business  

        Comm. Julian reported that he met with Mr. Perino and discussed the issues presented at the last JPC meeting.  Comm. Julian had a similar meeting with Chief Williams.  All parties are satisfied that there is an open line of communication regarding this matter.   Comm. Arámburo commended the Dept for meeting with the DPOA.

        Comm. Dupré asked for an update on the progress with the Treasure Island (TI) programs.  Chief Williams reported that Delancey St is now in the application process for a license to operate a residential facility under community care licensing,probably to be approved by April.  This will only be for the interim until they find a longterm operator.  In the meantime, Johnny Miller and Katie Weinstein, co-directors of the facility, are running a series of trainings for the staff there, and have an operations manual.  Comm. Dupré applauded Johnny for the work he is doing at the Ranch and TI, noting the low number of incidents at LCR.

        Comm. Jackson-Drake noted her pleasure at seeing the newly painted W-buildings, and commended the Department and the Facilities Committee --as well as Norm Cole-- .  Comm. Chuck asked the Chief to mention Christmas in April.  The Chief said that the Mayor had suggested the Department contact Christmas in April about possibly finishing up the painting of YGC.  They have offered to try and put together a volunteer team of about 75 to do it around April 24. 

        Comm. Hale mentioned the document regarding a request to the State for a grant to construct a new facility. This document was spearheaded by MCJC.  The City is slated to present their case to the State on or about April 6-8.  Commissioner Shimko has been a part of the overall meeting and discussions regarding this issue and the proposal, and the Chief thanked her for her participation.  Comm. Shimko asked about the design changes.  The final submission was different from the initial designs during the meetings.  But the total square footage and number of rooms remain the same.

7.     New business

        Comm. Julian brought up the request by the Executive Secretary for a re classification of the position.  Comm. Julian suggested that this be referred to the Director of Personnel in the Dept. for further investigation and evaluation.  Deputy City Attorney John Kennedy commented that this wouldn't appear to demand an official agendized action, that the Chair could have the prerogative to direct it to the Director of Personnel.  Upon this advice, Comm. Julian directed the Secretary to forward the materials and issue to the Director of Personnel for further evaluation.

8.     Adjournment   The meeting was adjourned at 7:26 pm.